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 Posted: May 30 2016, 12:49 AM
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The plot for Buffy the Vampire Slayer takes place after the final battle against the First Evil at the end of season 7. Those that managed to survived the battle against the First Evil didn't have Sunnydale, California to fall back on given it had been borderline wiped off the map and while reconstruction of the damaged city had begun almost immediately, it couldn't be home to the Scoobies like it once had been.

Realizing the new beginnings that they were graced with after the final battle, the Sccobies all embarked on their own adventures which did separate them for a short period of time. Everyone needed a bit of distance after the losses that they had endured and the sacrifices that they had had to give to beat The First.

Buffy and Dawn travelled to Rome, Italy where Buffy hoped to settle down. She wanted to watch Dawn dive into a stable, happy, healthy life for the first time since their mother had passed. While Buffy did date around a bit in Italy - including, yes, The Immortal - she chose to focus solely on her sister shortly after settling down there; Dawn enrolled in University while Buffy worked as a psychologist at the local high school much as she had in Sunnydale. Hoping to help girls - just like Dawn - that had no one to reach out to in their lives.

Willow - now able to tap into white magic - left for Africa with her long-time best friend Xander at her side in search of spells that she could practice. Xander, needing the distraction after the loss of the love of his life, Anya, was eager to get away from Sunnydale and didn't want to stray from Willow for too long after all he had lost during the battle.

Giles took Andrew under his wing in hopes of putting Andrew on a better path after his life in 'The Trio' didn't exactly work out for him. Giles saw a lot of himself in Andrew, a lost young man on a dangerous path that would end up getting him killed. Giles had been able to turn his own life around and with Andrew eager to become a watcher much like Giles is, he was happy to start teaching Andrew all he knows.

Spike was brought back to life and quickly became part of Angel's team at Wolfram & Hart in Los Angeles. After the final battle at the end of season 5 of Angel, Spike and Angel tracked through Europe in search - once again - of Buffy, having heard of uprisings in New Orleans.

With the Scoobies all reunited and in New Orleans alongside Angel's team, they were able to watch - and help - Angel Investigations get back on their feet without the influence of Wolfram & Hart manipulating their moves. Both of the teams fully plans on finding resources that are able to bring their loved ones - their fallen team members - back from the dead so that they can keep on fighting the good fight together with the second chance at bettering the world.

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