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» [WIP] Rory, Mick
Mick Rory
 Posted: Jan 8 2018, 05:00 AM
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Mick Rory
Dominic Purcell

ZONE: here
Your application is to be written in third person here. We ask that you do not add sections such as personality and appearance; these can be covered within your character's history as your application should detail their life from start to current day.

We ask that, should you not know how to resize gifs or images needed for the application, that you leave those sections blank. Shantel manages website graphics and will happily add them after your application is accepted. We also ask that you do NOT hotlink ("copy image link") your images from other websites like Tumblr. Please save images and re-host them on an image hosting site like Imgur.


“I was like you, before the time masters managed to find me and drag me to the vanishing point and warped my brain. See I didn’t believe in the team, and even the douche bag of a captain, only recruited me at the time because of my connection with Snart. But even in our darkest moments we tend to find that we can be team players… besides where is the fun if you cant have it with other people.” He had been slowly revealing secrets to her, and if Snart knew he was then there might be some consequences of his actions. But this Amaya seemed alright even if she was a stuck-up member of the JSA who had tried to take them for spies. He took another sip of his beer not wanting to set off the fire alarms by burning the robot she had just turned to scrap metal, by the fact of her amulet. Mick was intrigued by it but not willing to steal it just yet, because she knew where he slept, and that was dangerous even in his line of work. “Oh we did think about the other consequences of the actions we just enjoy stealing things. History is full of things which have yet to be created but will be priceless eventually. Honestly though, at least I, tend to think of the current situation as something of a learning experience, and hopefully, we will have some interesting stories which no one will believe anyway because we aren’t just going to be fixing history, we are going to be living it.” He said as he put his beer down taking the newly scrap metal piece of junk, that Amaya had made and tossed it in a bin behind some of the cargo. One of the other robots tried to attack him from behind , but he quickly swatted it away. “Ugh, why do we have these machines on board, I know the captain wanted us to be stronger but these don’t match a gun.” He said smirking as he pulled out his lighter. One small fire was easier to contain then a huge fire the heat gun could make.

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