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 dunn, zachary donovan, liam hemsworth | 21 | shelter owner
    character basics:
  • full nameZachary Donovan Dunn
  • nicknames Zach
  • species Werewolf (cotm)
  • gender male
  • pronouns he/him
  • orientation heterosexual
  • relationship status dating
  • physical age twenty-one
  • actual age ten
  • birth date August 9
  • zodiac sign Leo
  • place of birth forks, washington
  • current hometown Seattle
  • languages English and Spanish
  • occupation Animal Shelter Owner

  • their appearance:
  • face claim liam hemsworth
  • height 6'3"
  • weight 178 lbs
  • hair colour Dark brown
  • hair length short
  • eye colour Hazel
  • glasses/contacts None
  • piercings None
  • tattoosDragon fly tattoo on the right bicep towards the elbow. Sugar skull on his bottom left ankle. Theodore Roosevelt Quote on inside left bicep saying "If he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly"
  • scars None
  • birthmarks none
  • best feature His smile

  • their personality:
  • positive traits Sweet, Caring, protective, and loyal
  • negative traits Nervous, skittish, easily annoyed, extremely aggressive during fullmoons
  • petpeeves Stranters being pushy
  • hobbies baking, cooking, marathon of chopped and running
  • bad habits isolating himself in his house
  • likes Cupcakes, Lasagna, running
  • dislikes cabbage, summer, Crowds, and spiders

  • their health:
  • physical ailments Currently None
  • neurological ailments Zach sometimes tends to have anxiety attacks in stressful situations, and when faced with too many people all at once who are not his family
  • allergies None
  • addictions None
  • smoking None
  • drinking Occasionally
  • drugs Never

  • their faves:
  • tv show Cutthroat Kitchen
  • movie Aladdin
  • book The Giving Tree
  • song Refuse -Kevin Garrett
  • artist EDEN
  • food Cajun Chicken Pasta
  • drink Coca-cola
  • holiday Christmas
  • season Winter
  • colour Deep Blue
  • animal Great Dane
  • location Home
  • person Hollyn Berkeley

  • their dirt:
  • life goal Zach's life goal is to build his home into a shelter and Nursery for animals. He will take in rescue animals , and those too young to be adopted and raise them until they are able to go to a loving home.
  • biggest wish While Zach doesn't dislike himself he wishes that he had a little more strength when it comes to how he reacts to the public. He is trying to work on it but it's difficult for him to make that change.
  • biggest fear Zach fears getting close to people and letting them close to his family only for them to change and act like Fiona did towards his family. He fears that pain being put back on the people that he loves the most.
  • dirty secret On Full Moons , Zach's wolf is almost the polar opposite of Zach's attitude when human. His Wolf is aggressive and possessive of certain people, mainly he little sister Laila. His family members have to keep a careful watch on Zach during the full moon, his wolf will go out looking for fights to get into and cause a lot of trouble if they don't.
Zachary Donovan Dunn liked being invisible.

There were very few people that if asked could describe him in detail at all. He didn’t make a fuss in public, never even spoke up more than a few words. Flash clothes, or skin showing were never part of his closet. Most of all he never even tried to be visible to people.
,br> It wasn’t just in public that his tendencies were seen. Even around his own family who he felt comfortable around he was the most quiet and withdrawn in himself of all the Dunns. Family dinners were usually with everyone else talking while Zach smiled and nodded along with his siblings and parents.

He didn’t hate people, on the contrary , there were very few people in the world that Zach could hate. But even when they were younger, Zach was always the quiet one of his siblings. The kid that could play hide and seek and win easily because he was comfortable being by himself and didn’t mind the quiet. That only grew more when he got older and the withdrawn nature was less because of inverted personality and more of fear.

Growing up it had been easier to be the one that was easy to pass over. When you had a mother like Fiona you didn’t want to be noticed. A mother who would do things against you just because she knew you disliked it. Even just a nickname was done not out of kindness…but as a power play over her own children.

He felt guilt though, a lot of guilt now that he was older. To watch how much his siblings were tortured physically and mentally by the one person supposed to love you. That he should have been stronger, more assertive…he should of protected the people he loved the most. But he couldn’t…and Zach knew he would have no chance if he tried. None of them did.

Maybe she didn’t know at the time how much damage she was doing to her children, maybe somewhere she didn’t recognize it as abuse. It didn’t make it right. It didn’t fix the physical torture that she inflicted on Claire. It didn’t heal the psychological torture that she forced upon Robert. It didn’t give Sean the ability to feel comfortable in his own skin. Brianna didn’t get to forget about every moment and calculate just how it effected everyone. And it didn’t fix Zach’s fear that he struggled with everyday.

Worst of all, she made it so each and every one of them worried every day when they would turn into her.

For Zach the fear to become like Fiona came in the form of his wolf. While he was gentle and very rarely became angry or violent is wolf was the opposite. Since his first turn, he had always picked fights and became very aggressive when the full moon was out. Far more than a normal wolf. He would go out looking for someone to fight, the rage never ending, the only thing keeping him from hurting others was Claire.

And Laila.

Laila was his little sister, who when younger was very sick very often. Even when she turned her wolf was very small and weak. And Zach both inside and outside of the full moon was very protective of her. Human Zach wanted to make his little sister smile and happy no matter what was going on. Wolf Zach wanted to make sure nothing ever touched her or would have to face him.

His fear from his time with his mother manifested in other ways as well. Zach was quick to cut himself off from anyone else in the world but his family when they started to grow old. Rather then become more social like his siblings, he grew more quiet and recluse from anyone else in the world. Only letting himself become close with his family.

He liked it this way though. It was safe. No one was going to come around and hurt you when you lived alone. No need to worry about heartbreak if you didn’t let yourself open to a person in the first place. Rather then risk it, he would stay alone locked in his house, and tell everyone that he was happy that way.

It didn’t matter to him that he got lonely sometimes very easily. Or that some days he didn’t sleep at all, and others all he did was sleep. He knew realistically that his panic at even the thought of being around others wasn’t normal… but it was safe so what did it matter? He still was open with his family and those were the only people he needed wasn’t it?

It stayed that way for a very long time, until one day he spoke to Eireahann.

His first and only friend.

They started off a conversation with Zach’s nervous rambling about his brother that ended with a long wind up about how no matter what it seemed like, he wasn’t into incest. All while Eireahann laughed along side of him, later finding out she was dating his brother Sean.

For the first time, Zach had a friend. Someone he felt comfortable around. It took time for him to get used to it. And it was a first step in him realizing that he wanted more…somewhere deep down. Something that he couldn’t let himself have. He couldn’t have friends…couldn’t have lovers…or even just casual acquaintances, because it just meant another opening to someone hurting him…or worse his family.

Instead, Zach would push that to the side and focus on taking care of the people that he loved in his life. He would fill that loneliness with the dream of making an animal shelter. He would do anything to keep him from remembering there was more out there… more he could have if he risked hurting. Something he would never do.




Zach Dunn is part of a big family that is well known in the city. He is one out of nine siblings in total. Currently I don't have any specific want ads for family members for Zach.

Zach is very protective of his family, especially his siblings. If they were to call him and say they needed him, Zach wouldn't hesitate to be there by their side in an instant. While he might not be loud or very social, he would spend time with his siblings anytime and be happy just to see them. Zach is also very close with Benedict, his father, and Trinity, the woman that he considers his mother.


Zach does not have a lot of friends due to his antisocial behavior, truly he only has his best friend. He isn't unfriendly , but the nervous energy and anxiety he feels sometimes with strangers, can make it difficult to connect with the werewolf.

i would like to have Zach make more friendships with people who are understanding that he won't jump into being close with someone instantly. It will take time and effort for someone to become friends with him. Including being understandable that he doesn't do things out in public often , especially with people he hasn't felt comfortable with.


Out of the set of Quintuplets that Zach was born to , he is the one with the least romantic experience. It never really bothered him though, due to his trust issues when it comes to romance. He watched as so many people he loved and cared about got hurt by the people let into their lives and that made it difficult for him allow that intimacy with someone.

Currently Zach is seeing Hollyn Berkeley, his first romantic partner. Zach is not the type of person who would ever cheat, he would never hurt anyone that way as he has seen his family been hurt that way.


While Zach himself really has no reason to have specific enemies due to him not really even knowing anyone to begin with, he is part of the Dunn family. The dunns are a huge part of the city, not only being the biggest pack , but well known members of the community. It's completely possible for someone to try and hurt zach to get to the rest of the family.

While Zach is a gentle guy who would never hurt someone without reason, his wolf on the otherhand is not. When zach is turned into a wolf he is extremely aggressive and confrontational. He doesn't have control over himself during these times and are only acting on instinct. This opens up a lot of room for plots where Zach can hurt people or cause trouble during the full moons if someone needs it.


001: The Fullmoon: Zach is a very hard to keep in line werewolf to deal with. He will go out looking for something or someone to fight when it hits him. There are only a few people that can get close to him during the moons, and even fewer that he is actively friendly towards in those times. I would like to build up a plot where Zach gets away from who ever is supervising him on the full moon, leaving him able to get into trouble. Have to versions on how this could work out. First, Zach comes in contact with another person or wolf during the full moon and tries to get into a fight or attack them. Now depending on the person , they could fight back , or could be hurt and get away somehow. Alternatively, I would also like that someone who knows him comes after him once they find out he was loose and find him in the midst of hurting someone or just finished attacking someone or something. They would have to struggle between getting help, or getting Zach away from the scene before more happens. Both of which has their pros and cons. OR BOTH PLOTS WITH TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE.

If you have any other plot ideas or things you would like to build between our characters please reply below!

  • ooc name bri
  • timezone CST
  • mature threads Hell Yes
  • Discord Bri #8756
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