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 dunn, aria haven, karlie kloss | 18 | columnist
shantel ast she/her twenty-eight Offline dramatic 10 years
blog & column writer
professionally single
    character basics:
  • full name aria haven dunn
  • nicknames none
  • species werewolf (cotm)
  • gender female
  • pronouns she/her
  • orientation heterosexual
  • relationship status single
  • actual age six
  • physical age eighteen
  • birth date july 02
  • zodiac sign cancer
  • place of birth new orleans, louisiana
  • current hometown seattle, washington
  • languages english, italian
  • occupation columnist

  • supernatural abilities:
  • werewolf usual enhanced abilities of a werewolf

  • their appearance:
  • face claim karlie kloss
  • height 5'10"
  • weight 105 lbs
  • hair colour blonde
  • hair length medium
  • eye colour blue
  • glasses/contacts none
  • piercings ears (three times each)
  • tattoos none
  • scars currently none
  • birthmarks beauty mark on right cheek
  • best feature her eyes

  • their personality:
  • positive traits » sincere
    » logical
    » supportive
  • negative traits » impatient
    » stubborn
    » nagging
  • pet peeves » saggy pants
    » too much perfume
  • hobbies » writing
    » photography
    » ballet
  • bad habits » social media
    » being indecisive
  • likes » tulips
    » jogging
    » tiffany & co.
  • dislikes » wet sneakers
    » immaturity
    » body odour

  • their health:
  • physical ailments currently none
  • neurological ailments currently none
  • allergies none
  • addictions none
  • smoking never
  • drinking never
  • drugs never

  • their faves:
  • tv show sex and the city
  • movie spice world
  • book sex and the city
  • song irreplaceable - beyoncé
  • food avocado on toast
  • drink raspberry lemonade
  • holiday independence day
  • season summer
  • colour blue
  • animal dogs / puppies
  • location piazza san marco, italy
  • person claire-julia dunn (her mother)

  • their dirt:
  • life goal aria aspires to be the real-life carrie bradshaw, for all intents and purposes. she is extremely passionate about women embracing their bodies, their sexual needs and their romantic ambitions; she currently writes an "empowerment blog" that promotes self-love (and real love), and, deep down, she hopes that someday she can make a mark in the world by writing about her experiences with love, life and femininity
  • biggest wishas cliché as it sounds, to find love of her own. the kind of love that's earth-shattering and impossible to live without, rather than the typical love that you merely settle for because you're scared that nothing better will ever come along. seeing so many women in her life finding the people they were truly meant to be with is definitely intimidating, but aria continues to hold out hope that she, too, will find her "one"
  • biggest fear missing out on opportunities — like true love — because she is too busy obsessing and trying to force the good things in her life to hurry up and happen. she's eager to rush things, because she wants to have all the happiness in her life that her loved ones seemed to have found, but she knows that she could miss out on so many amazing opportunities for herself by trying to rush the good
  • dirty secret contrary to popular belief, aria has never truly been in love, and this is something that she recognizes, even if she doesn't admit it. she's very much in love with the thought of being in love — and has gone lengths to fake it, if only for her own happiness — but at the end of the day, she knows the romances she's experienced in the past haven't compared to the loves that her family members have found.
Aria Haven Dunn was born to her parents Claire-Julia Dunn and Jacy Ephraim Black in Forks, Washington, though she wasn't the only child to grace them that day. She is the youngest of the triplets that her parents welcomed into the world; her 'older' sister Ayla Isabelle Dunn is older than her by two and a half minutes, but they don't exactly keep count, and her brother Aiden Robert Dunn is older than them by just over a minute.

Delivering them wasn't easy for their mother, unfortunately. While washing the dishes in their first apartment, Claire's placenta detached, which caused massive bleeding; she was too far from the hospital for her to believe that any of the three of her unborn children would make it, so she left her life - and her babies' lives - in the hands of her brother's boyfriend Tyson, her family friend Noelle, and her pseudo-father (her father's best friend) Vince. It was a gory delivery that required she be cut open with a kitchen knife on the kitchen floor, but if it weren't for her willing to go through that torment to deliver her children, they wouldn't be here today.

They were raised much as any other kids were; things were hard for their parents for a little while because they were still teenagers themselves; they obviously struggled to adapt to life as parents. They had a lot of support from Aria's father's side of the family, but her mother's side - Claire's own mother, in fact - was quite literally a psychopath... or a sociopath - they still aren't quite sure - who was hellbent on killing Claire simply because she had grown up too fast and had never lived by her own mother's rules. For some reason, that merited the death penalty. Because of that, Claire's three children never viewed Fiona - Claire's mother - as family, but they did view Benedict (or Ben, for short) - Claire's father - as their grandfather, as he eventually moved out and divorced Fiona. He moved into Claire and Jacy's house and helped them raise the triplets.

Aria and her siblings aged quickly, as the three of them were werewolves — her mother, being a werewolf, and her father, being a werewolf/vampire hybrid (born to a human/vampire hybrid and a werewolf). By the time they were in their (physical) teenage years, Aria had begun to develop romantic feelings for one of her mother's friends, a local vampire named Andrew Ventimiglia. He, like her mother had, at one point, struggled with a drug dependency so things between them definitely had its ups and downs when they decided to pursue a romantic relationship together. Aria's parents never truly approved nor appreciated their relationship, so they tried to be as respectful with it as humanly possible rather than purposely flaunting it in her parents' faces.

Aria decided to stay out of the public eye as much as humanly possible, unlike her brother - who is struggling to become a musician - and her sister - who wants to be a runway model. The reason being is that she saw her sister engage in a rather public battle with another local girl named Adelaide (Addie) Vivas. Addie is the daughter of Vince (the triplets' pseudo-grandfather)'s best friend Dorian, and was dating their father's brother (their uncle) Tristan for the longest time, but during one of their break-ups, she was dating a local doctor named Brayden Stevens. A doctor that Aria's twin sister Ayla had quite the crush on...

So much so that when Addie and Brayden got together, Ayla told her that both Brayden and Tristan would be better off without her, and that she should just get it over with and end her own life before she destroyed anyone else's. This led Addie to take an overdose that, thankfully, both Tristan and Brayden were able to track her down and save her from before it was too late.

Unfortunately, that whole shebang took quite the toll on Ayla and she locked herself at home for the longest time, afraid of what people thought of her. She's still trying to make amends with Addie where they count, but Aria can tell it still bothers her to this day that Addie has never really given her the time of day to apologize.

Around that troubling time, Aria's father took a three-month long job in New York by the time her family moved to New Orleans, Louisiana from their brief two-year-long stay in Livorno, Italy. It was when he returned home that he confessed to their mother that he had had a brief affair in New York. They both tried to work things out, but at the end of the day, Aria's mother wasn't able to forgive him and they weren't able to work things out for the better. They called off their engagement and Aria's father moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. That gave him enough distance from his old life in New Orleans with them, but he was close enough for the kids to maintain a relationship with him if they so chose.

For the most part, the triplets haven't been in steady contact with their father. He has been trying to get spousal support out of their mother because her parents - mainly her father, the triplets' grandfather - has a lot of money, and has always financially been there for all six of his own children. The five he had had with Fiona (Sean, Robert, Zach, Brianna and their mother, Claire) and the one (Laila) he had had during an affair on Fiona with Aria's father's mother - their grandmother on their own father's side.

Aria's grandpa Ben added three more children to his previous six when he and the only supernatural doctor in North America settled down. Aria and her siblings love Trinity; they consider her their grandmother, and Trinity considers Ben's kids - Aria's mother included - as her own. Everyone loves their triplets with all their hearts and none one can wait to show them the world for the very first time.

Aria's boyfriend Andrew has continued to struggle with his drug dependency which has effectively ended their relationship. It wasn't benefiting Aria to be with someone that struggled so much with their own demons, and being with Aria wasn't enough for him to clean his act up.

Currently, Aria has been working as a personal assistant to a photographer that lives in Seattle, as she and her family have relocated there a couple of years into residing in New Orleans. He has worked with a great many celebrities, which Aria can only hope will build her connections in the city so she can help her twin sister locate a modelling job in the safest way possible. The last thing that she wants for her sister is for her to end up having to sell her body or her soul just to get her foot in the door; Aria has heard one horror story too many.

Her mother, nursing wounds from her failed relationship with the triplets' father, has begun testing the romantic waters once again. This time with a set of alpha werewolves by the names of Ben and Xavier. Two male friends that both fell for Claire around the same time, and opted to share the woman's heart rather than fight each other for it. It's not something that society looks kindly on, having two male lovers at the same time, nor does society look kindly on those same two men having active paternal roles in Claire's childrens' lives, but as step-father candidates go? Ben and Xavier have definitely earned their roles.

In her spare time, Aria has started a blog inspired by the fictional Carrie Bradshaw's newspaper column in the television series Sex and the City which she has cleverly called Sex in Seattle. It details her own romantic pursuits as a young woman living in Seattle, and the struggles she has with body image, meeting new people, and being safe in a city that seems to be shaking from its core from the horrors it has endured in recent years. This is where Aria's heart lies, as she hopes to inspire women to stand up for themselves and embrace their bodies, their sex lives and their place in Seattle.




Aria has quite the large family, but this is something that she has always embraced. She is never jealous when a new family member is introduced, and always embraces the new lives she's exposed to. That said, just because she is from an inclusive family that's open to adopting, I do not want to see random characters create simply and solely to join her family or the Cullen family, of which she is closely related to.

Please note: I will only add "family" in this section that take the time to reply to this shipper page to plot with this character, so be sure to do so!

Wanted ad for: Alice Cullen
Wanted ad for: Ava Dunn
Wanted ad for: Bella Cullen
Wanted ad for: Carlisle Cullen
Wanted ad for: Catori Black
Wanted ad for: Edward Cullen
Wanted ad for: Emmett Cullen
Wanted ad for: Esme Cullen
Wanted ad for: Jacy Black
Wanted ad for: Jasper Hale
Wanted ad for: Justice Dunn
Wanted ad for: Paxton Dunn
Wanted ad for: Renesmee Black
Wanted ad for: Rosalie Hale
Wanted ad for: Tala Black
Wanted ad for: Verity Dunn


Obviously, pets are not adoptable on-site; this is more so a way to track the pets that this character has for future reference, and to show those who might be curious what this character's pets look like! You can view the pet pictures by clicking on the pet's name! I am open to plots involving this character's pets if you come up with any, however!

Penny - maltipoo


Because Aria was so wrapped up in a romance that inevitably failed and left her with nothing, she doesn't have much in the way of friends. Ideally, I'd love for her to befriend a group of writers, so I'm definitely open to friendships (both with males and females), and any plots that might bring her to meet some life-long friends that would really go to bat for Aria as much as she would for them. I would prefer female friends, as Aria has a hard time not falling for male friends thus far.

Please note: I will only add "friends" in this section that take the time to reply to this shipper page to plot with this character, so be sure to do so!

Elena Gilbert - Bond over Elena's interest in supernatural medicine; potential tension over Aria developing a crush on Damon.

Iris West - A fellow writer that shows interest in Aria's articles. Aria would be interested in Iris' romantic interest in Barry Allen, giving her fuel to write about one-sided crushes and unrequited love.


Currently, Aria is single and has been for just over a year and a half or so. She hasn't really put herself out there, nor has she been overly eager to begin dating again, but there have been instances in which Aria has engaged in situations that could have sparked potential romances and continues to be very much open to said situations. Still, she isn't active on dating apps and is quite enjoying her life as a single woman living in Seattle.

Please note: I will only add "lovers" in this section that take the time to reply to this shipper page to plot with this character, so be sure to do so!

Levi Komine - Two singles that met online. Lots of flirting, 2am text conversations and umming and ahhing over any potential the two might have.


The Dunn family tends to have a lot of natural enemies (as they are the largest werewolf pack in existence) so I'm definitely open to enemies in that sense. I'd also love some professional enemies (or frenemies) as Aria's blog begins receiving a lot of local attention. Other writers that struggle with her easily found success, for example, would make for great plotting!

Please note: I will only add "enemies" in this section that take the time to reply to this shipper page to plot with this character, so be sure to do so!


First and foremost, I am open to plots not listed here; these are just some ideas I have that I'd like to do eventually! I'm also open to doing threads from this character's past!

Need some ideas to help you plot with my character? I'm open for plots involving:

one night stands, friends with benefits, open romantic relationships, exclusive romantic relationships, one-sided crushes, mutual crushes, affairs, male friends, female friends, immediate family members, distant family members, male family friends, female family friends, coven/pack-mates, bad influences, rivalries, enemies, frenemies, co-workers, employees, business partners, stalkers, physical attacks, sexual attacks, plots involving drugs, plots involving alcohol, plots involving addictions, comfort/support, dramatic plots, fluffy/romantic plots, hot and heavy plots, silly/goofy plots, horror plots and angst plots.

Want to help me with some of my own plot ideas? I'll list them below:

01. I would love for someone in the publishing industry to see Aria's blog and decide to turn it into an actual paid column in the Seattle Times, and for her to work closely with a character on-site to perfect her brand and her image as a female writer that specializes in sex and women empowerment. That said, there could be a lot of tension between she and a boss that maybe wants to change aspects of her writing to accommodate the newspaper, or tweak her blog to better accommodate their views. On the other hand, they could get along wonderfully, and this publisher could really embrace her creativity, her niche, and turn her into the real-life Carrie Bradshaw.

I will add more plot ideas here as they come to me, so check back! feel free to offer some of your own plotting ideas below! ♥
  • ooc name shantel
  • timezone ast
  • mature threads hell yes
  • discord Shantel#1872
shantel ast she/her twenty-eight Offline dramatic 10 years
blog & column writer
professionally single
like ships in the night
[align=center] [dohtml] <style type="text/css"> </style> <table> <tr> <td> <div style="width: 400px; background-color: none; padding: 30px;"> <center><div style="font-family: courier; font-size: 15px; letter-spacing: 2px; color: #CCCCCC;line-height: 120%;">[b]CHARACTER'S NAME[/b] [color=Black]&[/color] [b][color=#A10559]ARIA[/color][/b]</div></center> <div style="padding: 10px; font-family: lucinda sans, calibri, sans-serif; font-size: 10px; letter-spacing: 1px; color: #191919; line-height: 120%;text-align: justify;"> Post what you'd like to ship between our characters! I love plots; my only rule is that they aren't "stale". I typically won't do threads that are along the lines of "my character and your character meet on the street and maybe start to be friends". I need a bit of thrill, seduction, drama, tension, angst... Make things interesting, and reply to be added to this shipper! ♥ </div> </div> </td> </tr> </table> <div style="font-family:courier;font-size:9px;text-transform:uppercase;color:#0f0f0f;">made by <a href="">ramya</a></div> [/dohtml] [/align]
I would like to offer up Iris as a potential bestie-for-life and also her connection to the published world. Iris isn't looped into all of the secrets of her world yet, so she's kind of on her own and alone for the most part. She has a roommate, Anna Orucov (she has no clue of Anna's past as a shady vampire), but aside from that and her basic relationship with family, she has a deep passion of finding the truth. She's a feminist, so I can see her really loving Aria's articles and maybe contacting her because of them but then they could become actual friends. With Iris's connections to the Flash & TVD canons, there's plenty of opportunity for drama outside of the Dunn family for Aria. The outlying friends usually tend to be the collateral damage in those situations. ;)
made by ramya
Elena could also be a good candidate for a more casual friend in the writing world. I would like Elena to get back to her roots with writing and having a strong creative outlet if she chooses to follow the medical track of her father (my newest idea is that she pursues a more supernatural medical career like the Olsons). Maybe they could keep each other on track with guidelines and be a nice balance between someone who wants true love and someone who's all but sworn off love?
made by ramya
I still love the idea of these two. :) I think they are both the perfect mix of awkward and adorable with a splash of not-quite-sure-what-to-do-with-their-looks. I know we need to finish their post but I would love to have them maybe meet somewhere where her family is and kind of have to force the conversation with his co-worker/her mom? Levi has kept his head down at work but he's very genuine even though there's a darkness in his past and he hasn't been completely honest. I'd like for him to look to Claire for help eventually, so I think if they had a connection, he would struggle even more with getting her involved.
made by ramya
shantel ast she/her twenty-eight Offline dramatic 10 years
blog & column writer
professionally single
IRIS WEST I love the thought of Iris reading her blog and reaching out! I think I might actually start a board for people who have writers as characters, so that the members can showcase their blogs / stories, etc... So maybe once that's up, we can start to work on these two connecting! ♥
made by ramya

ELENA GILBERT OKAY so I totally see these two becoming good friends, especially if Elena leans more towards the supernatural medical field. It'd be so freakin' awesome if, like, she worked under Trinity. Maybe as a medical intern or something like that, so Aria could give Elena some tips and tricks on how to win Trinity's trust / approval (because Elena would probably want a job out of her internship when all is said and done, etc...)! ALSO TOTALLY IMAGINE ARIA MAYBE HAVING A SMALL CRUSH ON DAMON, BECAUSE THOSE BLUE EYES THOUGH. So that could give her some writing material on crushes / one-sided crushes that could cause a bit of tension between Elena and Aria since Elena's heart beats for Damon, too... :D ♥
made by ramya

LEVI KOMINE THEY ARE SO AWKWARD AND ADORABLE THOUGH, RIGHT?! I think it'd be fun for him to try and connect with her family and for them to try and navigate potential crush-ness and the like. Also totally want them to have like six million text-threads on-site because they technically met online and it'd be super adorable to do, like, 2am text convos with them! ♥
made by ramya
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