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 townsen, august ferryn, bella thorne | 19 | student
shantel ast she/her twenty-eight Offline angst 10 years
PLOT WITH august
    character basics:
  • full name august ferryn townsen
  • nicknames af
  • species human
  • gender female
  • pronouns she/her
  • orientation bisexual
  • relationship status single
  • actual age nineteen
  • physical age nineteen
  • birth date october 08
  • zodiac sign libra
  • place of birth pembroke pines, fl
  • current hometown seattle, wa
  • languages english, french
  • occupation student

  • supernatural abilities:
  • no known no known abilities at this time

  • their appearance:
  • face claim bella thorne
  • height 5'8"
  • weight 115 lbs
  • hair colour red
  • hair length long
  • eye colour brown
  • glasses/contacts reading glasses
  • piercings ears (seven times each), nose, belly button, and one nipple.
  • tattoos an outline of a small heart on her left shoulder
  • scars currently none
  • birthmarks none
  • best feature her body

  • their personality:
  • positive traits » confident
    » protective
    » affectionate
  • negative traits » mildly vain
    » overly determined
    » selfish
  • petpeeves » "fake girls"
    » being stood up
    » jealousy
  • hobbies » dancing
    » socializing
    » reading/movies
  • bad habits » cursing
    » jumping into peoples' business
  • likes » self-expression
    » music
    » sex
    » laughing
  • dislikes » vegans
    » 'fuck boys'
    » diets
    » school

  • their health:
  • physical ailments currently none
  • neurological ailments currently none
  • allergies currently none
  • addictions currently none
  • smoking never
  • drinking socially
  • drugs never

  • their faves:
  • tv show catfish
  • movie ingrid goes west
  • song everybody hates me - the chainsmokers
  • artist the chainsmokers
  • food greek salad
  • drink champagne
  • holiday halloween
  • season autumn
  • colour crimson red
  • animal giraffe
  • location los angeles
  • person asher townsen (her brother)

  • their dirt:
  • life goal to say that august's life goal is to "make a difference in someone's life" might be a bit of a cliché, but it's quite true. she hasn't ever quite felt like she made much of a difference in anyone's life, at least not one that truly counted for something. this is something she thinks about a lot, and something she hopes to accomplish, even if she isn't overly vocal about the fact
  • biggest wish august, more than anything, hopes to find something that she excels in. something beyond social media fame that she can grip onto tightly without the fear that it could disappear overnight. seeing how happy both of her parents are in their own, unique careers has her striving to find that same passion in something that grabs her attention and permanently holds onto it
  • biggest fear august is what many would call "instagram famous"; her gorgeous look and her shining personality earning her quite the following on that specific social media platform, and because of this, most of her life is documented on social media. the fear of becoming irrelevant is ever-present; august tries not to think about a day when social media isn't part of modern society's daily life, nor the day when people begin losing interest in her daily activities, her hard personality or her outer beauty. on that same note, she has a very-real fear of any of her followers mistaking her posts or flirtations in her comment section as something more. that her simply 'liking' their comment sparks an obsessive behaviour that could put her life or the lives of her loved ones in danger
  • dirty secret before her high school graduation when august was doing some prep-work for her final exams, august depended on a student teacher to help her study. during the very intimate sessions together, august found herself developing a bit of a crush on said student teacher, as their one-on-one sessions after school hours tended to be a bit playful on top of professional. this led august to requesting a cram-session the weekend before her exams started, and she was promptly invited to the student teacher's home, in hopes of getting a few final hours of studying with a professional in before she had to write the following days. this, however, led to august sleeping with her student teacher who continues to work in the same high school in the city of seattle, while august has long since graduated and moved on with her life
August was born to Wesley Townsen, a modern history university professor, and Alison Townsen, a meteorologist that now specializes in the research of sporadic and randomized storm patterns. She was the second born of a set of fraternal twins, her brother Asher having been born nine minutes beforehand. No other children were born to either Wesley nor Alison, as raising a set of twins — one boy and one girl — has been a handful enough for them.

August and Asher, being so close in age and being biological twins, grew up extremely close to each other. Because of this, August is extremely protective of her brother. She will automatically despise any girl that crushes on or chooses to date her brother, and will pick said girl apart, finding reasons that prove why said girl isn't good enough for her brother. She's also been known to socially ruin any guy's life that has ever tried to bully or fight her brother. In the earlier years, she received a handful of in-school suspensions and detentions for trying to fight anyone that irked her brother, but now that she's no longer twelve years old and grew a chest worth looking at, she has no qualms in using her reputation to spread nasty little rumours about people her brother seems to be having issues with. Her favourites tend to be that the guys in question are carriers of genital herpes.

That said, Asher is just as protective of August. He knows his sister is capable of taking care of herself, but he also knows that her tough persona is a bit of a facade, and that sometimes things do bother her more than she lets on. He has a strict "do not touch" policy where is friends are concerned; anyone that's in his social circle knows better than to fool around with August, unless they're longing for a black eye or a broken nose. Aside from his friends, he doesn't care who hooks up with his sister, but tends to make it clear that if anyone — male or female — hurts her, they'll be dealing with him.

Both are close with their parents in the sense that they don't cause too much trouble for either their mother or their father now that they're born in their teenage years. They don't necessarily agree with all of their childrens' choices, but so long as they keep up with school and go on to get a solid secondary education, they're okay with the way their children choose to represent themselves providing they're safe, happy and healthy.

Both August and Asher were born and raised in Los Angeles up until the age of about seven. It was around that time that her parents had opted to relocate across the country to Pembroke Pines in Florida. Pembroke Pines being a city in Southern Broward County, which a population that is quickly nearing the 200,000 mark. It is the second most populated city in Broward County, and the eleventh post populated city in all of Florida. This choice was greatly instigated by her parents wanting their children to be raised as far from the Hollywood-stricken city of Los Angeles as possible, while still enjoying the year-round warm temperatures.

When August was twelve years old, her father accepted a job in Seattle, Washington. It was something that caused a lot of tension between her father and her mother; her mother didn't want to relocate to Seattle, but her husband's career as a university professor wasn't something she was longing to extinguish to continue giving her kids a wholesome life in a wholesome community. It took some persuading (and plenty of research) for August's mother to learn that Seattle, while quite the distance from Los Angeles, was a calm and quiet community by the water and wouldn't weigh too negatively on the lives of her children.




The only family that I'm interested in August having on-site is her older twin brother, Asher Townsen. Because they have no other siblings, I feel any other family members (like parents, aunts, uncles, and various other forms of extended family) would be overkill. That isn't to say that August isn't open to creating a family of her own, be it through biological children or through friends she adopts as family.

Please note: I will only add "family" in this section that take the time to reply to this shipper page to plot with this character, so be sure to do so!

Wanted ad for: Asher Townsen


Obviously, pets are not adoptable on-site; this is more so a way to track the pets that this character has for future reference, and to show those who might be curious what this character's pets look like! You can view the pet pictures by clicking on the pet's name! I am open to plots involving this character's pets if you come up with any, however!

currently none - currently none


While it takes a lot to earn August's trust, she can prove to be an extremely loyal friend in the long run to those that show her that same respect. Keep in mind, though: if there's a doubt in her mind that a friend of hers his lying or keeping something from her, August won't hesitate in throwing that friend under the metaphorical bus to prove a point.

Please note: I will only add "friends" in this section that take the time to reply to this shipper page to plot with this character, so be sure to do so!

Wanted ad for: Adam Dubois
Wanted ad for: Bea Taylor
Wanted ad for: Elizabeth Hayes
Wanted ad for: Georgia Parker
Wanted ad for: Jordan Wilder
Wanted ad for: Max O'Hare
Wanted ad for: Zoë Baker


August is the furthest thing from being self-conscious; she loves the way she looks and she feels comfortable and confident enough in her own skin to embark on romantic pursuits with just about anyone. As she is bisexual, her sexual history consists of both males and females alike and, at the end of the day, August sees no issue in enjoying sex, so long as it's safe and consensual.

Please note: I will only add "lovers" in this section that take the time to reply to this shipper page to plot with this character, so be sure to do so!

Wanted ad for: Andrew Evans
Wanted ad for: Jake Maden
Wanted ad for: Rylan Hayes


August loves to flirt, and while most of it is playful and platonic, it can definitely rub people the wrong way, especially when its towards their significant others. That said, there are a lot of girls that August has torn into simply for showing interest in her brother, so there's lots of drama potential there, as well.

Please note: I will only add "enemies" in this section that take the time to reply to this shipper page to plot with this character, so be sure to do so!

Wanted ad for: Alexis Kovasik
Wanted ad for: Cass Klein
Wanted ad for: Lana Cahill


First and foremost, I am open to plots not listed here; these are just some ideas I have that I'd like to do eventually! I'm also open to doing threads from this character's past!

Need some ideas to help you plot with my character? I'm open for plots involving:

one night stands, friends with benefits, open romantic relationships, exclusive romantic relationships, one-sided crushes, mutual crushes, affairs, male friends, female friends, immediate family members, distant family members, male family friends, female family friends, coven/pack-mates, bad influences, rivalries, enemies, frenemies, co-workers, employees, business partners, stalkers, physical attacks, sexual attacks, plots involving drugs, plots involving alcohol, plots involving addictions, comfort/support, dramatic plots, fluffy/romantic plots, hot and heavy plots, silly/goofy plots, horror plots and angst plots.

Want to help me with some of my own plot ideas? I'll list them below:

01. August will be accepting the lead role in 'Woodsboro' as the female lead Scarlett Harrington. I would love for others to join in as actors and crew members (such as cameramen, artists working on the soundtrack for the first season, personal assistants, etc...), as this will be a show with countless seasons! You can read up on the plot here.

I will add more plot ideas here as they come to me, so check back! feel free to offer some of your own plotting ideas below! ♥
  • ooc name shantel
  • timezone ast
  • mature threads hell yes
  • contact Shantel#1872
shantel ast she/her twenty-eight Offline angst 10 years
PLOT WITH august
like ships in the night
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