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» Character adoption [MALE | ORIGINAL CHARACTER]
 Posted: Dec 23 2016, 03:07 PM
ANNA-LYNNE is Offline

Ryan DiPersia
preferred play-by is: Alexander DiPersia

Ryan DiPersia was once the best friend of Sylar Ruiz through high school and their college years, though in their second year of college, Sylar dropped out to spend close to a year in Italy and never came home.

In high school, Sylar fell for a girl a year younger than them named Anna-Lynne. Ryan had always known that Sylar could be a little rough with Anna-Lynne - she always had bruises and cuts from Sylar's drunken arguments with her - but Sylar always reassured him that she had deserved them. That he had caught her texting or talking to another guy. Ryan was made to believe that Anna-Lynne was both easy and eager to sleep around despite the fact that she was truly the polar opposite.

Sylar's jealousies and insecurities led him to egging Ryan on, wanting Ryan to hit on Anna-Lynne to see if she would give into her 'whorish reputation'. This went off-track when Anna-Lynne refused Ryan's attempts and Ryan, in a slightly drug-induced haze, forced himself on Anna-Lynne, sexually assaulting her; he ran back to Sylar and claimed Anna-Lynne had accepted his advances which ruined her relationship with Sylar - a blessing in disguise - and her reputation back in New York.

Despite the fact that Sylar never felt a shred of remorse over all he had done to Anna-Lynne, Ryan has felt immense guilt over what he had personally done to Sylar's now-ex-girlfriend. When Sylar left for Italy, Ryan learned it was because Anna-Lynne had relocated there to spend time with her oldest brother, Vince. He caught a flight in hopes of being able to spend some time with Sylar, but he had an ulterior motive: to track Anna-Lynne down and apologize profusely to her for what he had done.

While he had met up with Sylar, he couldn't quite ask him where Anna-Lynne was staying; he knew his friend would assume he was wanting to hook up with Anna-Lynne again and go off into a blind rage. Instead, Ryan spent his two weeks hoping to track Anna-Lynne down, but he wasn't successful. Ryan has lost touch with Sylar; he has no idea that Sylar was murdered by Anna-Lynne's now-husband and her older brother, Vince, back in Italy.

Unlike Sylar, Ryan is both alive and he is able to find redemption for his past, though it won't be an easy road. With Anna-Lynne and her family now living back in New Orleans, it'll be a bit of an explosion to have Ryan anywhere near her. Her brothers (Vince, Bradley and Stiles) have never met Ryan, the man who raped their sister. Stiles doesn't know of Anna-Lynne's past with Sylar or Ryan as he was not in her life up until she relocated back to the United States so neither Sylar nor Ryan would have even known of his existence, as Anna-Lynne hadn't back in those years, either.

There is no promise that her family (brothers, husband, friends, etc...) will not act violently or verbally aggressive towards Ryan, nor is there a promise that Anna-Lynne will ever forgive him. She may start proceedings to charge him with sexual assault, but in the end I don't feel Anna-Lynne would ever truly go through with it if she knew Sylar had forced Ryan's hand and he had been under the influence of whatever drug Sylar had been peddling at the time.

Regardless, Ryan will be able to start a new life in New Orleans, even if it's under the heat and the pressure of living in the same city as the girl he sexually assaulted.

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they are the hunters, we are the foxes, my love
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