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Werejaguars are the rarest of shapeshifters, though it hasn't always been this way: centuries ago when legends of werejaguars began to originate in South America, brief sightings and full-witness accounts were extremely common. Werejaguar bloodlines ran thick and true with each werejaguar longing to procreate to continue populating their species in a steady rate.

The more werejaguars that were born, the more they were hunted. Hunters, vampires and werewolves - all natural enemies - would hunt these creatures relentlessly. The former, due to legends that werejaguars were vicious, ruthless and relentless creatures while the latter hunted them purely out of natural instinct. Because of this, the gene that created this unique species of shapeshifters began to mutate, skipping generations in an effort to protect the bloodline it belonged to. Because of that, very few beings ever find that gene self-activating, though in the last decade or so, more and more werejaguars have been noted to be popping into existence.

There are five different types of werejaguar. The first two are a normal werejaguar (a being that can shift into the form of a jaguar) and a werejaguar that can shift into a white jaguar, which closely resembles a normal jaguar. The only difference being the complete lack of colour, as these werejaguars are pure white. Werejaguars can also be werepanthers (werejaguars with a genetic mutation causing excess melanin, causing them to be completely black, or a lack of melanin, causing them to be completely white).

The fifth type of werejaguar is called a 'Nagual'. This type of werejaguar cannot be born; if an especially cruel, evil and sadistic human has their life taken by a shapeshifter (either by their teeth or by their claws), that shapeshifter's DNA can begin rushing through the human's veins through their last few breaths, beginning a transformation.

Because of their cruel hearts and sadistic souls, Naguals are evil werejaguars that cannot take on the form of a full werejaguar (as in they cannot turn into a jaguar fully). Instead, they remain in their human forms and are able to tap into some physical traits, such as their glowing green eyes, the elongated fangs and curved feline claws. Their skin will show the pattern of a jaguar and their appearance will be physically terrifying, as the bestial form of the Nagual reflects the monster side of that human: purely wicked.

Physically, werejaguars have large claws that are curved and resemble closely to their feline counterpart. They also have large fangs that are used primarily for intimidation and for ripping and tearing through skin, muscle and bone. Their eyes are a bright green when in their feline form and their roar is identical to that of a werewolf: loud and powerful.

Unlike some breeds of werewolves, werejaguars and werepanthers are not able to half-shift (meaning they're still in their human forms but can elongate their claws or fangs, for example). Their transformations - like werewolves - rely heavily on the lunar cycle, but where werewolves shift during the full moon, werejaguars and werepanthers shift during the new moon (the night before, the night of the new moon and the night following the new moon). This allows them to be all the stealthier, as these are the darkest nights of the month. Transformations can also be done at will, or be triggered by strong emotions like anger, or even something as simple as a rapid heart rate if not controlled.

When shifted, werejaguars and werepanthers are predators. They will hunt prey, though unlike werewolves, they are able to clutch onto their humanity a lot easier, meaning they are less likely to attack humans when in their animal form. Still, these creatures do not like to share their food and will only eat their prey after dragging it up into a tree, even if the trees are quite a distance away. Their main way of killing prey is by breaking their prey's neck with the power of their jaw.

While werewolves mate or go into heat during the spring months, werejaguars and werepanthers have the urge to mate and to reproduce in the months of August and September. Regardless of personal wants (as some werejaguars and werepanthers may not wish to have children), the urge to reproduce will still be there during these months.

Also like werewolves, werejaguars and werepanthers are able to take mates, but unlike werewolves, they are able to take two, rather than just one. In most cases, the werejaguar or werepanther will choose one of its mates to start a life with, typically the one it feels will offer the most happiness and the greater chance of starting a family.

Werejaguars can reproduce with other werejaguars and any human-like species (and will not inherit any other abilities) but cannot reproduce with chimeras, hellhounds, kanimas, kitsunes, nogitsunes, shapeshifters, sirens, skinwalkers, vampires or werewolves.

If you have any questions, please contact an admin member.
COMPULSION RESISTANCE: A werejaguar has the ability to resist compulsion and glamouring from a vampire.

PURRING: Werejaguars are able to purr - much like most felines - both in their animal and their human form. Purring, as many have come to learn, promotes healing and tranquility, and is often done in the most content of moments without the werejaguar or werepanther even realizing it's happening.

REJUVENATION: Another ability of the werejaguar is rejuvenation, which is the ability to rejuvenate a person both physically and mentally. This comes in handy with their human mates, as they can reverse the aging process to prevent natural death simply to have longer with their mates.

SPEED / STRENGTH: Werejaguars have enhanced strength and speed, stamina, agility, reflexes, durability, rapid healing, and heightened senses. It is known that they are fast and strong while in their human form though are stronger while in their animal form. They heal themselves at a very advanced rate except while in human form. They can hear and smell with crystal clarity at such a heightened state that even the newest werejaguar is able to smell fear, lust, and even the small subconscious olfactory scents associated with lying.

LOCOWEED: Locoweed, a plant that is violet or white in colour, can be ingested by werejaguars to intensify emotions. This makes a werejaguar even more aggressive, especially during sexual intercourse. This can be used as a weakness if it is used to purposely irritate a werejaguar.

MOUNTAIN ASH: Mountain ash can form an impenetrable barrier to keep supernatural creatures - mainly werewolves - in or out. It can also modify their behaviour - keeping them from causing trouble. It is often said that being surrounded by mountain ash feels equal to being sedated.

YELLOW WOLFSBANE: Yellow wolfsbane is a major weakness of werejaguars. Usually bullets are dipped in yellow wolfsbane before being shot into the body of a werejaguar, weakening them immediately. If left in the body, the traces of yellow wolfsbane will flow through the bloodstream, shutting down each organ slowly until the werejaguar reaches death.

Werejaguars on Bittersweet Forever have certain distinctive characteristics that set them apart from other fictional werejaguars. If you see a characteristic
that you would like to incorporate on your own website, please speak with one of our admin members rather than steal the idea completely. Credit to
various television shows, films and book series is given.


bittersweet forever - site owner
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