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 Posted: Jun 14 2013, 02:47 PM
SHANTEL is Online

controlled phones
please read this completely before posting in these cell phones

'Controlled cell phones' aren't typically something that the members have to concern themselves about as far as positing them and upkeep is concerned. These phones are created by admin members (under admin-controlled accounts typically used for plot purposes). These phones are the phones that will contact characters during website-wide plots and/or mini plots.

In other cases, these are phones belonging to characters on-site deemed powerful enough to be controlled by only an admin member. Examples of this are Marcel Gerard (self-appointed king of the supernatural in New Orleans), The Flash and The Arrow (city vigilantes), Gossip Girl (an anonymous blogger) and so on and so forth.

If a phone contacts you, feel free to contact it back. In the case of the vigilantes, Marcel Gerard and Gossip Girl, you can contact these phones at any given time. Other phones may be used to contact your characters for various plotting purposes.


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