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» shantel - website founder & owner
 Posted: Jan 14 2013, 11:39 PM
SHANTEL is Offline

→ i'm shantel!
website owner from canada
My name is Shantel and I am the founder and owner of Bittersweet Forever, a multi-fandom role-play that I started back in 2008 from my hometown New Glasgow which is situated on the Canadian Atlantic coast! Needless to say, winters are pretty chilly here and summers can be just as beautiful as California summers; I grew up in the country but I've also lived in the city of Halifax when taking Medical and Dental Terminology & Practices in college.

I like to think of myself as outgoing and understanding, but I know I have my moments of shyness and frustration. I'm 100% for equality; I support basic human rights, women's rights, LGBT rights... I don't condone or participate in bullying (be it cyber bullying or otherwise) and I do not support cliques on-site or off-site. I try to be as inclusive as humanly possible, rather than exclusive, so don't be afraid to start a convo with me!

I have plenty of characters on-site - about ten years worth, almost! - so I'm always open to plot with anyone who asks! I prefer my plots to be a bit more on the dramatic side and to have a lot to them (I'm not big on the 'lets have our characters randomly meet at the park and be BFF's for life!' plots; they get a little draining after a while). So if you ever have an epic plot idea, I'm the gal you wanna hit up because I'll jump all over that!

I cherish all of the types of love I have stumbled across, be it though my characters or my friendships on-site. The chaotic, tumultuous types of love that both drives me insane and grounds me in the best ways. I love that we've become a family here and that I've successfully been able to maintain an online community for nearly a decade; if you're reading this and we don't know each other well, don't be afraid of me just because I created the website! I'm just like you at the end of the day: someone looking to make some connections and have some fun!


bittersweet forever - site owner
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