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 original canon | 30 | thom evans, manipulative ex | extremely vindictive

werewolf | thom evans
This is Wesley Scott. Wesley is a werewolf, who was once a former alpha. Like many Alphas out in the wild , Wesley got his power from killing the alpha before him. Because of this he has always been a bit insecure about his ability to be an alpha. It made him strict and rough with his wolves.

As time went by that insecurity about himself and his power only grew more and more. To the point that Wesley started to beat and torture any wolf that set a foot out of line, even for the smallest reason. He called it tough love to try and justify why he was doing it, but it was clear he was doing it just to be cruel.

This was kept a secret from the outside world though, to anyone else that came along he was just a kind guy who was a good alpha. And he made sure his wolves kept it that way.

One day Wesley ran into the eldest daughter of Talia Hale, Laura. While Wesley had no real feelings for the young alpha, he did want the power that her name could give him. If he found himself in line with a Hale , so many more doors would be open for him.

Wesley wooed Laura, made her fall in love with him using all his charms and manipulations. He was very proud that he was able to keep all of secret past times from her. In truth Wesley didn't think much of Laura, just a young girl who he could manipulate, and eventually bend to his will.

But one day Laura found out about his past time, by walking in on him torturing his beta. Instead of being the young weak girl he thought she always was, she fought back. In order to get away, Wesley through his beta at the girl after landing a life threatening blow, and ran away.

In the wild Wesley was alone, the rest of his pack fleeing when they got the chance. And soon , a pack came along threatening to kill him, instead of being killed for his power, he freely gave his power to the Alpha.

I would like to bring Wesley back, and out for a vengence.

To be clear he would be a bad guy, though he could use his charms to try and show others he's a good guy. The only person who would ever know different would be Laura. This can come to his advantage when trying to make friendly with other packs and people.

But I would like him to want to try and get back at Laura for stopping him and being the cause of his loss of power and status. Which means he can be open to a lot of plots outside of her, with her family .

Along the same lines he would want to get his Alpha status back, which opens up plots for other Alphas on site that he can try to seduce, convince, or get in close with in order to kill them to get their power.

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