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 [WIP] Queen, Thea
Thea Dearden Queen
Willa Holland
January 21
Business owner
Human being



There was no denying that a lot of Thea's life these days was nothing more than a rebellion against the last handful or so of years that she had found herself aimlessly sleepwalking through. There was little she had gone through during those last few years that had benefited her in a way she recognized; some might think she was choosing to dwell on nothing but the negative, but those people were the ones that knew next to nothing about the teenage heiress: her life had been nothing but negative since the accident that had taken her entire life from her.

Her father and her brother had died, or so the world had been led to believe. Oliver had been fortunate (perhaps?) enough to have survived on a deserted island for five long years, but Robert - their father - had lost his life the night their yacht had sunk, also taking the life of Oliver's girlfriend's sister, Sarah Lance. Or, yet again, so they had thought.

There was a small piece of her that found happiness in seeing Laurel and Quentin Lance reunited with Sara, but that didn't stop the anger that also filled her every time she saw the blonde alive and happy. She was the reason that Oliver had been on that yacht; if it hadn't been for her whoring around with her own sister's boyfriend, Oliver would have been here enduring the loss of their father alongside Thea, not leaving her to grieve and endure it alone.

That loss had changed Thea for the worst: she hadn't always been this way. There had been a time when Thea had been the prettiest girl in the city; every knight on the playground had wanted to capture her heart, Kool-Aid moustache and all. That was how Oliver likely remembered her: the long tresses of light brown hair that had grown itself a little too long down her back and the big blue eyes that shined with excitement over everything. The way she crushed on his best friend, Tommy, and followed them around wherever they went.

Now, Thea didn't so much as give Tommy the time of day and her eyes didn't burn with excitement the way that they used to. In fact, Thea didn't show much emotion about anything around her brother; she kept him in the dark when it came to her life and the emotions she battled on a daily basis. She had been dealing with things on her own for so damn long that it was quite possible she had forgotten how to rely on someone else; her mother, after all, had relied so heavily on Walter - their father's business partner - that she had forgotten she had a daughter that needed just as much support.

Death hadn't been explained to her; she hadn't been told little white lies about a better place or about a beautiful heaven where her brother and her father would be forever watching down over them together. She had two gravestones out in the back yard that didn't have bodies buried beneath them; she had an empty heart and a hollow soul and absolutely no understanding of why.

Her brother had been found when Thea had turned fourteen but he, like their mother, had closed himself off and had left Thea without answers to questions that burned inside of her. The first year that he had been back had been painful for both of them as he tried to readjust to a life in the world he had left behind and as Thea tried to wrap her mind around the fact that her brother was alive; the gravestone in the backyard was rendered inaccurate.

Thea's drug use struggled through that year, even as Oliver urged their mother to allow Thea to live with he and his new wife, Alex. Thea wondered if his hope was to keep a closer eye on her, but that wasn't possible with just how much experience she had with sneaking around security and bodyguards her mother had thrust onto her at the age of thirteen upon learning of Thea's shoplifting and clubbing.

Especially now with her mother in prison for potentially aiding and conspiring with Malcolm Merlyn - a local businessman-turned-terrorist - Thea found herself finding new ways to sneak things past her brother; he was busy with two children of his own these days and Thea continued to co-manage Verdant which made gaining access to illegal substances all the easier as far as she was concerned. The need to be intoxicated only seemed to grow the nearer her mother's trial date got; it was a matter of weeks by that point and Thea hadn't so much as visited her once. Oliver was a bit more flexible; he wanted the kids to know their grandmother but Thea hadn't had it in her to sit across a table with the woman she had trusted - much as a child was supposed to trust their mother.

And much as ever, Thea found herself wanting to rebel. She wanted to find a way to make it known that she wasn't okay, because she had absolutely no experience in verbalizing that feeling thanks to her mother. The car that Thea had been begging for for years had been delivered to the house earlier that day, just in time for her sixteenth birthday. Walter had done the dirty work; he was still married to their mother, after all, but Thea knew without so much as opening the birthday card that it was a gift from her mother.

The black Ferrari California remained parked in the driveway - effectively blocking Oliver and Alex in - for the duration of the day and the unopened birthday card remained on the top of the trash in the garbage can. It wasn't until it was closer to the start of her managing shift at Verdant - around 8pm - that Thea had so much as thought about driving the car. It was parked by the valet and retrieved at the end of her shift, after she had done a few shots over the span of a few hours and after she had taken two Vertigo pills in the bathroom after they had been slid into her hand on the dance floor.

She was intoxicated, but either she hid it well - very well - or the valet didn't dare question the woman that kept him employed at Verdant. Either way, Thea shouldn't have been behind the wheel, but this was her coping mechanism: to self-destruct in every humanly way possible.

Her mother's cell phone wasn't even in her mother's possession; prison's didn't exactly allow prisoners access to their personal possessions. She wondered if Walter kept it or if her mother's personal assistant managed her mother's phone calls. It was bittersweet, regardless, to hear her mother's voice on the answering machine. There was a part of Thea that wanted to cry purely from the pain of remembering just how much she missed her mother - and she did cry - but there was also a part of her that was so angry and so bitter towards her mother that she felt the need to leave a message even know the brunette teenager knew her mother wouldn't likely ever hear it if she was sentenced to years in prison as was predicted.

"I wasn't even ten years old and I knew what was going on between the two of you..." Her own cell phone rested between her cheek and her shoulder; both hands were on the wheel as she navigated the streets of the city. It was quite a drive from Verdant - in the city - to hers and Oliver's home in the Bayou, but she was going to need the drive to cool her down after this emotional one-sided phone call. "He was always at the house. Always in your bedroom when you were crying after we lost dad. Always on the other end of the phone when you spent hours on it during the day."

Thea had known something had been going on between her mother and Walter; he had been moving into her father's place in their lives through her mother's grief, despite her mother's insisting that nothing of the sort was taking place. She, after all, had been at the wedding that was never supposed to have happened if her mother had been honest in saying nothing was happening between them. "You let him walk into our house - into dad's company - and decided to pass him off as my new father... because you didn't know how to be a half-decent parent without one in the picture."

Grief had been replaced with a new love - a new life - but Thea had remained the painful reminder of all her mother had lost. Thea knew that was why her mother had pushed her away so fucking much... even though she claimed it had been nothing more than Thea's imagination. "I guess I really wasn't that crazy, and I knew what I was talking about..."

That was the last thing that Thea had remembered before she awoke in the hospital in a bed that was far less comfortable than her own back home. Her forehead stung; fingers exploring her face discovered that there were a few pieces of stitch tape holding a small wound closed there. She wasn't sure how long she had been out for, but judging by the still-dark sky outside of her window with a view and the lack of Oliver lecturing her at her bedside, she could assume it hadn't been too long; she could still feel the lingering effects of the drugs and liquor she had consumed earlier... something she was somewhat grateful for but something she knew her car was likely suffering the consequences of.

She found herself happy at that. Enjoying the fact that her car was totalled, even if it was at her own expense. Maybe it was her intoxicated mind speaking, or maybe it was as sober a thought as any... but she wanted her mother to know that Thea wanted absolutely nothing from her and that her mother had royally fucked her daughter up. Irrevocably and irreversibly so.

Was that so bad?

and teardrops, they fall down like rain
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