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 Posted: Sep 25 2012, 03:12 AM
SHANTEL is Online

please read this thoroughly before affiliating with our website

Here at Bittersweet Forever, we accept any type of website affiliates, be they privately owned or hosted for free (such as proboards or invisionfree). Since we accept all website types we have a very strict affiliating policy. If you have any questions on affiliations, please contact an admin member.

We request a maximum of three days to have your button up on our website; we are a massive community and we have one administration member per section; real life can get in the way so if your button has not been added to our website three days after submitting, feel free to reach out to us in our member c-box (the top one).

* Please do not touch the last two template codes posted below as they are for the admin members to reply to your requests with; keeping them here is easier than having them locked up tight in an admin lounge. Use the code above (as a new thread altogether) to request affiliation, please.

affiliating rules

001. Thread subject must be REQUESTING AFFILIATION
002. Your button must be 88x31 in size, no exceptions.
003. Our button needs to be on your website first.
004. We do not accept advertisements for porn sites or 'hate' sites.
005. Only the site admin, staff or owner can post advertisements.
006. Please hit 'enter' at the end of each field in the code.

[b]WEBSITE NAME:[/b] Website name here [b]TYPE OF WEBSITE:[/b] Type of website here [b]TYPE OF AFFILIATION:[/b] Sister, static or scrolling [b]WHERE'S OUR BUTTON:[/b] Where on your website [b]WEBSITE'S URL:[/b] Your website's URL [b]BUTTON URL:[/b] Your button's URL

[dohtml]<center><br><br><div class="temp5title">]affiliation accepted</div><br> <div class="temp5"> <CENTER>Thank you for taking the time to affiliate with us! Please keep in mind that at the end of every month the admin members will go through all of the affiliates. If your button is broken (the image isn't showing up, the link isn't working, etc...), if your website is in maintenance mode or if your website is closed for any given reason, you will be removed from our affiliates and asked to re-join at another time in your chat box on-site.<br><br> I have updated the affiliates with your request and encourage you to ensure that you keep our admin team up to date on any changes to your affiliation button, your website's URL and your website's status.<br><br> Thanks again, and welcome to our family!</CENTER> </center></div>[/dohtml]

[dohtml]<center><br><br><div class="temp5title">affiliation rejected</div><br> <div class="temp5"> <CENTER>Thank you for taking the time to affiliate with us! There seems to be a bit of a problem with your request, though. It could be that you didn't follow the rules that we have posted up for affiliation requests or that you did not use the template provided correctly. Please reread the affiliation rules and try again!</CENTER> </center></div>[/dohtml]


bittersweet forever - site owner
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