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Posted by: ROBERT DUNN Mar 12 2017, 02:47 PM
and i'm feeling down, babe
Vampires were pesky pieces of shit when they wanted to be; Robert would never understand how someone could subject themselves to the monster that lurked just beneath their skin. He, too, knew what it was like to battle a beast; he was a werewolf, after all, was he not? But he didn't let the beast control him. He knew how to differentiate the man from the animal and he chose to live his life with a conscious rather than allow himself to run purely on instinct.

He had saved a life tonight, he should be feeling some shred of lightness or happiness, but the werewolf knew that it wasn't necessarily that easy. He was battling the ins and outs of his own depression - something he thoroughly thanked Fiona for, given the genetics of mental illness - so, at times, the negative emotions by far outweighed the good, even when the good should have been more than enough to win that fight.

Still, it was the anger that vibrated through his body. Anger that such vile creatures continued to exist and make the same fucking choices. Choosing to harm innocent beings for their own selfish gratification and satisfaction. Forcing him to intervene if only to prevent a human from being an unwilling participant in a one-way blood bath; it wasn't his fucking job to patrol the streets, saving potential victims from unwanted supernatural crimes.

Then again, the kid should have never been anywhere near these parts. After the destruction of the Glades - an already shady part of town - why would anyone creep around the back streets in the middle of the night? The kid claimed he was a photographer or some shit like that, but Robert couldn't find himself capable of caring less. He had put himself in danger for the sake of a fucking picture and, in turn, had forced Robert's hand into a battle that he hadn't been so much as anticipating, let alone expecting.

He was stronger and quicker, but the female vampire had been smaller and a touch more agile than he; he had won and had let her escape with her life intact. He could have bitten her as a punishment for so much as daring to attack a human within the city limits, but it was Marcel's job to punish, not Robert's.

His shirt was completely trashed and would be thrown out the moment he got back to his place. The girl had used her fingernails to claw through material and skin, leaving him covered in tears of flesh and rivers of blood and wept down his abdomen beneath the demolished fabric that blew with the cold breeze.

There was a large part of him that wanted to track that girl down and tear her head right off her fucking shoulders, but he didn't want to be the guy that let his anger get the best of him. That had been what had happened with Fiona, after all, had it not? He refused to ever be anything like that woman. Ever.

Posted by: WHITNEY HALE Mar 19 2017, 02:59 AM
My weakness is that

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Tag: Robert Dunn
Although most people considered the glades to be the 'bad' part of town, Whitney found herself fascinated with the improvements that the community had been making after the trauma that it had endured and there were a number of places to check out from the museums and bookstores to bars and cafés. So, as far as the blonde hybrid was concerned; there really wasn't a valid excuse not to explore from time to time.

That was perhaps the most prominent reason that she had been walking down the sidewalk that evening with two plastic bags hanging from her wrist. One of the bags contained a few titles from a local bookstore while the other bag held a styrofoam box with the leftovers from her dinner at a local café.

Her purse hung at her elbow on the opposite arm and her cell phone was in her hand as she prepared to respond to a text using verbal commands. She paused, however, a shiver coursing through her body. Some might have thought it was due to the cool breeze, but the hybrid knew different. Her reaction was due to the scent of blood in the air.

Tucking her phone into her pocket, Whitney's blue eyes looked up ahead of her to see if she could locate the source of the smell. Almost involuntarily, she began to make her way toward it until the culprit's silhouette came into her line of sight. Narrowing her gaze as if to see more clearly, the blonde's expression soon shifted into one of confusion.

"Robert?" She wasn't really sure why, but he'd been the last person that she had expected to see around there, let alone the last person that she had expected to smell so strongly of fresh blood. The sight of him took her by surprise as she neared him. "What the hell happened to you?"

"You know what, it doesn't even matter. We should get you cleaned up, though." The idea that he might not want her help didn't quite cross her mind. Not that she would have allowed him to get away with that right then anyway. He looked awful.


Posted by: ROBERT DUNN Apr 14 2017, 12:47 PM
and i'm feeling down, babe
Robert knew that there was a risk of having someone take notice to the fact that he was covered in blood; walking through any part of the city after a fight - one he hadn't been expecting, at that - ran that risk, but it was one that he had had to take. Shifting just so he could get back to the Bayou meant that Davina would sense something was amiss and the last thing that Robert needed was to be practically crucified in the city square by Marcel and his band of idiots.

Still, he hadn't quite been expecting the first curiosity in regards to his current condition to belong to someone that rang familiar with the male werewolf. He hadn't seen neither Whitney nor Roslyn in quite some time; they hadn't been overly close in Italy, but somewhere between leaving New Orleans (back when they had lived here the first time) and relocating to Europe, there had been a bit of a camaraderie between he and the youngest of the Hale twins.

Most of the camaraderie revolved around Whitney's then-interest in his older brother, Sean. He still never really knew if the two had dated, or had been wanting to date, but the end result had been Sean getting into a relationship with Tyson (who was very much male) which spawned the 'Whitney turns men gay' joke, way back when.

After that, they just drifted their own ways. Robert had never thought anything of it; she was a seemingly cool girl from a seemingly cool family of vampires; he had never been saddened by the loss of communication. They had only ever really talked online a few times, but it had been all in fun. Hell, he hadn't even known that she and her sister had moved back to New Orleans along with the rest of the masses, but it was still nice to see that she was doing somewhat well for herself; at least well enough to still be alive and kicking.

He had smelled the hybrid long before he had seen her; he wouldn't lie: he had wanted to run for it and avoid the situation altogether. That was simply because Robert wasn't the type to flaunt his injuries to those around him in hopes of gaining some sympathy or praise for his unintentional heroism...

But Robert knew that she, like him, was supernatural and if he had been able to pick up her scent, she had most certainly picked up his, likely after the strong scent of blood that she was most sensitive to as a hybrid.

Heaving a heavy sigh, Robert ran a hand through his mussed hair. He knew that there was no chance in hell he'd be able to make a clean escape, and there was less of a chance of convincing her that he was as fit as a fiddle and didn't need any help. This realization set in more so after she began prodding, wanting to know what had happened to him

He had been opening his mouth to reply to her when she cut him off, letting him know that it didn't matter. One of his eyebrows shot up in surprise at her boldness; he hadn't at all expected her to take charge like she was, and he certainly hadn't expected her to want to help him get cleaned up. Perhaps somewhere safe, but he had assumed that would be his own place where he could clean himself up.

"Hey, the last time you tried to get one of the Dunn boys naked, you had him wishing it really was raining men..."

Posted by: WHITNEY HALE May 1 2017, 11:49 PM
My weakness is that

I care too much
It had been quite a long time since the blonde hybrid had seen the dark haired werewolf and while the loss of communication between them hadn't necessarily hindered her life in any way, she would have been lying if she had said that she didn't occasionally miss his snarky sense of humor. He wasn't the only person in her life who knew how to make her laugh without really putting much effort into it but she had found herself harboring a tiny bit of a crush back in the day even in spite of his teasing remarks about turning his brother gay.

Perhaps she had simply enjoyed the attention at the time, even though they had only spoken online a few times and had spent time together in person even less than that. In her younger years, she had craved attention like it was going out of style despite the fact that she received plenty of it from her twin, her best friend, and her family. Looking back now, it seemed silly and she wouldn't have been able to explain it if anyone had ever asked her because she didn't know the answer in the present any more than she had known it in the past.

Whatever the reason, she would have been glad to see him again had it not been under such graphic circumstances. His blood was quite potent and she could smell a lot of it which concerned her. Even if they had only really been sort-of friendly in the past, the fact that he was her best friend's brother was enough to have her wanting to help him get somewhere safe and get cleaned up.

As he spoke up when she neared him and told him as much, the blonde rolled her eyes at him. "You wish I wanted to get you naked." She couldn't help but eye his tattered shirt and his bleeding wounds as she finished snarking in reply to his own comment. "Well, you can either risk turning gay or you can stand here and bleed out. Your choice."

Except, it really wasn't. He could try to tell her that he didn't want help but there was no way on earth that Whitney was going to just walk away and leave him bleeding in the street.


Posted by: ROBERT DUNN May 27 2017, 11:07 PM
and i'm feeling down, babe
There was no denying that Benedict Dunn's sons had just as much an issue with requesting for help as he always had; Ben had been stubborn when it came to himself, his health and his safety and that had passed onto his children tenfold.

Some of the others dealt with it a bit better than Robert did; he was the spitting image of his father and prayed on a daily basis that he wouldn't ever be anything like his mother. It was hard, shaking off some of his father's worse traits; living in such a secluded area and not feeling comfortable enough to socialize with the small circle of people he had grown to trust, for example, was proving to be harder than he had ever anticipated to shrug off.

His siblings visited and he did still talk to the few friends he had made. Well, Alexia mainly... and even that was scarce. It wasn't her fault; he had pulled away from her just as much as anyone else purely out of discomfort and a slight tinge of fear, but wasn't that how it always went? He didn't want to burden anyone and he sure as hell didn't ever want to find himself in another situation where someone he had trusted - like his uncle's friend Justin - was fucking someone Robert had given his heart to. Not that he had ever expected Alexia to do that - not that they had ever really been anything more than a one-night-stand - but she deserved more of him than he had given her. He knew that.

And now here was one of the few people he had ever really cared to speak to blowing back into his life in the smallest of ways. Truth be told, he had no idea where Whitney had sneaked off to; maybe she had been caught back in Italy as a few had chosen to stay back and finish tying up their loose ends. Maybe she had been in New Orleans but - like Robert - had chosen to keep to herself. He supposed it didn't matter; it wasn't like they had ever been more to each other than a few conversations and a hell of a lot of jokes, but it was still nice to see her familiar face, regardless.

"I don't think I'm going to bleed out..." His words were gruff but conclusive: the cuts were deep and would have surely been fatal to a human, but Robert was the furthest thing from; he'd heal... perhaps a bit slower than normal given the physical exertion during the fight with the vampire, but the bleeding would stop before it became a matter of life and death.

That didn't mean infection couldn't set in; his immune system was stronger than a human's but that didn't leave him immune to bacteria. If an infection spread too quickly and too thoroughly, he was just as susceptible to septicemia as anyone.

Regardless, he knew he had to get out of the streets while he was looking like this. The last thing that he needed was someone calling the police or an ambulance and for questions to be raised about what had happened, when it had happened and why he was healing the way he was healing. That was a sure way to end up on the receiving end of Marcel's vast list of punishments...

"Well, given Sean's no longer batting for the same team, we do have a quota in our family to fill..." But everyone knew that Robert was the furthest thing from gay. Unwilling to put himself back out there, absolutely, but definitely not gay.

"Do you have a place around here or is your big plan to get me alone in an alley somewhere so you can work your voodoo?"

Posted by: WHITNEY HALE Jun 17 2017, 11:39 PM
My weakness is that

I care too much
"Fine, maybe I'm exaggerating but you look awful and people are going to ask questions if they see you like this. So, unless you feel like trying to answer them .... " She trailed off as her blue eyes looked him over once more before she began to scan their surroundings. They seemed to be safe for the time being but someone could walk upon them at any moment.

His next words had the blonde quirking an eyebrow in response. "Oookay ..." she responded, "That's more likely to be Claire than you." She wasn't sure what had made her come to that rapid conclusion but it made more sense to her than the idea of Robert ever becoming gay. She shook her head slightly, unable to help but find amusement in his claim in spite of the fact that it wasn't exactly funny under the present circumstances.

As the subject changed, Whitney shot Robert a bit of a look in reply to his question. "My voodoo?" Rolling her eyes once more, the blonde hybrid held out her hand. "Will you just come on? I don't have a place here but my car is close by. We can at least get you out of the public eye and head somewhere else."


Posted by: ROBERT DUNN Sep 20 2017, 06:52 PM
and i'm feeling down, babe
As much as Robert hated to admit it, he knew that Whitney was right. Should someone in law enforcement see him running around with deep gashes about his torso, they'd have more questions and he'd have no answers.

It wasn't like he'd be able to explain that a malicious vampire had tried to kill a kid in the Glades and he had intervened at the cost of his own safety. It also wasn't like he could accept medical help - which they'd surely call - as there were too many factors about being a werewolf that prevented him from seeing a routine doctor in a routine hospital.

As the blonde hybrid jumped to the conclusion that Claire was the most likely to be gay than he, Zach or Brianna, his eyebrows quirked up curiously. It was a safe assumption, he supposed... Claire had been a party-girl not all that long ago, so who was to say that after a few drinks or exposure to the wrong kind of drug she wouldn't be crawling into another girl's bed?

"Actually, Claire's been barking up the ploy-amorous tree lately." That made her sound like she was nothing more than a hussy trying to bed more than one guy at a time. While some had thought that was exactly what she had been doing when it had first come to light, Robert and the rest of his family had always known better. "She met two guys - a set of best friends - that seem to be okay with her dating both of them. Pretty solid guys, I guess; they're great to her and great with the kids."

Basically, he was a step up from the asshole that Jacy had turned out to be to both Claire and his own kids.

Perhaps that was a conversation for another time and another place; there was no use involving himself in conversations that centered around catching up with Whitney when it was growing more and more likely that someone would cross their paths only to question Robert's current state.

His green eyes were on the blonde woman's hand as she extended it towards him; she was rushing him, even if only just ever so slightly, but Robert understood why.

Instead of giving her his hand to hold as she reached out for him, Robert instead took control - as all of Ben's kids did purely out of their common nature - and took her hand into his and began leading her, despite having absolutely no idea where her car was. What he did know was that he would be the one behind the wheel; he wasn't entirely good at being a passenger...

"We can drive back to my place. That way, if this thing decides to follow, I'll at least have back-up while I heal." Not that he'd ever want to drag a family member into a fight he could have avoided - at the cost of an innocent human's life - but he knew it was better to take down a threat together than to face it alone.

Posted by: WHITNEY HALE Nov 2 2017, 04:30 PM
My weakness is that

I care too much

OP: September 21, 2017

While Whitney had to admit that it was a bit odd to be hearing that her best friend was now in a polyamorous relationship, the thing that felt the oddest to her was that she hadn't already known. There was a time when she and Claire had essentially been attached at the hip. Although, it was true that as they had both grown and followed different paths in their lives - sometimes those lines of communication could suffer. Still, she felt a nagging need to bridge that gap as she listened to Robert continue to give her a bit of insight into that situation.

It wasn't something they could afford to dwell on though. She didn't know what or who had attacked him and the longer that they spent standing there, the more chances there were of that thing showing up or actual people spotting them and asking questions that neither of them would be able to answer. So, the blonde held out her hand and expressed that her car was close by. She was rushing him, if only a little bit.

She coudn't say that she wasn't surprised when he took control instead of allowing her to do so, but as he grabbed her hand in his and started leading her away, she made it a point to let her blue eyes glance around them both. "That way." she pointed, wanting to make sure they didn't end up going in the wrong direction and having to turn back around. The more time they wasted, the less time they had to make a clean get-away.


Posted by: ROBERT DUNN Nov 8 2017, 06:45 PM
and i'm feeling down, babe
Anyone who knew Robert Dunn knew that he wasn't the most social creature on the planet. He was so damn much like his father, it was almost eerie; he preferred to be in nothing more than his own company most of the time. There were always moments of loneliness he quenched by visiting with his siblings or his parents, but aside from that, Robert had no real longing for other attachments, such as friends.

Perhaps that was part of the mental illnesses that ran so thick in his family. Robert was well aware that he - like Fiona- suffered from one. Granted, Fiona had suffered from many and Robert was only battling depression, but the point of the fact remained. There was a lingering fear that he would end up like Fiona had. That one day he would wake up with more mental illnesses than he had fingers. That he'd forget right from wrong and forget the love he felt for his family members.

It was easy to say that even in this situation where Robert likely needed a bit of medical attention, if only to prevent infection and extensive scarring, he would rather to have been alone.

He would never be aggressive with anyone that was trying to help him out of a bad situation, but at the same time, he was quicker on his own and it was always better never having someone else to look out for. He didn't want to sound condescending in saying it, but she was a hell of a lot weaker than he was, and a hell of a lot slower when it came to hauling ass out of a bad situation.

But, again, he wasn't about to send her off on her own, even if his mind was screaming at him to jump ship and take care of himself on his own.

Narrowing his eyes ever so gently at the blonde, the wounded werewolf shook his head slightly in reply to her words. "Are you forgetting who the tracker out of the two of us is?" He could smell his way out of any situation; finding his way out of this hell-hole-side-of-town wouldn't be too hard to do. "Besides, what the hell are you even doing out this way? Shouldn't you be at home, tucked in your room and braiding your sister's hair or something?"

Posted by: WHITNEY HALE Nov 28 2017, 11:09 PM
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OP: September 21, 2017

As Robert both narrowed his eyes and shook his head before questioning her, the blue-eyed hybrid raised and eyebrow before both scoffing and rolling her eyes. "No. I just know where I parked my car." she informed him as if she couldn't quite grasp the big deal in her having made sure he knew which direction to head in so that they could actually get to said car without getting turned around.

As he further insulted her by asking what she was even doing out that way and insinuating that she ought to be at home doing childish things with her twin sister, the blonde found herself a bit annoyed as well as frustrated. "First of all, I was having dinner. Second of all, I wanted to visit a particular book store." she explained as she held up her other wrist which held her two plastic bags with her leftover food and her loot from the store. "Not that this is the time to really discuss my hobbies."

She continued to follow him as he lead her away from the alley. "How about you save the attitude until we get somewhere safe or at least until we get to my car?" She was probably being a little bit sensitive to his words but it wasn't as though the two had really kept in touch in quite a while so he didn't really know her well enough to be making snap judgements about what she should or shouldn't be doing with her time and it frustrated her.

"Then you can be as much of a jerk as you'd like."


Posted by: ROBERT DUNN Dec 5 2017, 10:42 PM
and i'm feeling down, babe
It wasn't that Robert didn't know how to act in a social setting, that personality trait rested on his younger brother Zach's shoulders. Robert knew what people wanted to hear and the expectations they often had when face-to-face with him. He just had so little care to give to the thought or the subject. Faking a smile and dabbling in some pointless conversation he couldn't give two shits about wasn't the kind of man he wanted to be. If that made him bitter like the man his father used to be prior to settling down with Trinity, then so be it.

Robert didn't see anything wrong in living one's life that way. His father had been guarded, grouchy, but happy. He had kept his children safe and he had maintained his friendships with those he aligned with; Robert was most content when he was alone. Not because he battled one of the many mental illnesses that trickled through his mother's side of the family, but because he knew he had a lot to experience before he embarked on the adventures Sean had sworn by. Before he gave himself a social presence as Claire had and before he let him make mistakes of his own, like Brianna had chosen to do.

The male rolled his eyes as Whitney stated she was the one that knew where her car was, but Robert knew all too well that a vehicle wasn't always enough to escape some big-bad that wanted you deader than dead. Glass and metal weren't the best of barriers, and there were speed limits while behind the wheel that prevented you from getting away safely and discretely from whatever was chasing you.

He didn't like the thought of someone leading him much of anywhere. He was used to looking out for himself and having someone trying to step up (and in) to do just that was getting under his skin more than he cared to admit.

It was clear that Whitney was getting just as short with Robert as he was getting with her, but she still seemed able to hold her own against his gruff which didn't have him feeling so bad.

"I'm not being a jerk, I'm being realistic. One of us has to be." His hand gestured to hers that continued to carry what was left of her meal from the restaurant she had visited. "Your weapon of choice. Your get-away vehicle being, what, twelve miles away? You really think you're deserving of no attitude as you try to master this flawless escape plan?"

Posted by: WHITNEY HALE Dec 28 2017, 08:22 PM
My weakness is that

I care too much

OP: September 21, 2017

Whitney's jaw clenched as Robert stated that he was being realistic because one of them had to be. However, it was his next words that had her blue eyes becoming more of an icy shade as she glared at him. "You listen up and you listen good." she replied through somewhat gritted teeth as she yanked her hand from his.

"This is obviously my dinner." she told him matter-of-factly in response to his sarcastic remark about her weapon of choice. "And no, my car is not twelve miles away. Who in their right mind parks twelve miles from the place they plan to eat or browse?" She shook her head as if to clear the confusion of that assumption from her mind before she continued.

"As for my "flawless" escape plan, I didn't need one until I stumbled across you. So, no I may not have some flawless plan and yes, I may be a bit naive in thinking that taking my car to head out of here would be the fastest option but I wasn't looking for fast." she explained, her tone both exasperated and heated.

"I was looking for inconspicuous considering you are bleeding and if we run, your scent is going to breeze through the air to whatever being did this to you and any other being that may be attracted to the smell of chaos and blood. Excuse me for thinking it would be best to get you into a vehicle where your scent can be somewhat concealed before we get the hell out of here."

"And let's not forget the fact that I wasn't in danger oh - ten minutes ago." she informed him as she continued to move on ahead of him in the direction of the vehicle she had wanted him to go to as well, though she turned to look back at him because she had more to say. "So, once again, no. I don't have some flawless escape plan. What I did have was a heart when I realized someone I knew was hurt and possibly in trouble. Next time, I'll leave you to whatever beasts decided you looked like dinner if that's what you'd prefer."

Was that true? No. He was her best friend's brother and asshole-or-no, he was her friend too even if they weren't the closest. He was just frustrating her in the moment and she couldn't control the words before they left her lips as a result of her fairly hot temper. "Now," she added once she had taken a calming breath. "You can suck it up and come with me or you can stay here and figure something out for yourself if you think you have a better or more flawless plan. It's up to you, but I'm ready to go." With that said, the blonde turned and took a few more steps forward and away from him.


Posted by: ROBERT DUNN Feb 2 2018, 02:45 PM
and i'm feeling down, babe
'Has she always been this fucking annoying?'

It was safe to say that Robert's thoughts were a bit bitter right now for many, many obvious reasons. He was angry, sore, irritated, and it didn't help that someone had thrust themselves into trying to save the day. It was bad enough he had already tried to help save some photographer-of-a-kid because he had gotten himself too close to a vampire. Now he had to babysit the blonde who thought she was invincible. How cute.

Raising an eyebrow as she tried her best to put him in his place — something Robert already didn't take to kindly to, regardless of who was trying — he just shook his head as she went on to show him her dinner that he had so eloquently (and sarcastically) called her 'weapon of choice'.

"You weren't looking for much of anything, it seems. Have you ever actually been in a situation like this?" That was genuine curiosity, even if it was masked by obvious irritation. "Because this? This is a typical Friday night for a werewolf, and I can assure you that after I put the run to a blood-thirty vampire, I'm not roaming the streets looking for my parked car." He was high-tailing it the fuck out of there in hopes that the vampire in question wasn't looking to track him down by scent.

"It's a hell of a lot easier to throw my scent in a hundred directions if I'm getting the fuck out of dodge, than it is for me to try and avoid danger while stumbling down a fucking street to a car..." He'd have been close to home by now, or did Whitney forget just how fucking fast a werewolf could actually be?

Shaking her words off with a shake of his head, Robert chose to ignore her as she began ranting about her big heart and leaving him for dead the next time around should she ever find him in a situation like this. Instead, opting to change the conversation altogether, if only to keep her off her high horse for a few seconds.

"I'm driving."

Posted by: WHITNEY HALE Feb 9 2018, 06:04 PM
My weakness is that

I care too much
As the werewolf spoke to her again even more condescendingly than he had just moments ago, she couldn't help but roll her eyes. Her jaw was still clenched and she was obviously irritated. Perhaps being in danger wasn't as regular an occurrence for her as it might be for him because of who her family was and how protective and sheltering they could be at times but that didn't mean that she had never found herself in bad situations nor did it mean that she hadn't had her own mishaps with vampires - specifically the Volturi once upon a time outside of a school dance where many including herself had been kidnapped for the sake of torture and experimentation.

Now wasn't the time to get into her past nor was it the time to argue that she wasn't "looking" for her car because she knew exactly where she had left it and if he would just shut his damn mouth for five seconds and follow her instead of being a stubborn asshole, they'd already be in it and driving away by now.

She was literally shaking as he kept on going and finally told him that next time she would just leave him there if that was what he wanted. With that having been said, she was ready to just leave and started walking away from him altogether. If he thought that he could do better on his own than he was welcome to do just that. She had no qualms in just walking away at this point. Well, okay, that wasn't true because if some beast or another caught up with him and decided to tear into him again and she had just left - she'd feel awful. Even if he did make her want to rip her hair out.

None of her internal deliberations slowed her pace though and she simply kept moving away from him and toward where she knew her car to be located. When she did get there, she turned to notice that he was still behind her and claiming that he would be driving. "Whatever. she responded as she clicked the button to unlock the doors before she threw him the keys. Without so much as looking at him again, she opened the passenger door and climbed into her car only really glimpsing him again as she leaned to the side to pull it shut before she focused on fastening her seatbelt.


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