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» Character adoption [MALE | CANON | REIGN]
 Posted: Aug 21 2016, 10:31 PM
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Henry d'Angoulême
preferred play-by is: Alan van Sprang

Henry d'Angoulême is the head of the French werewolf pack and is the current King of France. When his brother Francis was eighteen, Henry poisoned his water during a tennis match, killing him in order to gain the throne for himself. This shows the levels that Henry will stoop to in order to get anything and everything that he wants.

Henry is headstrong, stubborn, and does not appreciate people undermining his authority as royalty. He appears to be a bit of a hedonist, having a mistress and a wife. Despite this, he seems to be really caring toward his children, even more toward his first-born and bastard son, Sebastian (to his mistress, Diana). Henry is extremely greedy and power-hungry, always willing to go to extreme lengths to obtain any amount of power he can get his hands on.

Diana de Poitiers was Henry's official mistress. They first met in her teenager years (when she was eighteen years old) and continued to have an affair regardless of the fact that he was married to Catherine. Henry, wanting to ensure Diana remained his mate eternally, offered her the bite which effectively turned her into a werewolf like he and the rest of his family.

Years after Diana gave birth to Henry's first child, an illegitimate son named Sebastian (who now goes by the nickname 'Bash'). Despite the fact that he has recognized children (like Francis) with Catherine, Henry has always taken a stronger liking to his bastard son, Sebastian. No one really knows why, but it is speculated that it's because of his love for Diana whereas he has never truly loved Catherine.

Diana and Henry have been 'together' for twenty-five years; he depends on her much more than his own wife and their relationship is quite public, both to Henry's kingdom and his family with Catherine. He is often seen wearing Diana's family colours (black and white) over Catherine's at any royal gathering, function or event.

Regardless of his willingness to devote himself to Diana, Henry still has a sexual appetite and sometimes strays from Diana which causes a lot of tension in their relationship. Henry is the only one that currently knows he is at fault for the death of his and Catherine's twins, as he lured the nanny away from her post so he could sleep with her.

Seeing Cora - the youngest daughter of one of the world's most reputable werewolf packs - falling in love with Sebastian despite the fact that she was meant to have a future arranged with his son Francis (as Francis was in line for the throne), Henry has legitimized Sebastian to potentially become the next King of France simply to ensure Cora's title as Queen.

There are a lot of potential plots with King Henry given his mistress (Diana) is active on-site as are his sons Francis and Sebastian, future Queen of France (Cora), her werewolf family (the Hale pack) as well as Cora's lady in waiting, Kenna, who Henry has always had a bit of a lustful eye towards.

For a more dramatic twist, Henry could decide to try and wed Cora himself, should he feel envious of his son Sebastian potentially gaining a Queen he actually loves on top of the kingdom Henry has been ruling. This would obviously cause quite a bit of chaos between he and Diana as well as he and his son, Sebastian.

Another potential plot would be for him to try and court / wed Eleanor Henstridge who is the current Princess of England. She is not in line for the throne; her older twin brother Liam is. Henry could try to devise a plan to get Liam to give up (or be denied) the throne which would ensure Eleanor be the next in line. Should he attempt to win her heart, he would be able to conquer England once and for all as King. This wouldn't at all be an east feat given he'd be up against Eleanor's parents - the current King and Queen of England - as well as her current love interest - Jasper - her bodyguard.

Regardless of plots, I would like for him to still be extremely close with Diana - has his mistress - and with Sebastian, his son. He should be supportive of Cora's relationship with Sebastian, given Henry would be content so long as she plans on marrying any of his available sons.

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