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» Schmidt, Adam H.
Adam Schmidt
 Posted: Mar 9 2018, 09:50 PM
One hundred and seventy five
Police detective
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Adam Hans Schmidt
Rufus Sewell
December 3
police detective

ZONE: here

Early Life

Adam was born in Hamburg, Germany to Herzog Hans and Herzogin Greta Schmidt on July 14, 1842. Greta was a stay at home mother who was more concerned about her social life then her children. Hans would often go to Berlin to do his duty in the German Reichstag (Parliament). Adam's grandfather was an Imperial Knight in the Holy Roman Empire. Adam was an only child for a few years, until his little sister, Anna was born in 1844. He was a happy baby. All through his childhood, little Adam was well loved.


Adam grew up in the Noble class. He already began to show the 'raw material' that he inherited from his father and grandfather. That raw material was determination and drive. Adam might not know how to get what he wanted at this young age, but he already had a mind of his own. Family was the center of society, and his father's word was law. Adam was trained to live his life as a proper noble male. That included all of the normal academic subjects all through school, but also manners, business tactics, and horsemanship. Adam played well with Anna. They were a very close family. Adam's parent's hired a nanny to do the bulk of the child rearing. Nanny’s taught Adam and Ann manners, how to dress, as well as reading, writing and arithmetic. The children had set times for play. Time was very structured.

Teen Years

Adam had a diverse life as a teenager. Some things he was expected to do and other things he did on his own. He was expected to wake up at dawn and attend Mass. Adam was expected to listen to reports of his father's holdings. Education would come next. Family time would be a traditional way to end the day. As he got older, Adam would sneak out and visit the girl that he liked at or near dusk. He would stay for the night. Both Adam and the girl would get into bed together, but with all of their clothes on. Not much happened but some petting. Adam enjoyed improving his horsemanship skills. Riding horses was one of his favorite past time.

Coming to America

In 1857, when Adam was 15 years old, he left Germany and came to America with his parents. Once the family reached Liverpool, England to embark on their voyage, the actual ship crossing took 6 weeks. It was a lonely 6 weeks for Adam. He only had his parents with him. He missed his friends and girls back in Berlin. To use his time on ship, Adam wrote a letter to his uncle back in Berlin. Adam told his uncle that he wondered what America would be like and if he would like it there. He wondered about the American girls. Adam began to learn English from the Americans who were on the ship.

Finally, the ship arrived in New York. I family settled near New York City which was a hub for immigrants. The family lived on the money that his father brought with him, but that wouldn’t last very long in the new world. Both father and son would have to get a job. Hans got a job as a bank teller and Adam got a job as a stock boy in a grocery store. His family became American citizens.

Fighting in the Civil War & being transformed

Adam was drafted into the union army and served in the 14th New York regiment in 1861. He was in many battles including the battle at Manassas (Bull Run) as well as at Gettysburg at the battle at the Meadow. Adam was shot in the leg by a Confederate. He was and taken to the nearby Lutheran Seminary that was being used as a hospital for the wounded.

At the hospital, Adam received a blood transfusion to save his life. No one would say who the soldier was who donated the blood to Adam. Adam recovered and continued to serve until the end of the war, but with one very important change, he was now immortal. Adam couldn't be wounded again. Adam did find the name of the soldier who changed him. Adam now had the fire of revenge in his heart.

After the War

After the war, Adam moved to Las Vegas. Adam continued to look for the soldier who caused his transformation. Adam then traveled around the world looking for a long time; he vowed never to stop searching. Adam made Las Vegas his home base. He always followed any lead that he may come up with. He had been to small towns as well as large cities. His latest hints took him to Evergreen, Maine. He believed that chances were better for him to find something in a smaller town where he could move around the people with more ease. He finally gave up looking. It was a hopeless cause.

]b]Fighting More Wars[/b]

In 1943, Adam enlisted in the Army. By some miracle he passed the physical. He knew how to fake a heart beat and the other things they measured. He used a friends arm behind a curtain for the blood and pulse.

Adam didn't want to fight any Germans so he volunteered to fight the Japanese in the Pacific. He didn't mind being alone on an island.Nobody would discover his secret. Adam came home from that war and decided that he had enough of war for his long lifetime.

Becoming a Police Detective

Adam gave up on the northeast. He moved to the Pacific northwest, specifically Seattle. He was ready for a new location and new people, hopefully some of his own kind. Adam was a loner, but only to a point.

personality and appearance; these can be covered within your character's history as your application should detail their life from start to current day.


Another employee at the Casino informed Adam that Galin wanted to talk to him. Adam hoped that Galin wasn’t too angry with him about last night. Maybe Galin found out what exactly happened last night and how whatever it was got into whatever it was in that made Adam fall so hard for Amber. Adam wasn’t one to normally fall for a woman like that so fast. He was probably one of the most cautious vampires around. That was one reason he was usually a loner, unless he chose to socialize and knew who he was socializing with. He didn’t know Amber before last night and this is what happened. He just wanted to put it all behind him. Adam saw Galin’s soaked shirt. “Did I do that, sir? I am so sorry. May I get you another shirt?” Adam forgot that he moves faster than most people, but he wasn’t sure if witches had the same ability. “Sir, what do you mean, what am I doing? I’m reporting to work on my normal shift. Then Adam realized that Galin was talking about why wasn’t he still with Amber. “Oh, the lady that I was with last night instead of working, her name was Amber. It seems that your very normal security head was given something somehow to make me think that I was in love with her. Seems that she was affected as well and loved me, I didn’t know what I was doing at the time. When I came to my senses a dawn, I was in a position that I haven’t even thought about for over... Adam stopped in mid sentence, and finished the sentence carefully. That I haven’t thought of for a very long time. “After whatever it was wore off at dawn, Amber lost all of her lust for me, and I lost all of my feelings for her. I was caught in an embarrassing situation and very ashamed of myself. I saw Amber leave with her driver and I had to stay put until dusk, so I changed my clothes and decided to come to work. I haven’t seen or heard from Amber since.” Adam hoped that his answer satisfied his boss. “So that’s why I’m here working now. I hope you understand.” Your sample post is to go here, please. If you are an already-accepted member, please leave the following line: Please see posts from my other characters.

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