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» Character Adoption [MALE | CANON | THE ORIGINALS]
 Posted: Jun 29 2017, 11:12 AM
MS. O'REILLY is Offline

preferred play-by is: CASPER ZAFER

Finn Mikaelson. A complication to Sage, but a man she very much loves and has since he turned her over 900 years ago, and part of a family that's growing larger with each new addition that the siblings add. A family that also doesn't get along with Sage, not that she had any care about it anyway; she's been keeping her own life away from Finn when they weren't planning their wedding. The wedding they've been putting off, but I would love it if I could see them finally tie the knot by her next “birthday”, March 17th. She works as a local art professor and former boxing instructor, giving up the latter in order to focus on selling most of her art in local art galleries while planning her wedding to Finn.

Finn works as an archaeology professor and sometimes goes on different “digs” around the world when he isn't planning his wedding to Sage, therefore straining their relationship from time to time, and she worries that they won't make their engagement official. What I don't want to see is for someone to put seeds of doubt in either of their heads about the other.

Please PM my KATIE account with questions!
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