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Born during the Middle Ages of Europe, at some during her life, Esther - a witch - and her husband Mikael shared eight children; two of which were killed, one by disease and one by werewolves while the third was traded to the wolves in exchange for her family's protection. Refusing to lose another child, Esther was convinced by her husband to perform a spell that would transform her family into the first known vampires (Original vampires). This immortality made Esther the one and only Original witch.

Witches are humans that come from a long line of other witches; a person cannot study the art of witchcraft and 'become' a witch. There is no way to create a witch other than to be born to a line of witches.

Even though witches are born ready and able to tap into magic, witchcraft involves a great deal of practice and work, even if handed down genetically. Even those that are born able to control magic a touch easier than others can take several years to perfect their powers, and while potions and charms can be done by anyone without intrusive abilities (werewolves and vampires cannot use magic as they are already too strong and ability-ridden, for example), only witches can perform spells.

Witches tend to stay in groups: a lot of families choose to pass along their family history, spell books, grimoires, etc... to any children born into their family. Other witches - related or otherwise - can bind themselves into a 'circle'. A 'circle' is a group of witches that can only do magic together (not individually). While this can be challenging if a witch is ever needing to perform magic alone (as they would be unable to), their power when among the other members of their circle nears unbeatable.

Witches are able to reproduce with any species that can do so with humans.

If you have any questions, please contact an admin member.
DRAINING: Witches are capable of 'draining' energy from various beings; this helps their magic to become stronger, though draining someone too much or too quickly can effectively kill said being.

MAGIC: In order to control the magic that a witch taps into, said witch needs vast amounts of self control; being a witch can lead to a tremendous amount of power, and they need to know how to control that power. Magic can become extremely addictive, exactly like a drug. Some witches that do not have large amounts of self-control become reliant on magic to the extent of 'burning out'. 'Burning out' is when a witch has used all of their energy to perform magic and can no longer cast spells or use magic until they either drain the energy from another witch or regain their own energy back over the span of countless hours.

DARK MAGIC: Dark magic can only be used by witches that have either been exposed to it in the past (through practising it extensively with dark charms) or by witches with dark souls (witches that choose to be evil). Dark magic is extremely dangerous and is not at all recommended for any witch to tap into.

ADDICTION: When a witch becomes addicted to magic, symptoms can be quite like an actual drug addiction. Constant use of magic can lead to withdraw symptoms when they are unable to use magic, for example. When a witch becomes addicted to magic, they begin using 'dark magics' which begins turning the witch's soul dark, resulting in a more evil persona.

HERBS: There are many herbs in circulation (that are quite easy to come across, at that) that repel witches. Some of these herbs include (but are not limited to) angelica, bay laurel, red clover, elder, fennel and rue.

KNOTS: One common weakness of a witch is a knot; a household could be protected from dark witches by putting knot-work (or braids) around the edges of the house, and a person wearing braids (be it in their hair, clothing or jewellery) was immune to the spells cast by a witch because the witch's gaze would be caught in the braid (almost in a hypnotized state). While braids no longer prove effective, tying multiple knots in a rope, for example, can easily distract or hypnotize a witch if done slowly and confidently.

Witches on Bittersweet Forever have certain distinctive characteristics that set them apart from other fictional witches. If you see a characteristic
that you would like to incorporate on your own website, please speak with one of our admin members rather than steal the idea completely. Credit to
various television shows, films and book series is given.


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