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 dunn, aylee elara-jayde, alexandra daddario | 15 | student
shantel ast she/her twenty-eight Offline dramatic 10 years
single and uninterested
    character basics:
  • full name aylee elara-jayde dunn
  • nicknames ay
  • species werewolf (cotm)
  • gender female
  • pronouns she/her
  • orientation heterosexual
  • relationship status single
  • physical age fifteen
  • actual age three
  • birth date june 21
  • zodiac sign cancer
  • place of birth new orleans, louisiana
  • current hometown seattle, washington
  • languages english, some french
  • occupation high school student

  • their appearance:
  • face claim alexandra daddario
  • height 5'10"
  • weight 125 lbs
  • hair colour dark brown
  • hair length long
  • eye colour blue
  • glasses/contacts none
  • piercings ears (one time each)
  • tattoos none
  • scars currently none
  • birthmarks none
  • best feature her eyes

  • their personality:
  • positive traits » rustic
    » sentimental
    » energetic
  • negative traits » willful
    » private
    » phlegmatic
  • pet peeves » unreliable people
    » duck face
  • hobbies » running
    » swimming
    » hiking
  • bad habits » bouncing her leg
    » biting her lip
  • likes » water
    » upbeat music
    » sunshine
  • dislikes » romance
    » studying
    » the cold

  • their health:
  • physical ailments currently none
  • neurological ailments currently none
  • allergies none
  • addictions none
  • smoking never
  • drinking never
  • drugs never

  • their faves:
  • tv show baywatch
  • movie 47 meters down
  • book jaws, the novel
  • song say love - james tw
  • food deep fried french fries
  • drink frozen lemonade
  • holiday independence day
  • season summer
  • colour ocean blue
  • animal dolphins
  • location near any coast / shore line
  • person sean dunn (uncle / adoptive father)

  • their dirt:
  • life goal aylee truly doesn't have much in the way of goals; one of the only things that she has ever wanted for herself was to feel loved, wanted and safe. She feels all of these things under the watchful eye and eternal guidance of her adoptive father, Sean. Long-term, she hasn't given much thought to what she wants her life to encompass, but as a teenage youth, aylee longs to belong to one of the many local organizations that focus on saving the coastlines from oil spills and human pollution, as her heart one thousand percent lies with the ocean
  • biggest wishit's hard for aylee to have a selfish wish, given the lengths that her family has gone to in order to raise she and her twin brother, adrian. in fact, aylee's biggest wish is that her biological aunt and uncle (sean and claire) that took aylee and her brother in at such a young age are able to find whatever it is they seek in life. that they find the happiness that they truly deserve, after all they have done for aylee and her brother
  • biggest fear while aylee doesn't spend too much time thinking about the fact that her biological mother had never truly wanted anything to do with she or her twin brother, aylee still feels abandonment by those that chose to raise her in her mother's absence. it's a silly fear — this much aylee knows to be true — but her aunt and uncle (claire and sean) that raised her out of the kindness of their hearts are truly all aylee has in this world, and losing them would be equivalent to losing everything
  • dirty secret while many in her life seem to be pairing up and finding the people that they're truly meant to be with, aylee has absolutely no interest in love, to the extent she fears it might be somewhat abnormal. she has absolutely no desire to mingle with either males or females, nor does she long to go on dates, kiss or begin dabbling in the world of sex. this isn't something that she has voiced to anyone, though she is conscious of the fact that, through her teenage years, it might grow blatantly obvious to those around her
Aylee Elara-Jayde Dunn was born to Brianna Dunn - a mentally unstable, drug-addicted werewolf - and Damien Dalgaard - a drug lord from New York. No one in Aylee's mother's very large family had even known that Brianna had been pregnant, let alone with twins. Brianna had gone off for months at a time in the past; everyone had known she was on some drug-fuelled bender or another but no one could have predicted that this particular time she had gone off to hide her pregnancy from her family and to birth a set of twins: Aylee and her older twin brother, Adrian.

Brianna hadn't cared much about her pregnancy; Aylee wouldn't know it until she was much older, but as premature newborns, she and her brother had both been born addicted to cocaine and heroin, Brianna's two drugs of choice. They were kept in the hospital while they were preemies until the medical professionals felt they were in suitable condition - safe from prolonged withdraw - and until they could be given to someone that would care for them, as their mother had been stripped of that right the moment they had noticed she had been using illegal substances her whole pregnancy.

That being was their biological father, a drug dealer from New York who waved off the chance to take his father's throne (literally, his family is royalty) so that he could make his own fortunes peddling drugs. Aylee's and Adrian's names were chosen by their mother prior to leaving the hospital; she chose the names that most appealed to her from the 'A' section of the nearest baby book; neither Aylee nor her brother ever received middle names, as she couldn't be bothered to continue flipping through the pages of the baby book.

When Aylee's father took over custody of Aylee — not knowing that Brianna had delivered twins, as Adrian had been given to drug-addicted friends of Brianna's in the meantime — he immediately returned Aylee to her waiting mother, as he and Brianna shared a small apartment out of town together; Aylee's mother's family had yet to learn of hers or her brother's existence. This was done on purpose, as Brianna was hoping to use the twins as leverage to gain some of her family's fortune for herself, as her own financial situation had been used on fuelling her drug addiction through her pregnancy. If it hadn't been for the twins' biological father at that point in time - flaws and all - she wouldn't have even had formula or diapers for them, not that she had cared much about whether or not they starved to death, and not that Damien knew that he was funding two children, rather than one.

Damien had slowly started to have enough of Brianna's shenanigans; there came a point in time when he tried to get her to sober up, but that had resulted in her taking Aylee from him without so much as a note detailing her whereabouts. Adrian continued to remain with 'friends' of Brianna — other drug users that were instructed to care for him until she took care of some family business. That 'family business' was carting Aylee to New Orleans where she faked her sobriety so she could move into her sister's home - Aylee's aunt Claire's home - in an attempt to get close enough to her family to gain their trust and their money.

When this didn't work according to plan - and when Damien tracked Brianna down in New Orleans - Brianna left yet again without a word, leaving a young Aylee in the care of two of her mother's siblings: her sister Claire, and her brother Sean, both of which lived together along with Aylee's aunt Claire's three teenage children: Aiden, Ayla and Aria.

By that point, Aylee was around the physical age of two. She wasn't used to having family that actually cared for her or that spent time with her; she had endured up to a week without a bath, a little over a day at a time without food, hours spent alone in the dark every other day... She had never played outside, had never watched television, and had never interacted with other children. To say that she was a nervous mess in the beginning with her new family was an understatement.

Sean has always been the more playful of Aylee's guardians; she bonded with him little by little as he brought her out of her shell. He's always been more of a kid at heart than an adult, which is probably why Aylee relates most to him. He seemed to enjoy the little things like watching The Wiggles with her on television, or playing with any single toy that Aylee found myself gravitating more towards any particular day. He was never angry with her and he had never left her alone simply because he had grown bored of her or wanted to slink off to spend time with complete strangers.

Claire has always been the one that was there for bath times, mealtimes, bedtimes... She would read Aylee stories every night before bed, and she always had breakfast ready for Aylee in the mornings before she went to work. Claire and Sean had other siblings, too. Robert, who liked to take Aylee to the marina to look at the water every now and again, and Zach, who tried to show Aylee how to play video games a time or two, but she never really took to them.

Their father Ben - who is Aylee's grandfather - accepted Aylee into the family immediately. She got to spend a lot of time at his house with him and his mate Trinity, though once they welcomed triplets of their own into the world, the noise (and the smell) of the babies had Aylee protesting every time she had to go over. She always preferred being able to play with her grandparents without the three noisy babies there, but uncle Sean - who she slowly began calling 'daddy' - got her around to the idea of getting to know them a bit better.

Aylee had only spoken to my biological father twice by that point. She had been with my new family for just about a year and she had had one play date with him - she didn't even recognize him for the entire duration of it - and a second supervised visit with he and her aunt Claire at her home. Eventually, Claire fell in love with two men - a set of best friends named Xavier and Ben - and they, too, moved into Aylee's home which graced her with two more playmates.

They weren't the last people to move into Aylee's big home, however. Her mother Brianna had come back around with earth-shattering news that Aylee wasn't the only child she had birthed; Aylee was a twin, which meant she had something to hold over their heads. It was a long, gruelling battle with Brianna's father - Aylee's grandfather, Ben - before he agreed to meet up with her and give her enough money to get by for the next year, at least, even though everyone knew she'd squander it in a few months on drugs. Still, it was the only way they could have ensured Aylee's brother Adrian's safety; he was given to Aylee's grandfather Ben, and Adrian was brought home and reunited with Aylee for the first time in over a year.

Aylee's grandfather Ben thought it might be good if he took both Aylee and her very shy and independent brother home with him and Trinity for a week, so that Sean and Claire could have a bit of a break after all that had happened. There, the twins had time to spend together, getting to know each other again and simply enjoying the small things like playing, watching TV together and splitting sandwiches with each other. It was also there that the family decided to bless both Aylee and Adrian with middle names, as Ben and Trinity took care of eliminating Brianna from their birth records, replacing her legal parents with Sean and Claire for the time being. Once Ben felt they were doing alright - about a week later - they went back home with Sean and Claire, though their grandfather takes them for the weekend sometimes when he wants them to have a bit of a break.

Having relocated to Seattle after Sean's siblings, father and his step-mother all pitched in to buy he and his new girlfriend a home for them to raise the twins in, Aylee and Adrian have been enjoying living next door to Claire while being able to enjoy a space of their own. Sean's new girlfriend Eireahann, a young doctor from New York, has moved in with he and the twins, and continues to be another positive force in their lives. Damien is quite okay with Sean and Eireahann raising the twins, though has requested that he spends every Tuesday from noon until 6 pm with the twins, supervised by a supernatural social worker for Sean's comfort.




Aylee has quite a bit in the way of family, and frankly... she's pretty content with it being the size that it is, but she isn't looking for it to expand any time soon. She has endured quite a bit over the few short years of her life where family is concerned, so any new family members that she doesn't currently know won't be people that she immediately trusts.

Please note: I will only add "family" in this section that take the time to reply to this shipper page to plot with this character, so be sure to do so!

Wanted ad for: Brianna Dunn

Damien Dalgaard - Aylee's biological father; she won't have much of an opinion on him as a child, but later she'll appreciate having two fathers.


Obviously, pets are not adoptable on-site; this is more so a way to track the pets that this character has for future reference, and to show those who might be curious what this character's pets look like! You can view the pet pictures by clicking on the pet's name! I am open to plots involving this character's pets if you come up with any, however!

currently none - currently none


I would like for Aylee's set of friends to be people that aren't necessarily associated with her family, as I want to give her some depth outside of being a Dunn. New faces that could offer some plottage in being introduced to her family, for instance, would be more up her alley. That said, I'd very much love for her to be an active lifeguard in the near future, so even if her group of friends are within the same line of duty as she soon will be, that would definitely work!

Please note: I will only add "friends" in this section that take the time to reply to this shipper page to plot with this character, so be sure to do so!

Grace Williams - Meet when she becomes a lifeguard; a quiet friendship while Aylee learns the ropes that come with being a teenager.


If you read above, you'll have read that Aylee is not interested in romance. She has absolutely no immediate attraction to either females or males, and has absolutely no desire to be in a romantic relationship. While she thinks that there might be something wrong with her in that department (as almost everyone else in her family is openly loving and romantic), Aylee is unaware that she needs to feel an especially strong bond to someone before her heart will let her view someone in a romantic light. Because of that, I have little intention of pairing her with anyone other than the character I have in the wanted ad below.

Please note: I will only add "lovers" in this section that take the time to reply to this shipper page to plot with this character, so be sure to do so!

Wanted ad for: Matt Brody


The Dunn family tends to have a lot of natural enemies (as they are the largest werewolf pack in existence) so I'm definitely open to enemies in that sense. I'm also open to anyone who might want to use the beaches for nefarious purposes (like smuggling drugs through the coastline) to be someone that Aylee has future issues with, as someone who'll be part of the groups that care for and patrol the coastlines.

Please note: I will only add "enemies" in this section that take the time to reply to this shipper page to plot with this character, so be sure to do so!


First and foremost, I am open to plots not listed here; these are just some ideas I have that I'd like to do eventually! I'm also open to doing threads from this character's past!

Need some ideas to help you plot with my character? I'm open for plots involving:

one night stands, friends with benefits, open romantic relationships, exclusive romantic relationships, one-sided crushes, mutual crushes, affairs, male friends, female friends, immediate family members, distant family members, male family friends, female family friends, coven/pack-mates, bad influences, rivalries, enemies, frenemies, co-workers, employees, business partners, stalkers, physical attacks, sexual attacks, plots involving drugs, plots involving alcohol, plots involving addictions, comfort/support, dramatic plots, fluffy/romantic plots, hot and heavy plots, silly/goofy plots, horror plots and angst plots.

Want to help me with some of my own plot ideas? I'll list them below:

01. I am definitely interested to have Aylee and her biological parents work towards having a relationship, and I'm definitely open to others (be they friends or family members of either Damien or Brianna) assisting in that progress. It definitely won't happen overnight, and truth be told... I'm not looking to have Aylee and Brianna be overly close at all, given what she has done to her children, but I feel it would be good for her to at least know where she came from and who her biological mother is, preferably with some help from some characters that knew her before she had turned to drugs.

02. When Aylee is "of age" (as in the age stated on her shipper page, given she's currently still in her childhood), I would love for her to pursue a position with the local lifeguard team. It currently just consists of Marlee Dawson (who is the supervisor and second in command), but I would like to see more people (both men and women) try out to be part of this career path! It'll make for some great fun in the future, as well as some drama when they have different things to investigate and protect from!

I will add more plot ideas here as they come to me, so check back! feel free to offer some of your own plotting ideas below! ♥
  • ooc name shantel
  • timezone atlantic
  • mature threads hell yes
  • discord Shantel#1872
shantel ast she/her twenty-eight Offline dramatic 10 years
single and uninterested
like ships in the night
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I can't wait to see Damien's relationship with his daughter develop. I would like it to be a closer relationship than just "sperm donor" and I really want him to be open and honest with the twins as much as possible. Damien doesn't have many friends, but hopefully, that will change once shippers are up and we have opportunities to plot more. Damien has been taken his new reputation very seriously and is really building himself up. I'm hoping to eventually have a full life for him, but he wants to make sure he's fully available for the twins before he starts any real relationships elsewhere.
made by ramya
Grace and Aylee could potentially be friends? Grace would likely be a lifeguard for the summer, they could meet there. They're around the same age (once Aylee ages up) so maybe Grace could be a familiar face in school. They would have a small connection through Vince/Claire but they could also not necessarily put that completely together at first. Grace isn't defined by her father's career, so it's unlikely she would lead with that or even bring it up unless it was necessary.
made by ramya
shantel ast she/her twenty-eight Offline dramatic 10 years
single and uninterested
DAMIEN DALGAARD I think with the new not-so-legally-binding custody arrangement between Sean, Claire and Damien (I think it's every second weekend, and every Tuesday afternoon, or something along those lines?) it'll definitely help the twins to bond with Damien. I'm not overly interested in Aylee bonding with Brianna at this point — I feel like exposing her to that at such an early age would only damage her, and I'd like her to be kept from that for as long as possible — but given the fact that Sean and Claire both view Damien as a safe bet, all should be well! Aylee is still a bit too young to form an opinion on Damien, but she definitely doesn't have any qualms with him as a toddler, and I can't imagine there being much tension between them as she grows up. If anything, he'll just be another person in her life that loves her, and she can't see a single thing wrong with that. ♥
made by ramya

GRACE WILLIAMS I could definitely see these two meeting when Aylee's physically old enough to start her role as a local lifeguard! I think she'd mostly keep to herself at first, but having someone that could respect the fact that she won't be the type of teenager that binge-drinks on the weekends and sneaks out of her bedroom window at night would definitely benefit her quite a bit. ♥
made by ramya
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