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 Posted: Jun 14 2013, 02:16 PM
SHANTEL is Online

cell phones
please take the time to read before creating cell phones

Just because we've incorporated old-school role-playing things like plot pages and things like that, that doesn't mean that we're not adopting the new things that role-playing as to offer for members and their characters like cell phone pages.

Cell phone pages are ways for your character(s) to send text messages, place phone calls and leave voice messages to their friends and family members away from actual threads and posts. It's a great way to keep in contact with loved ones and to help plots progress.

You locate a template (typically found on resource websites like A Thousand Fireflies) and paste it into your the correct cell phone page board as a new topic. If a character wishes to text, call or leave a voice message, they simply copy the template provided in your character's cellphone template and paste it as as reply. If your character would like to return a call, text or leave a voice message in return? They do so on the other character's cell phone page.

All we ask is that you follow a few simple rules to keep things clean-looking and the such. If we see any templates that aren't up to code (pun intended), we will ask that you either fix the code or change the template. Broken links and broken images aren't pretty, after all!

001. Make sure that your cell phone page template is coded correctly.
002. Make sure that your cell phone page template does not break any rules.
003. Make sure that your topic's title is (ex:) "Alex Udinov's cell phone page'.


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