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 You don't need to save me, @THEO RAEKEN
i did one thing right
Halloween had always been a holiday (if one could really call it that) that Paisley had been able to enjoy from the time she was a child up until her more recent teenage years. Granted, Halloween as a child was far different than Halloween as a teenager; she had had the luxury of going door-to-door with her parents and her older siblings as a child. That wasn't exactly something that she was able to do now that she was edging further and further away from life as a teenager and nearer and nearer to life as a young adult.

There were always those awkward years - usually around twelve and thirteen - when going trick-or-treating is still somewhat socially acceptable, but by then teenagers were far more interested in prepping themselves for a Halloween-themed party that a classmate happened to be throwing at their home Halloween night.

This wasn't Paisley's first Halloween party, but it was the first Halloween party she had graced while looking as though she might be legal drinking age. Granted, many knew that that was the furthest thing from the truth, knowing who she was by her last name alone.

That wasn't to say that Paisley was a lush; her family had no qualms with alcohol in small amounts, but given just how many of the adopted children had had biological parents that drank just a little too much or used one controlled substance too many, too much alcohol had always been a no-go. Paisley respected that, of course. Christian had been the one that had had it the worse as far as biological parents and substance abuse had been concerned, and even he enjoyed a glass of wine at night.

Paisley was young enough to, at times, try and push those limits. Seeing so many other girls her age (and in her wealthy situation) throwing back glasses of champagne after shots of tequila had her wondering what it was like to be truly plastered. The three glasses of red wine that she had that evening were already well beyond the 'one glass maximum' her parents held somewhat of a tolerance for, despite her still-illegal age.

Twenty-one wasn't that far off...

That little thought was locked up in the back of her mind as she enjoyed most of the evening. She hadn't had much of an idea as to what she wanted to dress up as for this Halloween-themed party, and last minute had opted to go dressed as Scarlett Huntington, a North American celebrity that had been dropping extremely popular (and very talented) music videos in what everyone was suspecting would be a visual album.

It was quite a new thing for said celebrity to be scantly dressed, but she, like Paisley, was growing up. Now, it wasn't necessarily a costume that her family would approve of, least of all her brother's, but they weren't interested in attending the family friend's daughter's Halloween bash, so Paisley was safe in wearing whatever she pleased.

There was just under half a glass (of her third glass) of wine left in her wine glass as she grew somewhat bored of fake-socializing with the other girls her age that came from money much as Paisley did. She knew that she had to keep relationships with other wealthy families professional (for her own family's sake), but sometimes it was hard the faker and faker other girls seemed to get.

Needing a bit of a breather from that mild chaos, Paisley was able to sneak away from the party and up the stairs to the massive house's second floor where she was able to find a quiet, unoccupied bedroom. It was there that she had placed her wine glass down on the dresser just long enough for Paisley to be able to fix her lipstick in the mirror of the dimmed bedroom before she collected it back in her hand and made her way out onto the bedroom's balcony, enjoying the feel of the cool night air tousling her hair ever so gently as she leaned over the railing to look down at the city below.

lights down low, no one has to know
Theo Raeken was fairly new to the city of Seattle and he happened to be a part of the supernatural population which meant that he was there for a purpose but he was also still enjoying his last year of teenage life and parties were among a number of other things that appealed to him. So, would it have been strange for someone who knew him to see him lurking one that evening? No. Not really.

What might have been strange given his playboy personality was the fact that his attention had been captured by a single gorgeous blonde a bit earlier in the evening but having been invited by a young redhead that he was presently entertaining, he hadn't been able to find a moment to slip away and introduce himself to her. It wasn't until he saw her head upstairs and away from the crowd that he found his perfect moment.

Excusing himself from the redhead and her friends, Theo used his heightened senses to follow the girl's trail up the stairs and toward the room where he could smell her scent lingering. He hesitated only briefly as he decided which way was best to approach the young woman before finally deciding on the direct approach. He gave the door a light tap before pushing the door open, his eyes scanning the empty room before they fell onto her form out on the balcony.

His voice was soft as he addressed her. "Hey there, gorgeous. I'm sorry to bother you, I'm sure you wouldn't have slipped away if you had wanted company but I have to admit ... I've been admiring you all night so when I saw you head up here - well, I just had to meet you."

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