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Wraiths are beings that were once human, lived their natural lives and died of any (natural or unnatural) cause yet were brought back into the world of the living simply because they have not completed whatever purpose they were sent here to complete. There is absolutely no way to create a wraith; no one knows why a human is brought back from the great beyond, nor does anyone quite know why.

The only way to become a wraith is to die. Should someone have unfinished business that needed completion in order for them to carry on to the afterlife, they will be bound to the Earth by slipping into a new body that is close to death, or in their previous one should it be available and intact. They will then 'possess' that body (or continue to inhabit their old body). If they had been supernatural beforehand and must possess a human body to carry out their purpose, they would lose their supernatural essence (they would no longer be a werewolf, vampire, hybrid, etc...) as those abilities would have been lost with their own body.

Wraiths require no material sustenance but instead feed on emotions, fuelling their existence through the use of the energy of emotion. Wraiths acquire this by fulfilling their passions, driving all-consuming emotions; in order to feel lively and to continue thriving, a wraith must thrust itself into situations quite often that allow it to experience intense emotions like anger, love, lust and happiness. Because of their need to survive solely on energy, wraiths - like demons - often disrupt nearby electronics with their presence

Because they are corporeal, wraiths can, in fact, be injured. The body that they possess is that of a human, though because they are bound to something holding them to Earth, they are considered to be immortal and can heal most damage through slumber. If a wraith takes too much damage (the equivalent of death), they are plunged into a 'harrowing'. Harrowings are surrealistic passion plays where the wraith is psychologically tortured by his shadow (evil side) into surrendering, turning a good wraith evil. Once evil, wraiths thrive on causing chaos and destruction while their good self - no longer in control - must witness the harm they cause.

Wraiths are able to reproduce with any species that can do so with humans.

If you have any questions, please contact an admin member.
DEATHSIGHT: Wraiths are capable of predicting the death of living organisms around them. They cannot predict the deaths of beings they have never met face-to-face, as a wraith must have interacted on a human level with someone to create a bond that would allow them to predict their death (this could be something as simple as passing someone on the street). A wraith will only predict a death when said death is in the nearby future.

HALLUCINATION MANIPULATION: Wraiths have the ability to manipulate hallucinations, forcing someone to hallucinate while they control exactly what said person sees, feels or hears. Someone must be in close proximity to a wraith for them to be able to manipulate their hallucination.

LIFESIGHT: Wraiths are fully capable of being able to see someone's aura (their emotions). This presents itself with a very light glow around the person, almost like it's just barely grazing their skin. The colour of the glow differs based on emotion: anger would be red, sadness would be blue.

MAGIC: Wraiths are able to practice magic, though it is not gifted to them naturally (as it is with a witch, for example). They would have to begin from the bottom, reading books on magic and practising potions and charms. This can become dangerous should the wraith perfect their magic abilities as there is always the off-chance of a Harrowing - a good wraith turning evil and using that magic to do wicked things to those they love.

* Please note that a wraith's magic is not the same as a witch's magic; witches are able to cast spells (such as manipulating time, using magic to kill someone or bring someone back from the dead, etc...) whereas elementals are only able to cast charms (such as rendering someone unconscious to escape a potentially dangerous being or setting boundaries around their houses that others cannot cross.).

MOOD MANIPULATION: Wraiths can practice how to manipulate the moods of those around them - something that is quite difficult for them to do - though any good wraith believes this ability to go against their morals as it can be seen as taking advantage of someone by taking away their free will to feel the emotions they wish to feel. Such an ability could be seen as useful against an aggressive attacker, however. Being able to alter their aggression could very well save a life if done correctly.

PERCEPTION CREATION: A wraith is able to alter someone's perception through a single touch. Again, an ability like this often conflicts with a wraith's morals as it can be construed as taking advantage of someone, but can be seen as useful in a dangerous situation should a wraith be in touching-distance of an attacker. This can also be a beautiful ability should a wraith use it to give someone on their death bed some beautiful images to ease them into their afterlife.

SUCKING: 'Sucking' is the ability to draw energy from power sources, which wraiths need in order to survive, as it is their only source of nourishment. Wraiths can also draw energy from people around them should they be experiencing extreme emotions; this can be dangerous, as a wraith can drain them completely which could be fatal.

TEMPERATURE MANIPULATION: Wraiths can sometimes create 'cold spots' when they draw too much energy from any given space. While they can make the area around them colder, wraiths are unable to warm the temperature around them.

SLEEP HEALING: If injured, a wraith can heal themselves through sleep. Often times, the most gruelling of injuries can be healed with twenty-four hours of non-stop sleep and energy both before and after their slumber.

EARTHLY BOND: One way to kill a wraith is to sever its bond to the Earth, be it the person they are meant to protect, or whichever other reason they have for lingering about post-death. Once that bond is broken, the wraith no longer has a reason to live and will be sent on to the afterlife.

SILVER: A wraith - much like a werewolf - is allergic to silver, and if a wraith is pierced through the heart with a silver weapon, they will die permanently, without ever completing their life's purpose. Simply being shot with a silver bullet in any other bodily area will not cause death to a wraith like it would to a werewolf, though would be excruciating.

Wraiths on Bittersweet Forever have certain distinctive characteristics that set them apart from other fictional wraiths. If you see a characteristic
that you would like to incorporate on your own website, please speak with one of our admin members rather than steal the idea completely. Credit to
various television shows, films and book series is given.


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