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» Sam Wilson's Shipper Page
 Posted: Dec 1 2017, 11:17 PM
Director of the VA
Sam is Offline

Sam Wilson
32 - Human - Single - Loyal
Character briefing.
Sam Wilson grew up in Harlem, New York to a preacher and a teacher. He fell in love with everything that flew, and when his parents were murdered he joined the military thanks to a recruiter who kept him in line. Sam became a paratrooper in the Air Force as a test pilot for the Exo-7 Falcon wings. He was on a mission in Afghanistan with his partner, Riley, when Riley got hit and went down. While the mission was successful, Sam didn't see the purpose in staying with the Air Force, so he discharged honorably and decided to do his part to help others like him. He is now the Director of the Veterans Affairs office, counseling vets with PTSD and training/supervising others to help run the organization. He's an easy-going guy who gets along with most everyone, and is a very loyal and true person.

He considers Steve Rogers to be his best friend (whether or not that is reciprocated doesn't matter much to him). He enjoys the challenge that Steve presents when it comes to intelligence and physique. They run almost every morning and every morning Steve laps him, no matter how much Sam improves. But he enjoys the friendship regardless. He is friendly with Bruce, Natasha, Tony, Pepper, Clint, Kamila, Pietro, and Ash, though he's still working on turning friendly into friends. He's an easy guy to get to know, so he's open to more friendships and more challenges.

Sam is very single. For a long time he didn't feel that he could spend the time on relationships, choosing instead to focus on his own mental health and career. Now that his own PTSD is calm and he was settled in to the VA, he was starting to understand the desire to settle down and find companionship, more than friendship. He's open to finding love, but he's also a believer in getting to know someone first so to take it slow would be preferable.

Currently the only enemies Sam have are Steve's enemies. Sam is a vigilante, going out and fighting crime with his wings as he comes across it, so it would be safe to say that he accrues his own fair share of enemies. It would make sense that he gets a little bit of kickback from the community, since the media outed his identity. People could go after him while he's in our out of his wings since they know who he is.

Open to: Family figures, friendships, enemies, lovers, future romance


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