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 Pepper Stark's shipper page
basic info Virginia Elizabeth Potts May 4th, 1985 Thirty-three Female (She/Hers)) Human CEO @ Stark Industries New Orleans, LA Heterosexual Married Too compassionate Very quick-witted
recent video play_circle_outline
recent status The only way my coffee could be any more disgusting is if it was being spit into my mouth by someone from Palmer Tech. MONDAY, 7:44AM
photo gallery
basic information
chosen name: Virginia
nickname: Pepper, Pep
meaning: "Virginal"
claimed age: Thirty-three
gender: Female
pronouns: She/Her
ethnicity: Caucasion
nationality: American
orientation: Heterosexual
marital status: Married
current partner (s): Tony Stark
abilities (s): N/A
fc: Gwyneth Paltrow
hair color: Blonde-ish
hair length: Long
eye color: Blue
height: 5'9"
weight: 110 lbs

physical ailments: N/A
neurological ailments: Depression
addictions: N/A
drugs? No
alcohol? Socially
smokes? No

father: James Potts
mother: Deborah Potts

siblings: Nicholas Bates (step)
Michael Bates (step)

children: Rowan Stark (son)
pets: Marie (cat)
Sagan (cat)
Feigenbaum (bird)

mentionables: Kenneth Bates (step-dad)
history & rules
Pepper has worked for Tony Stark since she was about twenty-one years old, starting out in the accounting department which was in the basement of the building. At that point, she had gone by her given name, Virginia, and hadn't been much of anyone to keep an eye on until the evening she found an accounting error that, if left unnoticed, would have cost the company millions.

While such an error surely could have waited until morning and could have been reported to her supervisors, she had taken it upon herself to relay this information to Tony Stark face-to-face in fear that perhaps it had been internal embezzlement from someone he may have trusted.

When security refused to let her through to see Tony without an appointment, that was when she threatened to pepper spray his security team, and that is precisely why Tony opted to nickname her Pepper and immediately 'promoted' her to his personal assistant. A position that Pepper held for ten long years, despite a great many telling her to run while she still clung to her sanity, but Pepper, unlike those great many, saw something in Tony that she knew was worth sticking around for.

Somewhere along the line, Pepper subconsciously knew that her feelings for Tony ran deeper than professional or platonic, but it wasn't until after Kunar (and after the Maximoff twins attempted to seek revenge on them for Tony's involvement in the creation of the weapon that killed their parents), that those feelings were acted upon and were found to be mutual.

That wasn't to say that Pepper hasn't ever been with anyone other than Tony; she has dated a few men over the course of those long ten years, the most memorable being her most recent sexist ex-boyfriend, Geoff, but at the end of the day, It was Tony that Pepper married and it was his child - Rowan - that she conceived in a very surprising and very unplanned fashion.

Pepper continues to act as CEO of Stark Industries while Tony dabbles in creating suits and saving the city from countless people wishing to harm it.
You can view some of my plotting ideas on the next tab, but please read my shipper's rules before replying to any of my wanted ads or plotting ideas:

If you have any plot ideas, please respond to my shipper page with the code located in the post below this one. I will reply to it via PM (as I don't like plotting directly in my shipper thread; it takes up too many posts and too much space). From there, we can decide to plot via PM, in the out-of-character c-box or somewhere off-site like Viber in real-time, if need be.

Please tag (in the tag-box) any post in my shipper page; please do not hound me to reply. I will strive to reply to any/all requests within 24 hours! Thanks so much in advance!
She is currently open for plots involving: one night stands, friends with benefits, open romantic relationships, exclusive romantic relationships, crushes, affairs (all), stalkers, attackers (all), drugs, alcohol, addictions, comfort/support, drama, horror, immediate family members, distant family members, friends (male and female), family friends, pack/coven mates, bad influences, rivalry, enemies, co-workers, employees and business partners.

already adopted
Below is the list of characters that have already been adopted and are active on-site that interact with Pepper. They have been adopted through wanted ads and canon lists, so thank you to everyone who has adopted a character to assist in Pepper's plots on-site! Plots can involve these characters, too:

Ana Jarvis, Bruce Banner, Clint Barton, Edwin Jarvis, Happy Hogan, James Rhodes, Kamila Maximoff, Loki Odinson, Natasha Romanoff, Peggy Carter, Pietro Maximoff, Sam Wilson, Sharron Carter, Steve Rogers, Thor Odinson, Tony Stark.

platonic wants
ALDRICH KILLIAN - Aldrich Killian was once a big fan of Tony's, back i the days when Tony chose to care very little about those around him. Aldrich fell victim to Tony's lack of compassion which encouraged him to go on and be successful in his own way. His crush on Pepper and his dislike for Tony Stark are what fuels his need to prove that his project (Extremis) is far more worthy than anything Tony could create and promote through Pepper.

MAYA HANSEN Maya Hansen is a scientist that once tried to gain Tony's input on a project named 'Extremis' that she had been working on. The project had the potential to upgrade the human body and regrow cells. The two (she and Tony) had a one-night fling and both went on their separate ways. Maya began working with Aldrich Killian to assist her in perfecting her project's flaws; Killian, however, began using the designs for terrorism which has Maya both wanting to see the project through to the end and has her wanting to reach out to someone - like Tony Stark - for help in using it for the better.

romantic wants
Currently none.

familial wants
I am definitely okay with someone adopting Pepper's step-brothers (Michael and Nicholas), though I wouldn't want to see her parents active on-site. I do not have any plots or face claims in mind for her brothers, though I will have specifications for their personalities should someone be interested in adopting one or both of them.

other plot ideas
i. The Extremis plot is something we would definitely like to bring to life on-site, though it is something that is still very much in development, so if anyone is interested in adopting either Killian or Maya, or has any ideas on when and how to bring this dramatic plot to life, please feel free!

ii. At some point, Kayleigh (who plays Tony Stark) and I would like for Pepper to get her own suit (much as she does in the comics). I'd like for there to be a point in her timeline where it becomes something that she and Tony feel is the next logical step in his efforts to protect the city and in her efforts to, well, protect Tony. I'm open to ideas, though I'd like for that to flow rather organically, as we are in no rush.
player information
about me:
name/alias: Shantel
pronouns: She/Her
age: Twenty-eight
location: Canada
timezone: Atlantic
trigger warnings: None.
mature threading: Yup <3
contact: PM or Viber

looking for: The more drama, the better!

about me: My name is Shantel and I am the founder and owner of Bittersweet Forever, a multi-fandom role-play that I started back in 2008 from my hometown New Glasgow which is situated on the Canadian Atlantic coast! Needless to say, winters are pretty chilly here and summers can be just as beautiful as California summers; I grew up in the country and relocated to Halifax - the biggest city in my province - for University before moving back to the country!

I like to think of myself as outgoing and understanding, but I know I have my moments of shyness and frustration. I'm 100% for equality; I support basic human rights, women's rights, LGBT rights... I don't condone or participate in bullying (be it cyber bullying or otherwise) and I do not support cliques on-site or off-site. I try to be as inclusive as humanly possible, rather than exclusive, so don't be afraid to start a convo with me!

I have plenty of characters on-site - about ten years worth, almost! - so I'm always open to plot with anyone who asks! I prefer my plots to be a bit more on the dramatic side and to have a lot to them (I'm not big on the 'lets have our characters randomly meet at the park and be BFF's for life!' plots; they get a little draining after a while). So if you ever have an epic plot idea, I'm the gal you wanna hit up because I'll jump all over that!

other characters: Adelaide Vivas
Ahnnalee Miller
Alexandra Udinov
Anastasia Steele
Anna-Lynne Albright
Aria Dunn
Ariadne Winters
Avelina Mikaelson
Aylee Dunn
Caitlin Snow
Camille O'Connell
Carrie Cutter
Cassie Blake
Claire-Julia Dunn
Cora Hale
Davina Claire
Delilah Barton
Eireahann Hadley
Eleanor Henstridge
Eliza Winchester
Emiliana Cavanaugh
Faye Chamberlain
Felicity Smoak
Gabriella Vesta
Harlyn Winchester
Hermione Granger
Kamila Maximoff
Kennedy Argent
Laila Dunn
Liana Reilly
Lucy Harrington
Lydia Martin
Mackenzie Albright
Malia Hale
Marlee Dawson
McKinleigh York
Melissa Bertinelli
Natasha Romanoff
Ophelia Pryce
Peggy Carter
Pepper Potts
Robert Dunn
Rose Bradley
Roslyn Hale
Scarlett Jensen
Sophia Ulisse
Stella Maxwell
Thea Queen
Trinity Olson
Vee Huntington

you'd be good to me, i'd be so good to you
Lori Hanlon is an ex-Marine and ex-FBI Analyst/Interpreter who is looking for private full-time employment. She speaks a multitude of languages, including, but not limited to: Italian, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Sorani, Pashto, Dari, and Cantonese. She's a highly organized individual who, while rather serious in temperament, is profoundly efficient. Despite some physical injuries sustained in Afghanistan during her tenure, she is also fairly good at self-defense (she obtained a black belt, 1st degree, in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program).

Lori is fairly similar to Natasha Romanoff in terms of her qualifications, other than lacking business experience. She has freelanced as an interpreter for the last few years while she cared for her and David Esposito's son. Due to her son's health issues, she is also becoming proficient in sign language. She is looking to move out of the freelance gig for a more reliable position that she can be proud of. She would also meet any necessary security clearances required to work at SI.

Working closely with Pepper could also potentially introduce friendship possibilities, as Lori is a fiercely loyal individual, and Tony and Dave have already crossed paths a few times.
made by ramya
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