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 Posted: Sep 1 2015, 05:37 PM
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activity check
please post here with a link to your reply or thread

Please post here with the code featured below including your reply or thread for each of your characters listed. Each of your characters must have posted at least once this past month (which is the reply or thread you will link us to; one is sufficient).

If you have not posted, please get into contact with me in regards to why. This will be considered your 'wild card' - you have four wildcards a year per character, one every three months. If you use a 'wild card' (inability to post once over the last thirty days with a certain character) twice in the span of three months, you will automatically forfeit that character. It's unfair to keep a character you aren't posting with two out of three months at a time.

If you have trouble with muse, delete that character. Readopt that character later on down the line when you find the muse for them.We can't read your minds; you have to come and let us know what's going on with you! Seriously guys and girls, please be mature enough to know when you need to step back and delete characters. If you're having issues in your personal life that's preventing you from posting? Post an LOA just to be on the safe side.

When you have replied to the activity check, your character(s) name will be added to the list. At the end of the activity check, the admin in charge will go through the member list and delete any character not currently on this list. Don't worry, though! We'll automatically add in LOA characters! And before you ask, 'bumping' a thread counts as posting so long as you copy the post, delete it and re-paste it to reflect the proper month it was posted under!

characters in the clear

Aaron Hotchner
Alyssa Bowers
Alyssa Morrison
Amelia Nichols
Annie Black
Ashley Winters
Bethany Marquez
Benedict Dunn
Cadence Armani
Dana Hills
Danielle Carmichael
David Williams
David Esposito
Derek Morgan
Dorian Vivas
Ele Ven Binenbaum
Finn Mikaelson
Garrett Hill
Hayley Marshall
Isaiah Knight
Lori Hanlon
Jackson Arquette
Jordan Carpenter
Josephine Cartier
Justin Delacroix
Kenna Burnett
Kol Mikaelson
Lilly Morgan
Lucas Rios
Luke Cates
Marcel Gerard
Mason Lockwood
Phineas Bennett
Quentin Lance
Rachel Edwards
Rory Panes
Sage O'Reilly
Sean Dunn
Steve Rogers
Tucker McKnight
Vincent Albright
Virgina Blanchard
Willow Knowles
Whitney Spencer

the code

[size=10]•[/size] [i][size=4][color=#999999][url=LINK TO POST HERE]character name[/url][/color][/size][/i]

wild cards

Beth Turner
Kira Yukimura
Tony Stark


bittersweet forever - site admin
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