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 Posted: May 4 2016, 12:22 AM
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Moonlight's plot begins with Mick St. John and Beth Turner moving together to New Orleans with the intention of starting a private investigation firm there. Since Mick was already a pro at the P.I. gig back in Los Angeles, he heads up that side of things, while Beth helps on auxiliary and spends a portion of her time covering the "local beat" in the The New Orleans Oracle.

Truth is, LA was severely depleted of vampires after Lola's vampire-blood based drug. Mick and Beth were drawn to New Orleans by rumours of a virulent supernatural community and the fact that there's plenty of unsolved murders to go around. In the meantime, Talbot is not only unhappy to lose one of his civilian investigators, but also displeased to be losing a lead on the mysterious file of names sent to him not long before St. John and Turner left. Chances are he and others aren't far behind the two.

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