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» I got a nighttime shudder and a lion within, @TRISTAN BLACK
 Posted: Feb 2 2018, 02:40 PM
ADELAIDE is Offline

to forget i'm missing you
Addie knew first and foremost that a bond like she and Tristan shared didn't necessarily have to be romantic. That was something that had been stressed by everyone around them from the get-go, as a werewolf in love could just as easily be a guardian or a good friend to the mate they had chosen.It wasn't something that was seen very often. In fact, Addie couldn't recall a single pairing that had ended up being nothing more than friends. She couldn't count Claire and Quil, simply because he had been such a jerk during most of their romantic relationship that he had deserved the end he had gotten.

She would never wish anyone to live their lives completely alone,but had Tristan treated her the way that Quil had treated Claire? She'd have put the boots to him herself before throwing him head-first out of her life.

Truthfully, she wasn't entirely sure if she and Tristan would ever be able to be just friends. Having been together one too many times in the past, romance could easily slip between the cracks and seep into something they were wanting to keep strictly casual. Having been cheated on by the man she was currently with, Addie wouldn't wish that feeling onto anyone, even if Jackson might have deserved a bit of a taste of his own medicine for ever having done that to Addie to begin with.

"I'll probably lean more towards the lava cake, just because a hidden waterfall of chocolate is right up my alley..." And very little went as well with wine as chocolate did. "But I still think you should order something, even if it's your own chocolate-something." She wasn't entirely sure how long this get-together of theirs was going to last, but she did know that they likely had enough ground to cover to make a couple hours out of it.

"And then maybe you can start in on what you've been up to for the last while; you don't really seem to have much of a social media presence, so I can't say I've been able to "creep" you..."

stealing hearts and never saying sorry
 Posted: Feb 12 2018, 07:24 PM
TRISTAN is Offline

If your heart wears thin,
I will hold you up.
It was hard for Tristan not to laugh when Addie chose the lava-cake, a part of him had known she would but it was still amusing to him for reasons that likely couldn't be explained away by any kind of logic and that had a lot to do with just how well both he and she still knew each other even when they thought that they didn't.

"Lava cake it is," he agreed after a few moments of silence.However, Addie had more to say, such as voicing her thoughts that he ought to order something too even if it was a chocolate-something of his own. He quirked a single brow at her, a small smirk on his lips. "Oh, you mean so you can steal mine after scarfing yours too fast to savor the flavor?" He was teasing her, but it was certainly something she had done to him more than once in the past and that was why he felt free to joke about it with her.

After a little bit, she was speaking up again and he shook his head in amusement. "Yeah, well, I never was one for social media." he explained. Though, she already knew that. Any social media he maintained in the past had been for her own benefit and she had hacked them on more than one occasion proving that they brought more amusement and entertainment to her than they had brought to him.

That memory was both painful and beautiful all at once and a soft sigh escaped his lips as he let his eyes fall from hers for a moment. His eyes trying to conceal his own emotions by avoiding hers until he felt in control again. "What do you want to know?"

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