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 udinov, alexandra anastasia, 24 | lyndsy fonseca | rogue agent
shantel ast she/her twenty-eight Offline action 10 years
division agent
happily married
PLOT WITH alexandra
    character basics:
  • full name alexandra anastasia udinov
  • nicknames alex
  • species hybrid (human / vampire)
  • gender female
  • pronouns she/her
  • physical age twenty-four
  • actual age twenty-four
  • birth date november 24
  • zodiac sign sagittarius
  • place of birth moscow, russia
  • current hometown seattle, washington
  • languages russian, english
  • occupation rogue division agent

  • supernatural abilities:
  • hybrid usual enhanced abilities of a hybrid

  • their appearance:
  • face claim lyndsy fonseca
  • height 5'7"
  • weight 115 lbs
  • hair colour dark brown
  • hair length medium
  • eye colour blue
  • glasses/contacts none
  • piercings ears (one time each)
  • tattoos crescent moon behind her right ear, butterfly on the back of her neck, "Udinov" written in Hebrew script on her right upper arm, "Fe" on her left wrist which means "faith" in Portuguese, and an upside down pyramid on her left foot
  • scars bullet wound scar on her left shoulder, stab wound scar on her left side
  • birthmarks none
  • best feature her eyes

  • their personality:
  • positive traits » compassionate
    » resourceful
    » determined
  • negative traits » impulsive
    » impatient
    » stubborn
  • petpeeves » invasions of personal space
    » power trips
  • hobbies » reading
    » cardio kick-boxing
    » target practice
  • bad habits » seeking out danger
    » never admitting her wrongs
  • likes » quietness
    » cold mornings
    » small dogs
  • dislikes » being touched
    » funerals

  • their health:
  • physical ailments currently none
  • neurological ailments post-traumatic stress disorder
  • allergies none
  • addictions drugs
  • smoking not anymore
  • drinking extremely rarely
  • drugs not anymore

  • their faves:
  • tv show the real housewives of beverly hills
  • movie salt
  • book a higher loyalty
  • song i said hi - amy shark
  • food shashlik
  • drink red wine
  • holiday russian women's day
  • season winter
  • colour baby blue
  • animal white wolf
  • location moscow, russia
  • person nikita mears (best friend)

  • their dirt:
  • life goal to successfully bring the division to their knees before she and nikita are able to metaphorically decapitate the entire branch of government that has corrupted themselves beyond belief and beyond meaning
  • biggest wish to shrug herself free from the division once and for all, and to find herself in a line of work that makes use of her many talents, without putting innocent people (like her friends and her family members) in danger
  • biggest fear having her husband, oliver queen, or either of their two children meet the same fate at the hands of the division as either alex or alex's parents had, so many years ago
  • dirty secret alex is currently working for the division, as they recruited her and saved her from the death penalty she had been falsely set up for by nikita solely for the following purpose. upon being trained, alex infiltrated the division as one of their top agents while secretly keeping herself aligned with ex-division agent, nikita mears, who continues to coach her on how to help her bring the division down from the inside. very few know this, and if this secret gets out, it'll be a real death penalty alex ends up facing this time around
Alexandra Anastasia Udinov was born to the Russian oligarch Nikolai Udinov and his wife Katya Udinov. Her father made his billions with an oil company that he founded and ran for the better majority of his life; his position earned him great political sway and he quickly became a powerful force in Russia. This, of course, ensured that Alex and her mother had everything they could have ever possibly wanted, but where Alex was concerned, that came with a bit of a stipulation.

He wanted Alex to be the heir to his billion dollar oil company, as his only child. So while her childhood was filled with so much happiness and so many positive things, she was also deprived of things that any other child her age might have embraced. Things like music, as her father felt music wasn't crucial to the goals he wanted her to achieve... Unless it could assist in her professional development, he had no interest in exposing her to it. In fact, the only time she got to listen to music a all while growing up was on the radio in the car with her mother, or on television when she was allowed to watch TV for an hour after dinner each night. Other things - like owning a horse, for example - taught responsibility and structure. It required a daily schedule to be kept and maintained which was why she had a horse her whole life, at least up until she was thirteen years old.

She didn't want to take on her father's company, but that wasn't something that she had ever voiced to him in fear of breaking his heart. Her parents had been so loving and so good to her that hurting them was the last thing that she had ever wanted to do. Alex never held a single regret in failing to voice just how strongly she felt about following her own path, because those thirteen years spent with her father, even if she was on a path that she wasn't necessarily wanting for herself, were the best thirteen years of her life.

At thirteen, a hit was placed on Alex's family by her father's right-hand man, Sergei Semak. He had contacted the Division in the USA - a government-funded operation that specialized in sabotage, espionage and assassinations of people with political ties, with branches in every first-world country. Her family hadn't known that Sergei had been wanting to take over her father's business.

During operation Pale Fire - the assassination of Alex's family - men dressed from head to toe in black infiltrated her family's mansion in the middle of the night. Hearing shots being fired downstairs, Alex awoke and hid under her bed, not knowing that her father had just heard that Alex's mother had been eliminated. He tried to make it to Alex's bedroom in an effort to protect her; she saw his feet as she hid beneath the bed and heard the shot fired that killed him. Her sobs were uncontrollable from under her bed; she knew the person that had killed her father could hear her ... but they chose to spare her life for whatever reason. Maybe they had a conscience... maybe they just couldn't bring themselves to murder an innocent child.

Alex hadn't known then that the person that had spared her life had been Nikita, and that she had wanted to ensure Alex's safety by getting her out of the house they set alight after assassinating Alex's family. Unfortunately, her orders pulled her out of their burning mansion and sent her back to the Division which she escaped from soon after; the first person to ever successfully escape the Division alive. Much as Alex didn't know that it had been Nikita that had spared her life, she didn't know that it was Nikita that sent Sergei up to my bedroom to pull Alex out of the house, or that Nikita spent the following years trying to track Alex down.

Unfortunately for Nikita, that wasn't an easy task. After Sergei pulled Alex from the house, he drove her down the long dirt road of a driveway that led from their house to the front gates, which is where he had Alex stand out in the snow, wrapped in a blanket he had taken from the house. He had told her that he was waiting for a friend; someone who was going to come and take her somewhere safe while Sergei talked to the police that would surely be on their way. He told her it wasn't safe for her there; people knew who she was, and if word got out that she had survived, they would come back to kill her.

A man arrived in a separate car and he and Sergei talked in hushed, hurried whispers. Sergei told Alex that this man was going to bring her to a secret location and that he would come and find me soon.She didn't know then, but that story had been fed to her to keep her from kicking and screaming the entire way there, and once she was there, she thought she was being pampered to keep her from being scared of the practically-underground layer that she was being kept at, or that she was being pampered because of who she was: Alexandra Udinov. The girl Sergei was afraid to hide purely out of fear of retribution.

Alex had her hair brushed, trimmed, layered... she was given perfume and new clothing. Clothing that made her look sexy rather than the thirteen year old girl she was; through the pampering came a very invasive examination. She hadn't comprehended the purpose of it then, but they were ensuring her virginity was intact; she had never had anyone touch her inappropriately in inappropriate areas, so it was needless to say she was both shocked and traumatized by that invasion of her privacy.

Her virginity was something that ended up being bid on by older wealthy men, and was forced into bed with the winner. After that, she was no longer pampered, as there was no reason to up-sell her; she was no longer a virgin, so she was introduced to drugs - heroin, more specifically - to keep her from fighting her way out of the sex trafficking ring she was being forced into.

After that, every single day was a battle to get her next fix; that's all she lived for. Alex was sold somewhere between twenty and thirty times in the span of those few years, though very few of those rapes were clear enough to remember through the haze of whatever high she was on. While she knew even outside of the sex trafficking ring that she'd still be addicted to the drugs she craved daily, at least she'd be in control of her situation and she wouldn't be forced into situations that always ended in rape and physical abuse. That was why she had chosen to escape, making me the only girl to have ever successfully done so.

She came overseas to the USA in hopes of avoiding any clients of her captors in fear they would tip my captors off as to where she had run off to. In the USA, she resorted to stealing any money she could in order to get her next fix; she was willing to do anything and everything she had to do just to get the drugs she was addicted to, but she wasn't willing to let one more person touch her against her will. Her drug dealer and his friends hadn't got that memo; upon paying her debt, he decided to change the price Alex owed him and refused to give her her next fix. She was desperate and pleading with him when his friends pinned her arms and legs down to his bed so that he could take the first turn. He saw this potential rape as Alex 'working off the rest of her debt'.

Alex was saved before that rape could happen by Nikita, who forced her to get clean using extreme measures. It was after Alex was clean that she began training her in ways she didn't know she could be trained. She taught Alex to use my body as a weapon, new languages, coding, weapons training, explosives training... An entire year dedicated to turning her into the perfect weapon that Nikita could use against the Division as they continued to hunt her down.

Now, the Division doesn't advertise for new recruits. Recruits are typically found in prisons; people that are violent, have potentially killed before, that had no goals, no issues with being controlled, no family to miss them... Nikita had had to find a way to make Alex eligible. She staged a robbery that Alex was an active part of and shot a local drug dealer dead - who happened to be a target of the Division - leaving Alex to take the heat for it. She was violent with the police and promptly imprisoned; the division later staged her suicide upon learning that she had taken a life and that she had no family to miss her; her identity, after all, had been forced by Nikita. She was no longer Alexandra Udinov, but Alex Winslow. A nobody.

Upon being brought into the Division, Alex had to pretend to be ignorant to their purpose, its actions and her reason for being there. She was able to communicate with Nikita through Shellbox, an untraceable program that one of the other agents teaches new agents to create after they graduate from being recruits. Little did the Division know, but Alex had already been taught all about Shellboxes and was using one to contact Nikita from the Division's computers. This is how Alex was able to feed Nikita inside information and how Nikita was able to coach Alex on situations Alex knew little about or felt unprepared for.

Alex met two other recruits there, Jaden - who had been there two months before her - and Thom - who had been there a few months before Jaden. She grew close to Thom; he seemed to have developed feelings for her somewhere along the way and Jaden loathed that. Alex also seemed to gain the favour of Michael - the same agent that had once trained (and fallen in love with) Nikita, so she was given more opportunities than Jaden was, which infuriated her all the more and caused her to grow suspicious of Alex.

Despite all the opportunities and favouring she received from Michael, the Division was still as ruthless as ever. Faking hostage situations where some of the recruits were tortured and had to watch each other die only to fight their way out - as Alex had upon witnessing Thom's fake death - and learn it was nothing more than a training exercise. Training was always mentally, physically and emotionally draining, but Alex kept up with it for the sake of her cover.

Thom was the first to be offered a kill-mission which, upon completing, means you graduate to field agent and are given the chance to live outside and away from the Division so long as you report in frequently and continue taking and completing your missions accordingly. Not wanting to see Thom take an innocent life for a promotion, Alex pleaded with him not to accept, but he hadn't listened to her. Instead, he took out the hit on Anna Harcourt, a woman that someone from Queen Consolidated had wanted dead, as the heir to the company - Oliver Queen - had gotten the Russian spy pregnant. They hadn't wanted to see her use the child to get millions out of the playboy billionaire who wasn't at all ready for a child.

Thom was technically Alex's first kill. After Jaden learned that Alex was the mole, Thom and Alex got into a physical altercation that resulted in her shooting him accidentally, but purely in self defence. She used those next few moments to plant any evidence against her on Thom, framing him as the mole. Alex know she will never truly be able to forgive herself for doing that to him when he couldn't even defend himself, but she also knew that it had to be done for the greater good.

Seeing that she had taken down the Division's mole, Alex was given the chance to earn her position as a field agent with her own kill-mission. She was to take out a political man who, like her captor, enjoyed purchasing girls for his own amusement. Alex's cover was as one of the girls he was purchasing for the evening and, even she'll admit, she choked. Nikita had had to take the man out herself from a building away when he forced himself on Alex after beating her; Michael had acted too late and had almost been the reason why Alex would have been raped and likely killed. Still, Michael passed the kill off as Alex's own and Alex was promoted to field agent, given the luxury to live outside of the Division with more money than she knew what to do with.

Alex moved into my own apartment had developed mild feelings for my neighbour Nathan, much as she had once done with Thom. Jaden wasted no time in visiting her at my new place; Nathan barged into Alex's apartment upon hearing her fighting for my life when Jaden disarmed her and pulled out a butterfly knife, intending on stabbing Alex to death with it. Nathan shot her dead and Alex phoned in Jaden's death to the Division, claiming Jaden had come here to kill her, so Alex had had to kill Jaden to save her own life. Alex cut things off with Nathan completely, fearing he'd end up on the wrong side of one of the Division's bullets if she kept him in her life.

She started getting more and more small missions; one landing her in the sights of someone that had been a sex slave much as she had been back in Russia. They recognized each other almost instantly, though Alex tried to play it off as though she wasn't who her co-slave had thought she was. When that didn't work, Alex admitted she was Alex from the same sex trafficking ring, learning that the other girl was still involved in it, encouraging Alex to save her from it. She turned on Alex, and handed her over to the man that had bought Alex from Sergei all those years ago.

Alex was knocked out and taken back to their underground layer there in the same city she had been residing in with the Division. She was locked in a cage for twenty-four hours while he interrogated her, demanding to know who she was. Alex kept telling him I was Alex Winslow, the identity that Nikita had created for her. He had always suspected that she was Alexandra Udinov, and he wanted her to admit it once and for all, likely so he could use that to his advantage and start selling her, again, this time for a higher price. Upon her refusing, he reintroduced her to the same drugs he had hooked her on in the past and kept her thoroughly drugged over the span of the next few days.

Fortunately, he did let Alex out of the cage now and again which was when she was able to free one of the other prisoners there. Someone who, like Alex, had been dragged in simply because of who he was. She hadn't known what his name was at the time; she hadn't known that this was Oliver Queen, but she had heard that he was worth billions from some of the other girls. Even though he was just as drugged as she was, Alex knew the best way for then to get out; she had done this once before while drugged out of her mind, after all... She just wasn't able to follow. She heard someone coming, so as she ensured his safety, she returned to the room her cage was in, knowing she had lost her chance to leave.

It had taken Nikita and Michael only a few hours after that to locate Alex; Nikita had to pretend she was there to kill her so Michael wouldn't learn they were working together to take the Division down, but Nikita quickly caved upon seeing just how drugged Alex was. She told the man that had kidnapped me that he was right; I was Alexandra Udinov, and then I killed him. Nikita spilled to Michael and begged him not to turn Alex in; Nikita needed to get Alex clean and, with his help, keep her in the Division. That was why Michael authorized Alex be admitted into a private, secure rehabilitation center where Nikita could supervise her before Alex was released to a Division-approved half-way house.

There, Alex's less-sober roommate Stacy brought home a guy she intended to sleep with and while she went upstairs to talk to her girlfriend on the phone, he and Alex began talking. She learned that his name was Oliver Queen, but she wasn't able to remember him at that point from her few days back in the sex trafficking ring. That familiarity stirred something in her that she had never felt before: lust; conversation quickly turned into the two of then sleeping with each other, which was Alex's first consensual sexual encounter.

Oliver's company was throwing a ball for a local charity and he had asked Stacy for Alex's number so that he could ask Alex to go with him. Stacy had fed him lies about how Alex was interested in a friend of his, so Stacy ended up setting Alex up with Oliver's friend, making her believe he had seen Alex as nothing but some cheap one-night stand while Stacy went as his true date. Alex felt like an idiot the entire night until Oliver approached her and asked me why she would sleep with him and then show up with one of his friends; they quickly learned that Stacy had played them both out of jealousy, and they began dating almost immediately.

Alex had no idea that he was the Green Arrow in the city of New Orleans and he had no idea that she, too, was an assassin of sorts. Alex began taking on missions that he, a vigilante, was working and they quickly began running into each other on missions which begged a conversation about who they really were and what they truly did for a living. He, aside from Nikita and Michael, was one of the first to know of Alex's true identity. That she was Alexandra Udinov and that she worked for a secret government organization.

Wanting to be as durable as Oliver, she asked him to turn her into a hybrid much as he was. She fell pregnant about a year into their relationship, which was something that hit them both rather hard. Despite that, they decided to keep the baby and Alex informed the Division that she would continue to help them with research and tactical plans, but that she would be going off on maternity leave. Still, there were a few missions here and there that Alex had stepped in on; the last being one that had gotten her shot. After that, she knew it wasn't worth the risk to keep up with her missions and embraced maternity leave.

Alex gave birth to a beautiful little girl that we named Mavi and shortly after, Oliver proposed. She feared it was because they had just had a child together, so she turned down his proposal but told him she still loved him and still wanted to be with him. It didn't take her long to realize her mistake and she proposed to Oliver, hoping he was still wanting to marry her. He accepted and they married before she found herself pregnant a second time, this time with their son, Maverick.

Their home was broken into when Malcolm Merlyn attempted to level the Glades; people were breaking into stores and houses, looting and stealing anything and everything they could; their home had been no exception. The kids had been asleep and Alex was home with them while Oliver was out saving anyone he could; she was still on maternity leave and didn't trust anyone else with their babies. Oliver came home to find one man holding her down while the second was preparing to rape her , something she was willing to endure so long as they didn't kill the babies; Oliver was able to kill both men before that happened.

Alex's first mission back with the Division landed her shot for the second time since being with Oliver, so they mutually decided for her to take the rest of 2016 off and to go back to work full-force in the New Year. Alex's focus has been on Sergei; knowing he is running her family's business has eaten away at her for years, so she has asked Oliver to purchase her family's company Zetrov. Still, Sergei is guilty of a great many things, including bedding Alex's mother behind her father's back, something Alex knew nothing of. She has yet to learn that her mother, much like Alex had, survived operation Pale Fire.

Wanting to focus on their children and on making the cities that were struck by the Undertaking better places, Alex, Oliver, and their small family, relocated to Seattle, Washington. Another large city that had endured an Undertaking and was struggling to rebuild. While Alex continues to work undercover within the Division, both she and Oliver know that their presence in Seattle will improve things for the better.




Alexandra has very little in the way of biological family, given she was the only child to an assassinated father and a manipulated mother that survived that same assassination. Still, she is quote open to the small family she has started with Oliver Queen, and adores his family (his mother and his younger sister) like they were biologically Alex's own family.

Please note: I will only add "family" in this section that take the time to reply to this shipper page to plot with this character, so be sure to do so!

Wanted ad for: Katya Udinov


Obviously, pets are not adoptable on-site; this is more so a way to track the pets that this character has for future reference, and to show those who might be curious what this character's pets look like! You can view the pet pictures by clicking on the pet's name! I am open to plots involving this character's pets if you come up with any, however!

Romi - shih tzu mix


While Alex isn't the most trusting of people given her extremely complex and complicated past, she is, technically, open to forging some friendships. Please don't be offended if I feel she and particular characters may not mesh well; I don't want her to have a lot in the way of a social circle. I'm definitely open to her having acquaintances (such as Oliver's business partners, neighbours, etc...) but few in the way of true friends.

Please note: I will only add "friends" in this section that take the time to reply to this shipper page to plot with this character, so be sure to do so!

Wanted ad for: Michael Bishop
Wanted ad for: Nikita Mears
Wanted ad for: Ryan Fletcher
Wanted ad for: Seymour Birkhoff


Alex is in a very happy, very committed relationship with her husband, Oliver Queen. I am not looking to have her engage in any affairs, and given just how complicated her history has been, there is little room for her to have had much in the way of past relationships. I am, however, open to one-sided-crushes and the like!

Please note: I will only add "lovers" in this section that take the time to reply to this shipper page to plot with this character, so be sure to do so!

Wanted ad for: Sean Pierce


Given the fact that Alex works for the Division (even though she's undercover there in hopes of destroying the secret government branch once and for all), there is plenty of room for enemies and frenemies! Anyone that works for the Division is someone that will automatically be added here, should they not be part of Nikita's attempt to bring Division down from the inside. Aside from that, I'm open to enemies in all shapes and sizes, especially given the fact that she's married to the city's Green Arrow vigilante...

Please note: I will only add "enemies" in this section that take the time to reply to this shipper page to plot with this character, so be sure to do so!

Wanted ad for: Amanda Collins
Wanted ad for: Sergei Semak


First and foremost, I am open to plots not listed here; these are just some ideas I have that I'd like to do eventually! I'm also open to doing threads from this character's past!

Need some ideas to help you plot with my character? I'm open for plots involving:

one night stands, friends with benefits, open romantic relationships, exclusive romantic relationships, one-sided crushes, mutual crushes, affairs, male friends, female friends, immediate family members, distant family members, male family friends, female family friends, coven/pack-mates, bad influences, rivalries, enemies, frenemies, co-workers, employees, business partners, stalkers, physical attacks, sexual attacks, plots involving drugs, plots involving alcohol, plots involving addictions, comfort/support, dramatic plots, fluffy/romantic plots, hot and heavy plots, silly/goofy plots, horror plots and angst plots.

Want to help me with some of my own plot ideas? I'll list them below:

01. I would love it if we could get some more involvement inside the actual Division; characters can always be somewhat morally corrupt and choose to believe in the lies the Division tells to achieve its goals, only to learn the truth and turn against them later down the road. Still, I'd love for characters to truly believe in the Division's cause and be characters that Alex is actively working against, while pretending to be on their side. It'd make for some fun tension, especially if she became suspect to them!

02. At some point, I would very much like for Alex's identity to be exposed. This would be a massive news story world-wide, as she was an extremely wealthy heiress that was presumed dead after her family was assassinated. Not only that, but the Division would very much long to use her claim to wealth to benefit (and fund) themselves further, while enemies of her family (such as Semak) attempt to take her life from her once and for all. This would be open to all types of characters: fellow Russians who might have admired her family, journalists and gossip columnists, enemies of the masked vigilantes, Division agents, etc...

03. Going with the Nikita canon, I would like to have a plot in place in the future that involves an antagonist that uses Alex's previous addiction to drugs to weaken her. In the fandom, the man that purchased her from Semak years ago tracks her down and drugs her against her will in hopes of having her dependent on him once again. I would be open to an idea of this sort, though I'm willing to go down another path if someone has another idea!

I will add more plot ideas here as they come to me, so check back! feel free to offer some of your own plotting ideas below! ♥
  • ooc name shantel
  • timezone atlantic
  • mature threads hell yes
  • discord Shantel#1872
shantel ast she/her twenty-eight Offline action 10 years
division agent
happily married
PLOT WITH alexandra
like ships in the night
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