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 Is it just another dark cloud in my head?
Hell, yeah. Why don't we go there?
It's way down below there
Ash knew that he was taking a big risk by conducting his business inside of New Orleans. If the bigger heads of the city decided they didn’t like what he was doing it would end with his death. Which considering his job was to bring back the dead, would be an interesting ending to him. But it was what paid his bills and the only thing he knew he was good to do. And it’s not like he didn’t follow his own rules. Most of the time.

Taking a deep sigh he propped his head up on his hand as he sat crisscrossed on the ground. He hated doing work in the cemetery, he thought it was tacky and stupid. But his clients thought that it added dramatic flair, that the ambience was better than at home. The necromancer thought that there shouldn’t need to be dramatics when it came to bringing someone back to life, especially the one who you recently lost.

Yet here he was waiting for the family to show up with the body so he could bring their sibling back to life who died of a heart attack. He had tried to warn them that bringing someone back didn’t fix all the problems that they had beforehand. If someone was sick before they died, or had a heart condition, they would still have that sickness or heart condition, it would just happen later in time. Not only that but death and being brought back changed a person, sometimes for the better…most of the time for the worst.

But They didn’t listen, and thrown the money at Ash to just do what they wanted. He could say that he tried to warn them in the future and not have guilt on his hands.

His gaze went to the grave he was next to… or what would be the grave. Right now it was an empty pit waiting to be filled tomorrow morning. The plan was that Ash would bring back the guy, and tomorrow they would have a funeral with a closed empty casket. Again, he didn’t see why they needed the dramatics of the graveyard, but for 200K he wasn’t about to complain.

Normally Ash wouldn’t take such a high-risk case as this one, but he needed the money. Since the destruction of the Glades he hadn’t had much in the way of money. No longer having a car, or the normal place that he did his more mundane street “magic” in order to get money had really put a dent in his pockets.

He wanted that money and he wanted it badly. With that amount of money in his pockets he could get a real place to live. He would be able to get a car. He would be able to take Thea out for fun nights that she deserved and more. Could give her a key to his place so she could come whenever she wanted, or escape from her brother when she needed it.

Some people might have told him he should just ask Thea for the money needed to do all this, but Ash would never do that to her. He knew the truth about his feelings for her. He loved her. He had for a very long time now. It wasn’t because of her money or her family name, and he wouldn’t use either. He rather make her happy. That was what was important to him.

Though he was getting increasingly annoyed that they were getting later and later. He was risking his life for this, if they didn’t want it to be late at night than they shouldn’t of picked the time.

His attention was grabbed though when he heard footsteps in the distance. Leaning to the side a bit a small curse left his mouth as he saw a groundskeeper walking towards his way. Ash scrambled getting to his feet ready to make a run for it, when one foot slipped on the loose dirt. He couldn’t control it as he slipped backwards, falling flat on the ground with a grunt of pain.

Opening his eyes after the impact, another curse rang out as he found himself in the ditch he was just sitting by. He moved slowly standing up, only to find the ditch was taller than he was. He was stuck there until someone came around to help…

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