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 dunn, claire-julia reyna, 21 | blake lively | swat agent
shantel ast she/her twenty-eight Offline dramatic 10 years
swat agent
seriously dating
PLOT WITH claire-julia
    character basics:
  • full name claire-julia reyna dunn
  • nicknames claire, cj (though she hates cj)
  • species werewolf (cotm)
  • gender female
  • pronouns she/her
  • orientation heterosexual
  • relationship status dating
  • physical age twenty-one
  • actual age eight
  • birth dateaugust 09
  • zodiac sign leo
  • place of birth forks, washington
  • current hometown seattle, washington
  • languages english, italian
  • occupationswat agent

  • their appearance:
  • face claim blake lively
  • height 5'11"
  • weight 115 lbs
  • hair colour blonde
  • hair length long
  • eye colour green
  • glasses/contacts currently none
  • piercings ears (one time)
  • tattoos currently none
  • scars currently none
  • birthmarks small beauty mark beneath her right eye
  • best feature her smile

  • their personality:
  • positive traits » passionate
    » warm-hearted
    » humorous
    » compassionate
    » confident
  • negative traits » inflexible
    » strong-willed
    » assertive
    » bold
    » brutally honest
  • petpeeves » mansplaning
    » pick-up lines
    » parents who publicly spank children
  • hobbies running
    » spending time on the beach » swimming
    » target practice
  • bad habits getting defensive
    » swearing in public
    » over-indulging when drinking
    » being overly flirty
  • likes bright colours
    » fun with friends and family
    » being admired / loved on
    » taking vacations
    » breezy/cool days
  • dislikes » facing difficult realities
    » being disrespected
    » being undermined
    » double standards
    » extremely hot days

  • their health:
  • physical ailments currently none
  • neurological ailments currently none
  • allergies currently none
  • addictions currently none
  • smoking not anymore
  • drinking socially
  • drugs not anymore

  • their faves:
  • tv show safe
  • movie taken
  • book gone girl
  • song sorry - beyoncé
  • artist beyoncé
  • food greek pizza
  • drink frozen strawberry lemonade
  • holiday independence day
  • season spring
  • colour gold
  • animal small dogs
  • location santorini, italy
  • person benedict dunn (her father)

  • their dirt:
  • life goal because claire is so wild at heart, she doesn't necessarily have any long-term goals like others might. she has never been overly traditional, and given the fact that she's a supernaturally immortal being, she knows that her life will change a thousand times over, as will her wants and needs. That said, the only thing that claire truly wants for herself is to spend her life laughing. after all the hardships that she has endured so early in her life, the only thing she wants is to enjoy the time that she has been gifted.
  • biggest wish ever since things with jacy went downhill so quickly, claire has wanted to be able to provide her children with a family, not just a single mother that busts her ass to provide for them. she knows that her children have plenty of family to love them (like claire's own siblings and parents), but at the end of the day, she really longs for her children to have a solid father-figure in their lives. she also longs to be someone's wife, not just someone's forever-girlfriend, though this isn't something that she vocalizes all that often.
  • biggest fear claire's biggest fear is having her deceased mother brought back from the dead to continue terrorizing claire's life. given the lengths that fiona has gone to in an attempt to devastate claire (and even claire's father, ben), the thought alone nauseates her. the thought of fiona targeting claire's siblings, children or significant others is something that keeps her awake late at night. needless to say, this would quite literally be a nightmare come true if her mother were to be resurrected.
  • dirty secret while claire has always lived her life quite freely and has never had any regrets when it comes to her romantic life, she does harbour some quiet guilt about the fact that there was a brief point in time when she was living her life a little too freely. she secretly wishes that she hadn't had so many open relationships at one time, and that she had vlued herself and her body a bit more than to give it to anyone who so much as spared a glance for her.
Claire-Julia Reyna Dunn (though her mother nicknamed her CJ at birth) was born to Benedict and Fiona Dunn, alongside her four siblings. While quintuplets aren't unheard of in werewolves, the birth of Claire and her siblings was quite the event, as few werewolves are able to take their children to term, let alone the entire litter. While all five share the same birthday, there is still an oldest and a youngest, as they were born naturally, not via c-section. Sean is the oldest, with Robert, Zachary, Claire and Brianna following behind by mere minutes.

Ben and Fiona chose to raise the children in the countryside, as they were quite rambunctious growing up. Fiona struggled to grasp motherhood, as she had been turned (by Benedict) into a werewolf shortly before she had conceived the quintuplets. As a mentally ill human, the transformation had begun to take its toll on Fiona's mind and mental state; this put a lot of strain on her marriage to Ben, but Ben powered through the hardships during this time in an effort to give his growing children the childhood that they deserved.

The quintuplets aged quickly, as most supernatural children do, and slowly began developing their own personalities. Sean and Claire being the most wild and rowdy of the bunch with Robert and Zachary being the most timid and reserved. Brianna was somewhere in the middle, clearly struggling with mental illness — just like her mother — from her early teens onward.

Fiona's mental illness really began to show as her control on her young children began to waiver as they grew. With each day of independence that they gained, Fiona grew more bitter and more hostile towards her children. She favoured those that still needed guidance and to be coddled, and instigated tension and feuds with those that didn't. Claire took the brunt of Fiona's irrational moods, as she was the first of the five to begin dating, and was the first of the five to lose her virginity. Ben desperately tried to deflect Fiona's hatred of Claire by picking fights with his wife in a hope that she'd leave his oldest daughter alone, but this only worsened things between Ben and Fiona all the more.

Claire met Jacy Black just before she enrolled in her first year of University, and given just how hostile Fiona was when Claire began this relationship, Claire chose to live on campus to avoid her mother's wrath. Already Fiona had verbally targeted Jacy and his family, picking fights with them at every turn; Claire knew she wouldn't be able to focus on her studies if she were to continue living at home in that situation.

This freedom gave she and Jacy the freedom to be alone, which resulted in a very-shaken Claire learning that she was pregnant. This put quite a bit of strain on her relationship with Jacy, but both decided to keep the triplets, even through both of their families disapproving.

Given just how dangerous Fiona had become (as she had placed an explosive device on Ben's motorcycle during the worst of their disputes and permanently injured his leg), Ben ensured that all of his children had places of their own in New Orleans (where he and his family chose to relocate to) and, in purchasing Claire's home for she, Jacy and their triplets, moved in to assist them with his new grandchildren upon Claire was cut open on Jacy's kitchen floor by Vince — her father's closest friend — when she realized her unborn triplets were suffocating inside of her after her placenta tore, and she birthed a son that she named Aiden, and two daughters that she named Ayla and Aria.

By this point, some of Claire's siblings had begun living their own lives, too. Sean had begun a relationship with a local named Tyson, and Brianna had begun dating a couple of guys here and there, as well. Zach and Robert remained pretty reclusive, and Ben — who had been living only for his children — had even begun seeing other women during his separation from Fiona. This ended up resulting in the birth of the quintuplet's half-sister, Laila. A half-sister that they love and cherish as though she has always fully been theirs.

Laila didn't come into the picture easily; when Fiona had learned that Ben had been trying to move on from his marriage with her, she had hired two men to beat the woman carrying his unborn child in a vain hope that it'd force the woman to miscarry. While it has never factually been proven that Fiona was behind this savage attack, it's something that her family is very confident she was responsible for.

Despite the abuse that Fiona had been unleashing on her children and her estranged husband, Ben decided to try and give it another go, truly believing that he could right Fiona's mind. He felt immensely guilty that he had turned her when she had been so unstable, and truly felt as though he needed to be the one to "fix" her. That said, that put a lot of distance between he and the quintuplets, as only Brianna wanted to associate with him while he was back with Fiona. The others had more of a sense of self-preservation than that, and Ben understood that wholeheartedly.

During this time, Claire took on Ben's weekends with Laila (as he had arranged a joined custody agreement with Laila's mother), as no one felt comfortable with Ben having Laila around Fiona (for obvious reasons). This allowed Ben to be able to spend time with his newest daughter at Claire's house on the weekends while still trying to work out his marriage with Fiona.

Upon seeing just how malicious Fiona continued to be as she had tried a couple of times to have words with a very young Laila, Ben finally called it quits with Fiona and filed for divorce. Fiona left (somewhat) quietly, and relocated back to Ireland where she had originated from.

Things between Claire and Jacy grew toxic; he had taken a job as a psychologist in New York which had resulted in an affair that he had ended up having with a woman living in New York. After the three months he spent there, Jacy came home to tell Claire of the affair, but not wanting to suffer the same fate that her parents' relationship had, Claire tried to give it another shot with the father of her children, even going as far as to accept a proposal from him. The two were only engaged for a little over six months when Claire finally called it quits, no longer able to trust Jacy.

The break up had definitely taken its toll on Claire, especially with three young children she was still responsible for as Jacy permanently relocated to New York. There was a period of time where Claire had entrusted her children with her siblings and a close friend as she went on bender after bender, relying on heavy drug use to fend off the overwhelming emotions she was feeling. It took Ben quite literally locking Claire in a room and forcing her to go into withdrawal to coax her away from self-medicating during the harder times she had been forced to endure and, once clean and able to be trusted, he felt secure in his decision to let her have the triplets back.

The triplets — like Claire and her siblings — aged rapidly; the girls always had a stronger sense of independence whereas Aiden was always a lot more clingy. Given the fact that Claire is the furthest thing from clingy, this has strengthened her relationship with her daughters, as she relates to them a bit more and feels a bit more comfortable around them.

Ben met someone new, a doctor named Trinity Olson that was extremely well known in Italy, where Ben and his family relocated to next. She was an American that had travelled there for work and had taken to caring for Ben and his injured leg that still had never fully healed from Fiona's infliction. The two had slowly started to fall in love, even though both tried to hide it as best as they possibly could. It wasn't until a year and a half into their quiet romance that the two had opted to move in together, accepting Laila into their home full-time as they moved back to the United States together.

Claire finished her associates degree just as Sean and Tyson parted ways; Sean went on to travel the world while Tyson took slight advantage of the fact that Claire was single and was being a bit promiscuous in her single days. Having countless open relationships with various different men, Tyson ended up being a one-night mistake after Claire had had far too much to drink. This is something she feels absolutely guilty and absolutely disgusted with herself over; she has confessed all of this to Sean, only to have it wedge a massive gap between Sean and Tyson, as Sean has been enraged that Tyson took advantage of Claire.

When the day came that led Fiona back to New Orleans, shit hit the fan in the worst of ways. After abducting both Brianna and Trinity, Fiona subjected both her own daughter and her husband's new girlfriend to tortures no one could have ever expected of Fiona. It was Ben and Vince who were able to rescue the two from Fiona's grasp, and it was Ben who put Fiona out of her misery once and for all, ending her life with his own bare hands in an effort to keep her from harming any more of his children.

Trinity took on the role as a surrogate to her and Ben's close friend Sera, not knowing that she was carrying a set of triplets of her own, fathered by Ben. Trinity birthed Sera's son (whom was named Seren) as well as her and Ben's triplets, which Ben named Justice, Paxton and Verity: two boys and a girl.

Claire was offered a full-time position with Vince, Sera, Phin and Levi in a specialized branch of the Seattle Police Department Given her extremely close with Vince — her father's long-time best friend — she couldn't turn the opportunity down. More so since it got her off desk-duty, and she'd be working with the man that helped Claire's father raise her. She also took over her father's pack (as he was trying to spend some of his years getting over the ordeal with Fiona, and was now trying to spend his days loving Trinity — whom his children all call 'mom' — and raise the triplets) and his one of the only female alphas on the planet, to one of the largest werewolf packs in existence.

Brianna, though mentally ill and using any drug she could possibly get her hands on, had two children of her own, too. A set of twins she had named Adrian and Aylee, though no one knew of these twins. Instead, she (and Damien, the father of said twins) left Aylee on Claire's front doorstep (quite literally) in hopes that Claire would give her a better life than they could. No one knew that Brianna had birthed twins, not even Damien, and it was with Adrian that Brianna was able to have some leverage over her family with. Using him as a pawn to extort money from Ben in hopes of using it for drugs. Still, Ben offered her enough money to get her through the year in exchange for the toddler, finally reuniting him with his twin sister.

Originally, Sean and Claire had moved in together in an effort to raise Claire's triplets and Brianna's twins together, but as Claire met two men (a set of best friends named Xavier and Ben that she had fallen in love with), and as Sean fell in love with a local doctor named Eireahann, both felt a new plan needed to form. Especially since Claire's two boyfriends grew and trafficked some of the best marijuana on the globe. The new plan was that Claire's boyfriends (along with Claire's brothers Zach and Robert) would build Sean and Eireahann a beautiful home to raise the twins in, as Sean felt ready to take the next step with his girlfriend. With Damien now clean and in the picture, Sean continues to work out a custody arrangement to allow the twins' biological father into their lives.

With Brianna being held in a supernatural rehabilitation center in Switzerland and with Claire's triplets well into their late teenage years, Claire and the rest of her siblings are able to simply enjoy living their lives again. Claire's family have been open and receptive to Claire's polyamorous relationship and seem to adore Xavier and Ben alike, much as the family accepts Trinity as the mother they never had, and with all kinds of new, tiny lives (like Brianna's twins and Ben and Trinity's triplets), it's impossible not to finally start enjoying life again.




Claire has a massive family, and it always seems to be expanding, though it's usually through natural means (with everyone welcoming children into their lives). Claire does have some single siblings, and there are some younger children in her family that could be adopted once they're old enough, but they will not be welcoming characters that simply want to be "estranged family members" or "family they didn't know they had", as the family is so large to begin with.

Please note: I will only add "family" in this section that take the time to reply to this shipper page to plot with this character, so be sure to do so!

Wanted ad for: Ava Dunn
Wanted ad for: Justice Dunn
Wanted ad for: Paxton Dunn
Wanted ad for: Verity Dunn


Obviously, pets are not adoptable on-site; this is more so a way to track the pets that this character has for future reference, and to show those who might be curious what this character's pets look like! You can view the pet pictures by clicking on the pet's name! I am open to plots involving this character's pets if you come up with any, however!

Ares - mixed breed
Adonis - mixed breed
Athea - multipoo


Claire is good to make friends, though she doesn't have many strong, long-lasting bonds as it is extremely difficult for someone to stick around long enough to earn her trust. Trust isn't something that Claire gives someone after a few months of knowing them; there are some people in her life that she has known for years that she still has yet to fully believe has the right intentions with her. With that said, anyone wanting to truly befriend Claire (be they male or female) would have to be in her life for quite some time.

Please note: I will only add "friends" in this section that take the time to reply to this shipper page to plot with this character, so be sure to do so!


Given the fact that Claire is very much in love with the two men that she is in a polyamorous relationship with, she is not looking for anything beyond what she currently has, as she sees these two relationships lasting her a lifetime. There is room for past lovers of Claire's to be adopted, which could add both fun and tension into her life, especially if past lovers still had residual feelings for her. Again, she will not falter in her relationships, but that added dynamic could definitely be enjoyable!

Please note: I will only add "lovers" in this section that take the time to reply to this shipper page to plot with this character, so be sure to do so!

Wanted ad for: Brayden Stevens
Wanted ad for: Jacy Black


As Claire is one of the only female alphas in existence, and given the fact that she mans the largest werewolf pack known, it shouldn't come as a surprise that she surely has quite a few enemies out there. Hunters that want to rid the world of werewolves altogether, other packs that want to kill off pack alphas in hopes of adding the survivors of the packs to their own. Hell, even men that have issues with females in positions of power; the possibilities there are endless.

Please note: I will only add "enemies" in this section that take the time to reply to this shipper page to plot with this character, so be sure to do so!


First and foremost, I am open to plots not listed here; these are just some ideas I have that I'd like to do eventually! I'm also open to doing threads from this character's past!

Need some ideas to help you plot with my character? I'm open for plots involving:

one night stands, friends with benefits, open romantic relationships, exclusive romantic relationships, one-sided crushes, mutual crushes, affairs, male friends, female friends, immediate family members, distant family members, male family friends, female family friends, coven/pack-mates, bad influences, rivalries, enemies, frenemies, co-workers, employees, business partners, stalkers, physical attacks, sexual attacks, plots involving drugs, plots involving alcohol, plots involving addictions, comfort/support, dramatic plots, fluffy/romantic plots, hot and heavy plots, silly/goofy plots, horror plots and angst plots.

Want to help me with some of my own plot ideas? I'll list them below:

01. I would love to be able to explore Claire's role with the Seattle Police Department all the more; I don't expect any threads involving her and her position with the SPD to be a fun, lighthearted thread, as any thread involving her in this position would have to be tense, somewhat dramatic and intentionally harmful to either she or the person (or persons) she is confronting. Her unit deals with the slightly less explicable crimes that take place in Seattle (most of which tend to be supernatural), so there's little room for these to be light, fun threads.

I will add more plot ideas here as they come to me, so check back! feel free to offer some of your own plotting ideas below! ♥
  • ooc name shantel
  • timezone ast
  • mature threads hell yes
  • contact Shantel#1872
shantel ast she/her twenty-eight Offline dramatic 10 years
swat agent
seriously dating
PLOT WITH claire-julia
like ships in the night
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