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 Posted: Nov 23 2012, 03:50 AM
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information about this list,

individual character information & general plot information below

The Lying Game plot takes place before season one takes place; the characters reside in New Orleans and attend Constance Billard High School (some attending Constance Billard University). The happenings of season one can take place on-site should that be the path the players of these characters choose to go.

Any characters that have died in previous seasons may be brought back to life (using extreme dark magic or the abilities of a necromancer) though it must be a plausible plot with its own repercussions; magic always comes with a price.

Please note that any character with the ' ∞ ' symbol next to their name is a doppelganger on-site. A doppelganger is someone who has an exact replica (identical replica) though is not necessarily biologically related to that being. Doppelgangers (when together) can change luck for better or for worse and even harness unknown powers when together. In essence, this face claim is used for another character.


Age: 42 | Written By: NO ONE| Played By: ADRIAN PASDAR

Education: Up to role player
Occupation: Up to role player
Summary: Alec is the father of Mads and is Thayer's legal father. He is also Sutton's godfather who has some shady secrets about Sutton and Emma's birth mother.


Age: 41 | Written By: No one| Played By: CHARISMA CARPENTAR

Education: Up to the role player
Occupation: Up to the role player
Summary: Annie is Sutton and Emma's biological mother and also Char's aunt who has returned to town after a long time away and a very messy divorce.


Age: 38 | Written By: No one| Played By: TYLER CHRISTOPHER

Education: Up to the role player
Occupation: Up to the role player
Summary:Dan is Ethan's older brother. While he loves his brother and cares greatly about him he worries about his future as the town's "Bad Boy". Despite the status of his younger brother Dan is a cop who tries his hardest to keep people in line, and keep the bad influences away from his brother.


Age: 41 | Written By: NO ONE| Played By: HELEN SLATER

Education: Up to the role player
Occupation: Up to the role player
Summary:The mother of Sutton and Laurel. She has always been a good mother to the girls, but when she finds out that her husband Ted had an affair with Annie she was devastated. It's now up to her to see if she wants to keep her marriage or break it off and start new again.


Age: 42 | Written By: NO ONE| Played By: ANDY BUCKLEY

Education: Up to the role player
Occupation: Up to the role player
Summary:Ted is the father of Sutton, Emma, and Laurel. He knows about the secret that Sutton and Emma's real mom is Annie but has kept it hidden. He seems desperate to keep that secret from everyone, but will he be able to do it?

[dohtml]<center><div class="temp2"> <div class="temp2title">adopting/tossing</div><br> <br>Please include the character name, your name and any changes to the education or occupation sections. Should you be tossing a character, simply put the character's name.</div></center>[/dohtml]

• Revo of rpgd & atf.

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