Both figuratively and literally, it is a task to occupy the generations. And no matter how much progress one makes, there is always the thrill of just beginning. We are all connected; To each other, biologically. To the earth, chemically. To the rest of the universe atomically.
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 Each time the feeling fades, @aiden ledoux
Look, I don't mean to frustrate, but i
Tyson was at a crossroads in his life. He was finding himself again just like he had set off to do, but at the same time, he wasn't so sure he liked himself still. Was he original? Was he completing his goals, his dreams, his vision? It was a process, sure, but how much was too much? How would he know when he reached the maximum time limit of self-discovery and was stuck where he was, no matter what? When would he reach the limit of being able to find himself?

Of course, the fact that he was thinking like this might be a sign of growth...He had yet to find a therapist in town that would understand him. Not like there were any "former circus performer people pleaser" therapists anywhere, but the other in New Orleans had been able to see through his issues and get to the heart of it. He was hoping to find someone close to that since his move in Seattle, and he was working on it, but in the meantime he was left to his own devices.

He was doing pretty decent so far, considering. He was doing well teaching, was going out and meeting new people, and had continued volunteering with the VA office after he helped Steve and Sam Wilson on Christmas. He had even started writing a book about his experience in the circus, with the intention that writing it out would be freeing as much as it was memorializing.

So he had hope. He had faith that he would regain the trust of his pack and friends. But to be told that he had to reside far from the Dunns as possible...It had made sense but that didn't stop his heart from skipping a few beats from the pain of it. But he'd get there. He would.

He didn't drink much - he found it altered his ability to control his emotions. But the occasional beer or glass of whiskey also helped him to ease his mind. He had needed food, as well, and so he stopped at the Mystic Grill after he was finished teaching. As he walked in, he decided to forego an actual table and just sit at the bar, saving the tables for those with actual company. He sat at the bar, a seat away from another patron, and smiled warmly at the very handsome and very most likely straight bartender, which was disappointing but such was life.

"Give me your best draft, please. Light if you can." He knocked absent-mindedly on the bar, looking through the menu though not really reading what he was seeing.
Aiden had taken to hanging out at the Mystic Grill quite often. Both Hayley and Tyler worked there and he had quickly become friends with the rest of the staff. The lack of drama was nice. There was a bar fight every now and then or a messy breakup at one of the back tables, but at least nothing in his inner circle.

He had been offered a job, but he liked training at the local gym. It gave him a way to work out the aggression that came with the life he had. If he found himself needing another job, he would take Tyler up on his offer, but for now, he was ok with what he was doing.

Before he took on any more shit, he should probably get his own personal life together anyway. Not that he really had one. Hayley and Ty were pretty much the extent of it, although he had some hope for his budding relationship with Josh, a very cute vampire he had met while he was in New Orleans.

Of course, they had their ups and downs, mostly downs and mostly at Aiden's fault. The wolves he used to align himself with weren't the friendly sort, and while Aiden saw most of their decisions as justified, it was still hard for him to adjust. Too hard. When Hayley invited him to join Tyler's pack, it was an easy decision. Josh was still finding peace with that, though, and Aiden understood.

The bar wasn't that busy and Tyler had offered to work the bar so their bartender could go home early to her kids. Aiden had just been hanging out and keeping Tyler company while people came and went. The largest crowd had gathered around the pool table and Tyler and Aiden had taken up betting on who was gonna get hit in the face with a pool stick first.

Aiden had gotten used to interrupted conversations from his time at the bar. Talking to Hayley, Matt, or Ty ususally was full of a mix of actual conversation, drink orders, and more often than anything else, "uuuh, what was I saying?"

He had also learned a lot about actual bartending and alcohol while he was there. It wasn't entirely a bad thing to be knowledgeable about, so he soaked it up. So when the guy sat down a couple barstools away and asked for Tyler's best light beer, Aiden spoke up. "Hey, Ty, give him Kirin." It was by far their best light beer.

Ty had picked it because it sounded foreign and people would think it was fancy. In reality, it was made by Busch. They were all actually surprised at how good it was when the first order came in, so they kept it. Customers liked it and it wasn't expensive for them to keep. Definitely a perk of being the owners friend was the private tasting nights after a new shipment.

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