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 glaser, melissa rachael, jessica kennedy | 22 | sales clerk
    character basics:
  • full name Melissa Rachael Glaser
  • nicknames Lissa
  • species witch
  • gender female
  • pronouns she/her
  • orientation heterosexual
  • relationship status dating
  • physical age twenty-two
  • actual age twenty-two
  • birth date May 06
  • zodiac sign Taurus
  • place of birth Chance Harbor, WA
  • current hometown Seattle, WA
  • languages English, (some) Latin
  • occupation Sales Clerk

  • their appearance:
  • face claim Jessica Kennedy
  • height 5'0"
  • weight 110 lbs
  • hair colour brown
  • hair length long
  • eye colour brown
  • glasses/contacts both
  • piercings ears (one in each)
  • tattoos none
  • scars a few
  • birthmarks none
  • best feature laugh

  • their personality:
  • positive traits caring, romantic, loyal
  • negative traits loses control easily, secretive
  • petpeeves white knight types
  • hobbies herbology
  • bad habits avoiding problems
  • likes the idea of love, her friends
  • dislikes drama

  • their health:
  • physical ailments none
  • neurological ailments none
  • allergies none
  • addictions drugs, magic
  • smoking no
  • drinking occasionally
  • drugs magical variations

  • their faves:
  • tv show so you think you can dance
  • movie inception
  • book alice's adventures in wonderland
  • song love song by cruel black dove
  • artist marianas trench
  • food oranges
  • drink lemonade
  • holiday valentines day
  • season spring
  • colour purple
  • animal bull
  • location n/a
  • person nick

  • their dirt:
  • life goal to overcome everything she faces
  • biggest wish to be happy
  • biggest fear everyone finding out what happened when she was seperated from the group
  • dirty secret she stopped bugging nick about using because she's using again
Melissa was born on May 6, 1995. About nineteen years ago, the former members of the Circle began to dabble into the dark arts of magic. Along their journey, an "accident" hereby referred to as the "boatyard fire" occurred which left the majority of the previous members dead. The only known survivors were Amelia Blake (Cassie's mother), Charles Meade (Diana's step-father), Dawn Chamberlain (Faye's mother), Patrick Glaser (Melissa's father) and Ethan Conant (Adam's father). Jake and Nick's parents both died that day. After the Circle was stripped of their powers, Melissa was raised by her father and stepmother.

Melissa, at one point, was very close to Diana until Adam came into the picture romantically. Then Melissa and Faye became practically joined at the hip. The entire circle, impacted by the same tragedy, have remained close over the years with the exception of Jake Armstrong, who was older, and Cassie Blake, who moved away just after the boatyard fire. Faye has almost always butted heads with Diana, so Melissa has mostly been stuck being the peacekeeping middle ground. Once Cassie returned to Chance Harbor and magic returned to their lives full force, things only got more complicated.

Melissa was in love with Nick Armstrong, heels over head deeply in love. Faye always warned her that Nick wasn't good enough for her, that he would never take their relationship seriously, which he didn't for the most part. Faye threatened Nick, telling him to either be nicer or be done. He chose to be the better man, and actually try with Melissa. Despite their bumpy road, when a demon named Abaddon was accidentally released and inhabited Melissa, Nick truly seemed to care about her. By the end of the ordeal, the demon had "jumped bodies," and escaped into Nick.

By the time they found him, it was too late. Nick had apparently drowned himself to kill the demon. This left Melissa heartbroken beyond belief. She didn't have much time to morn because, as always, it was one demon after another, but she never got over the loss. Around prom, Nick returned to Melissa but something wasn't right, he still had the demon inside of him, and he was no longer the Nick she had fallen in love with.

He only wanted the crystal, he was desperate to get rid of the demon and Ebon had promised to save him if he just brought the crystal, but the Circle needed it to complete the skull. They followed Nick to the abandoned fairgrounds where Nick tried to kill his brother, Jake, in a fight. Melissa had no choice but to kill him once and for all. The only peace she received was knowing that it wasn't the real Nick, and there wasn't a chance of getting him back.

She slowly started to accept this truth, working alongside her friends against John Blackwell. After they [thought they] defeated him, the Circle kind of fell apart. Everyone went off on their separate ways and Melissa stayed behind for a while, getting better at spellcasting and taking care of the abandoned house.

At some point, it had occurred to her that she had no real reason to stay. Her dad had never needed her. She looked too much like her mother for him to be comfortable around her. And everyone else had been gone for months. So she left. She had been dabbling once again in the drugs that nearly killed her once and there wasn't a single soul to stop her or protect her now. She was able to push the envelope just as far as she could without ending up 6 feet under, although she came very close quite a few times. By the time she sobered up enough to know she needed to escape that life, she barely had a chance to. Once she managed it, however, she knew the only way to get her old life back was to get Nick back, no matter what it took. By all logic, John had been the tip of the iceberg when it came to dark magic. Anything should be possible, and Melissa wasn't going to stop searching till she found someone to help her do it.

It took her two months to track down the right resources, another one to figure out how to actually do the spell, and then a couple weeks before she could get the energy to complete it. It took a lot out of the little bit of her that was left, but she had never been happier. Of course, she couldn't exactly update her facebook status, now could she? It didn't help that the circle had been running from their past....when a witch wants to stay hidden, turns out they're really good at it. It took her nearly a month to track them into Europe, but her and Nick had no money to get there. Pushing her way around the US was one thing, but she wasn't about to risk illegally traveling through international waters.

By the time she and Nick arrived in Europe, the rest of their friends had disappeared. The couple settled, however temporarily, on the outskirts of Livorno, just until they could track their circle again. Nick was still getting his strength back for the most part, having the demon in him that long did more damage than actually dying. When Melissa finally figured out they were in southern Louisiana, she had to start playing the guessing game again. She finally managed to find a chat room for New Orleans and within an hour her entire circle was there talking to her. She didn't mention Nick. They never would have believed her. Plus, that probably wasn't the time or place. The boys deserved to see this firsthand. Nick was excited though, reading over her shoulder, laughing at the way almost nothing had changed. She couldn't wait to be back with them. They could take on the world.

Melissa has yet to share the details of her time apart with anyone. It's never been questioned and everyone else is so busy with their own lives. She'd rather not relive it anyway. Nick's dipped back into his old drug habit, still struggling with every effect being repeatedly brought back from the dead has on a person. Melissa started out very against Nicks new heavy usage of drugs and magic to keep himself sane, but she's beginning to come around quietly, not even sure if he's noticed that she's stopped asking him not to. But that's fine with her because she's sneaking his stash. She's sure someone will notice eventually, but that's not a concern at the moment.


Self-harm, sexual assault. With a prior discussion, I'm ok.


Melissa has no real family to be spoken of. She's very estranged from her father and stepmother and I have no interest in developing those relationships further. Her true family is her circle and I would love to have those relationships become stronger with everything that she's struggling with secretly finally coming to light.


Melissa keeps to herself, it's easier to keep secrets that way, but because she has some secrets about her time away from the circle that she doesn't want to get out (these secrets would fall under the TW: ABUSE), I would like it if she could find someone to talk to about that. It would be good for her. I'm also down for someone that's not Nick to feed into her magical drug addiction, however temporarily that may be. If she brings it to her circle members, red flags will be raised, so it would be best if it was someone new.


Melissa is deeply in love with Nick, leaving no room for serious romantic plotting but I'm open to one-sided crushes or even getting her into a difficult situation involving the drugs she's using.


The 4 missing witches for John Blackwells Coven plot are key. They each have their own opportunities considering no one will know their true identity till all 4 have been picked up and site staff gives the ok. Until then, they can insert themselves into the Circle's lives however they please under false pretenses and create their own lives outside of the Circle plot in the city of Seattle. KEVIN BLACKWELL - Kevin is a truly evil witch with no option for a redemption plot. He was raised directly under John Blackwell and groomed as the leader of the group. Kevin will stop at nothing, even the expense of his siblings, to get the job done.

PARKER MELTON - Parker is a creation of her environment. Being raised by her mother who had an affinity for dark magic and the occasional visit from John, it's all she's ever known. Other than Kevin, she's probably the strongest magically. She has never experienced the light magic, so there's no telling how witches with pure intentions would affect Parker.

RONAN DEHAVEN - Ronan in a damaged rage-fueled kid with no option for a redemption plot. He's a very privileged kid that lost everything he had ever known in a matter of minutes. In just a few sentences from John Blackwell, he learns that his parents are not his birth parents and they're dead. His personality is complete anger and darkness. He enjoys manipulation and just watching the world burn.

SETH MORELLO - Seth is a kind kid in a cruel world. It's changed him, but there is hope for more with this character. Seth grew up in the foster system and as a spark of magic showed itself, he used it to survive on the streets of Seattle. He's willing to let John play house, but doesn't really believe in the plan the way his two brothers do.


Melissa is currently open for plots involving: one night stands, friends with benefits, open romantic relationships, exclusive romantic relationships, crushes, affairs (all), stalkers, attackers (all), drugs, alcohol, addictions, comfort/support, drama, horror, immediate family members, distant family members, friends (male and female), family friends, coven mates, bad influences, rivalry, enemies, co-workers, employees and business partners.
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  • timezone PST
  • mature threadsviolence only
  • contact discord kimmi#1987
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