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» Character adoption [MALE | CANON | NIKITA]
 Posted: Aug 20 2016, 08:47 PM
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Michael Bishop
preferred play-by is: Shane West

Michael Bishop is a New Division agent - part of the Division group that went rogue alongside Nikita. He was once the head agent with the Division, but he joined Nikita and her rogue status upon learning Percy's secrets. The two continue to try to track down all of Percy's black boxes - highly-advanced data storage devices - before he can, as they contain more information in regards to the Division and their missions than anyone could even begin to imagine.

It didn't take Michael long to act on his feelings for Nikita once they were no longer battling on opposite sides. Almost immediately the two started hooking up before declaring their love for each other to Alex, who - at first - had an issue with the two alleged enemies falling for each other so quickly. Most of her anger stemmed from the fact that Nikita had been hooking up with Michael behind her back rather than simply being honest with her about it.

With Alex no longer able to relay information about the Division from the inside as they learned of her true identity and rogue status, Michael was the one to see Alex out of the country for her own safety. He didn't want to see someone that Nikita cared for so strongly assassinated at the Divisions hands because of Nikita's plan to overturn them altogether.

Alex made her way back to the United States (New Orleans, to be exact) and found herself falling head over heels in love with Oliver Queen. The same Oliver Queen that was meant to become the heir to his father's company (Queen Consolidated) prior to his disappearance after a storm sunk the yacht he and his father shared. Five years later, he returned to U.S. soil after being rescued from his five years stranded on a deserted island only to find himself changed from his playboy ways.

Because of Oliver's high-profile celebrity in the U.S., Nikita - who is now married to Michael - has made it her full-time job to ensure Alex's safety as she quietly married Oliver and had two children with him in such a short period of time. A daughter they named Mavi, and a son they named Maverick; Nikita and Michael are Godparents to both.

Neither Nikita nor Michael want to see Alex discovered to be Alexandra Udinov, as it would bring a great many assassins her way in hopes to silence what had been done to her and it would bring the Division to hers and her family's front door.

Given the Push canons (the Avenger canons) will be facing up against the Division now that the Division is creating super soldiers by experimenting on supernatural beings in hopes of increasing their supernatural abilities, Nikita and Michael will not be joining forces with those teams. Instead, they will continue to try and work the Division from the inside out, perhaps by finding another potential agent to infiltrate the Division much as Alex once had.

My hope for Michael is that he still views Alex as something fragile and delicate that he has trained to be strong and confident. He will still see (and frequently point out) her weaknesses in hopes that she strengthens them so they can never be used against her. This will be more apparent as she comes back from her extended maternity leave after welcoming two children into the world; Michael will be extremely hard on her as far as training her and getting her back into shape is concerned.

I don't want Michael to be overly fond of Oliver; Michael has a hard time trusting people - especially people that come off as though they might be living a double life as Oliver is - so he'll feel something's up with Oliver from the get-go. I would love for Michael to investigate (and even follow) Oliver only to learn that Oliver is the city's vigilante, the Arrow. This will enrage Michael once he learns that Alex has kept this secret from him, and will only fuel his lack of trust for Oliver all the more.

I would also like that turn of events to spark Michael to be harder on Alex, almost as punishment for keeping something from him whereas Nikita will be more understanding. This will benefit Alex in the long run, even if it causes a lot of tension (and snark) between she and Michael for a while.

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