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» Character Adoption [MALE | ORIGINAL CHARACTER]
 Posted: Jul 11 2017, 06:15 PM
LYSSA is Offline

preferred play-by is: CHARLES MESURE

As the war for America's fight for independence raged on, two people were meeting up in secret. Two people from opposing sides of the war. He was a British soldier & spy, and she worked in the mercantile as a seamstress. Their meetings always had to be in the alleyways behind the mercantile store, but Alyssa Steele & Blake Bowers made it happen.

Shortly after America won the Revolutionary War, things took a turn for the couple when Blake returned home one evening a changed man. Alyssa had no idea what was in store for her that night only that she woke up with a sudden lust for blood the next morning, one thing that her husband knew to please her with when he brought the person for her to feed on.

For the next 100 years, the happily married couple traveled around the United States, doing their best to stay strong and devoted to only each other. However, after the adoption of their two oldest children Clementine & Sebastian – whom they call “Bach” – people would question the blonde-haired Alyssa as to why she would adopt these two orphaned & amnesic children.

It was her loyalty & devotion to her children, which would later on become 6 instead of the two they already had, causing her marriage to Blake to start falling apart. He took to straying away from their marriage, taking on a lover, and it devastated Alyssa; nearly destroying her. Yet she stayed strong for her children, especially the newest addition to the family…little Barbara Ann. A baby that Alyssa & Blake found abandoned while they were living in Livorno, Italy, during the strain in their marriage.

Right now, the two of them work in “different” worlds; he stays home with the kids while she teaches music & is the director of the local high school's Glee club. They're very passionate parents and love their children equally, never overlooking one for the other.

However, their marriage is still very much strained and Alyssa hardly talks to him but I'd like for either him or her to work on mending the marriage.

Please PM my KATIE account with questions!
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