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 Posted: Apr 19 2016, 08:22 PM
BRI is Offline

high school reunion

In an attempt to smooth things over with so many of the older vampires, werewolves and various other creatures, Marcel Gerard goes out of his way to throw a high school reunion for those who were alive well before 'high school' was even put into motion.

Anyone who has at least one century under their belt will be welcome to join. This will help characters with excessive history to mingle with others that may be able to relate to them on that level or rekindle old friendships and romances with people they may have known hundreds of years ago.

The entire reunion will be themed as an '80's' theme to keep things interesting. It will be hosted in the gymnasium of New Orleans' high school, giving them a safe but open place to mingle. Alcohol will be available, dancing an option. Everybody has the choice to come alone or with a 'plus one'.

A starter for this plot has been created HERE, But characters would like private threads within the plot, feel free to start them, just be sure to tag them as [PLOT/OPEN] or [PLOT/INVITES] OOC: THIS PLOT IS NOW CLOSED



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