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» Character adoption [FEMALE | ORIGINAL CHARACTER]
 Posted: Jan 22 2017, 01:32 AM
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Natasha Monoghan
preferred play-by is: Allison Mack

Natasha Monoghan is the younger biological sister of Connor Monoghan, an Irish necromancer who makes his money by raising the dead for those willing to pay the price that he names. Any money he makes by doing this goes toward his attempts to support his sister after the siblings lost their own parents in a tragic accident. Unable to bring them back to life (given their biological ties to their parents), Connor insists on supporting his sister however he can, despite them being in their adult years.

For a great many years, Natasha chose to live her life in Ireland where she and Connor had both been born and raised while Connor roamed through most of North America, taking jobs wherever and whenever he could until jobs began to dry up which forced Connor to relocate somewhere that offered more promise.

He chose Livorno, Italy, as his next place of residence as there was a massive influx of supernatural beings that year. This meant that a great number of families were looking to bring back deceased supernatural beings (perhaps wolves killed by vampires) or their human loved ones that had been killed by the supernatural.

Connor found a great deal of work there, but had not anticipated being caught by Eliza Winchester, the younger cousin of both Dean and Sam Winchester. While a great many supernatural hunters often have no qualms in killing anything supernatural (regardless of whether or not they're good or evil), the Winchester family prides themselves on only killing those that deserve to be killed.

Eliza made a false assumption that Connor was perhaps hiding a dark inner evil; he had the ability to bring back any evil being she or her cousins rid the world of, after all. For all she knew, he could be taking money from extremely wealthy beings, groups or families to do just that.

It took the two of them a long time (and a lot of verbal fights) to truly see that neither were horrible beings; Eliza didn't kill anything supernatural that moved, and Connor didn't raise evil beings from the grave. While their bickering ways never really ceased, they learned to trust each other. It was obvious to everyone around them that they had fallen in love, but neither had so much as admitted it.

When Eliza moved back to North America - New Orleans, to be more exact - Connor returned to Ireland to spend some more time with his sister. He and Eliza have gone around two years without being in each others physical presence, but both kept in close contact (over the phone and through texts).

I would like for Natasha to see how much Connor is wanting to move back to New Orleans, even though work there had dwindled for him a long time ago. She would see that he wasn't wanting to travel back for the jobs, but rather to see Eliza again; Natasha would choose to support her brother for the first time in her life rather than letting him continue to support her, rendering himself miserable.

In choosing to support his happiness for a change, Natasha will happily relocate to New Orleans for the first time alongside her brother. She and Eliza have never met; I wouldn't want either of them to meet too quickly as I would like to establish Eliza's bond with Connor once again before jumping into anything else and I would like to see Natasha and Connor's bond on-site before she and Eliza ever meet face-to-face.

It is important that Natasha learns to stand on her own two feet; perhaps she enrols in some classes at the local University or she finds a job of her own in an effort to support herself. This is pivotal because Connor needs to learn to take care of himself and his own wants/needs for a change and it'd be hard for him to do so if he were constantly having to worry about his sister.

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