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» Character adoption [MALE | ORIGINAL CHARACTER]
 Posted: Jan 21 2017, 01:12 AM
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Connor Monoghan
preferred play-by is: justin harley

Connor Monoghan is a necromancer from Ireland that relocated to North America in hopes of being able to use his abilities to raise the dead to his own advantage. Obviously, this is a very draining ability - both mentally and physically - but a great many are willing to pay whatever price is named to have a loved one back.

Any money that Connor is able to earn through the use of his ability is used to better the life of his younger sister, Natasha, who resides back in Ireland. With both of their parents no longer in the picture - raising them from the dead is near impossible given their biological connection to them - Connor has taken on the sole responsibility of looking out for Natasha. While she is an adult and is only a few years younger than Connor, their ages don't change the fact that he will always be her big brother.

When 'working' in North America had seen some dwindling sales, Connor had chosen to relocate and had ended up in Livorno, Italy, where deaths (both supernatural and otherwise) were raising significantly after a large influx of supernatural beings had relocated to the same city. Connor found an abundance of business, though had come face-to-face with Eliza Winchester, a supernatural hunter from the United States.

Eliza Winchester is the younger cousin of both Dean and Sam Winchester; she was also trained by their father John Winchester much as the boys had been but had never been overly close-minded when it came to supernatural beings, meaning she had never ruthlessly killed every supernatural being she encountered simply because they were different. Still, when Connor crossed paths with her while he was raising a deceased girl for her family, Eliza investigated a bit into who Connor was and didn't find herself pleased with his business when it meant he could be bringing back evil beings hunters like Eliza had killed so he could get his hands on the cash.

That, of course, wasn't the case. Connor always looked into who he was raising from the dead and only agreed to bring back those that proved valuable to the world rather than sadistic and cruel. He and Eliza didn't necessarily see eye-to-eye on this for quite some time; the two fought (verbally) more than they were able to get along, but that anger and frustration quickly turned to passion and lust.

While they had never slept together (nor ever truly admitted their feelings for each other), it was obvious to just about everyone they knew that the two had fallen for each other. Connor was reluctant to start something as he wanted to make sure his sister was cared for before he began caring for himself. Eliza, too, was reluctant as she had ended a three-year-long relationship when the man - Thomas - proposed to her years ago; she feared she would spook just as easily with Connor.

When Eliza left with her family to relocate back to New Orleans in the United States, Connor took some time to visit with his sister in Ireland. Both he and Eliza have remained in constant contact (texts, phone calls, etc...) but haven't been in physical contact with each other since they both left Italy a couple of years ago.

I would like to see Connor and his younger sister Natasha mutually decide to move back to New Orleans; perhaps Natasha decides it's time Connor takes care of himself and dedicates herself to supporting that. He can find work here in New Orleans and be reunited with Eliza after a couple of years apart; they can immediately resume their friendship and fall back into their steady routine of protecting each other while constantly bickering and picking at each other.

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