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» ♔ streets, sidewalks, alleys information
 Posted: Mar 30 2016, 05:54 PM
SHANTEL is Online

The streets of the Glades are unlike any other streets you will find in Seattle, as they range from being pristine (much like the streets within the heart of the city) to complete decimated after the Undertaking - a man-made earthquake - levelled a portion of this side of the city.

While still buzzing with traffic, the Glades' crime rate has spiked since the Undertaking despite the city's best attempts to rebuild and restructure the Glades after the horrific incident.

In a city as big as Seattle, cutting yourself off from the public by entering a dead-end alleyway could make you the next target in a number of crimes, so always err on the side of caution, especially while frequenting the Glades. Crime during the daytime is frequent enough and only intensifies after the sun goes down and the dark fills the quiet streets.


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