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 Posted: Nov 23 2012, 03:40 AM
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information about this list,

individual character information & general plot information below

Pretty Little Liars' plot takes place before season one. Alison has gone missing on June 26th, 2014 just before college begins for the girls. Each of the four enrolled in Constance Billard University in New Orleans only to find that they have exact replicas attending University alongside them. Four girls that look identical to them that also knew a girl named Alison that went missing on June 26th, 2014... Only in New Orleans..

Any characters that have died in previous seasons may be brought back to life (using extreme dark magic or the abilities of a necromancer) though it must be a plausible plot with its own repercussions; magic always comes with a price.

Please note that any character with the ' ∞ ' symbol next to their name is a doppelganger on-site. A doppelganger is someone who has an exact replica (identical replica) though is not necessarily biologically related to that being. Doppelgangers (when together) can change luck for better or for worse and even harness unknown powers when together. In essence, this face claim is used for another character.


Age: 30 | Written By: No one | Played By:Ian Harding

Education:Up to role-player
Occupation: Up to role-player
Summary:Ezra Fits is an English teacher at Constance Billiard University after being away for a short time. He had a brief relationship with Addie Vivas before breaking it off due to the teacher/student relationship. He had continued to have an on again/off again relationship with Addie before she began a relationship with Jackson Whittemore.


Age: 34 | Written By: No one | Played By: YANI GELLMAN

Education:Up to role-player
Occupation: Up to role-player
Summary:Garrett Reynolds is a police officer that is assigned to Alison’s disappearance. He was part of the N.A.T. Club in high school and the girls begin to suspect that he is involved.


Age: 28 | Written By: No one | Played By: Ryan Merriman

Education:Up to role-player
Occupation: Up to role-player
Summary:Ian Thomas was one of the founders of the N.A.T. Club with Garrett Reynolds and Jason DiLaurentis in high school. He has been known to date Alison and Melissa Hastings, despite having previous romantic interest in Spencer Hastings.


Age: 23 | Written By: No one | Played By: Torrey DeVitto

Education: Up to role-player
Occupation: Up to role-player
Summary:Melissa Hastings is Spencer’s older sister. She can often be the antagonist when it comes to her sister but she always does what she can to protect her sister and her friends. She dated Ian before finding out that Ian was with Spencer, who also kissed her recent ex-fiance Wren.


Age: 20 | Written By: No one | Played By: Amanda Schull

Education:Up to role-player
Occupation: Up to role-player
Summary:Meredith Sorenson is a substitute teacher at Constance Billiard. Aria Montgomery and Alison DiLaurentis caught her making out with Aria’s father Byron in his car, and Aria kept it to herself. Meredith is not ashamed to share her attraction to Byron, and doesn’t hide it from Aria.


Age: 27 | Written By: No one | Played By: Julian Morris

Education: Up to role-player
Occupation: Up to role-player
Summary:Wren Kingston is a doctor at the hospital as well as a volunteer at the Sanitarium. He was engaged to Melissa Hastings before she caught him kissing Spencer. He has a good heart though and isn’t far away, always helping Spencer when she needs help.

[dohtml]<center><div class="temp2"> <div class="temp2title">adopting/tossing</div><br> <br>Please include the character name, your name and any changes to the education or occupation sections. Should you be tossing a character, simply put the character's name.</div></center>[/dohtml]

• Revo of rpgd & atf.


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