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» Character adoption [FEMALE | CANON | NIKITA]
 Posted: Aug 20 2016, 08:28 PM
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Nikita Mears
preferred play-by is: Maggie Q

Nikita Mears is the first of the Division agents to have gone rogue, no longer wishing to be used by the secretive branch of government that specializes in espionage, assassinations and experiments on both human and supernatural beings. This quickly made her the greatest threat against the Division as they trained her to be their secret weapon, not the weapon used against them.

Knowing the Division inside and out (as well as ninety percent of the agents - not so much the new faces), Nikita typically has the upper hand when it comes to foiling the missions carried out by the Division. More so after she rescued Alexandra Udinov from being raped by her own drug dealers.

Alex - being Russian royalty that was presumed dead at the age of thirteen after her family was assassinated by the Division - had been secretly sold into a sex trafficking ring that had kept her thoroughly addicted to drugs. Alex was able to escape her sex traffickers on her own, but it took Nikita quite some time to get Alex clean and back on her on two feet.

Nikita set everything into motion against the Division when she ensured Alex would worm her way into the secret government organization to help her burn the Division down from the inside, out. It wasn't long into her stay with the Division that Alex was found out and proven to be double crossing the Division. She - along with Nikita - was able to flee the country for a short time to prevent the Division from tracking her down and assassinating her for knowing too much.

Alex made her way back to the United States (New Orleans, to be exact) and found herself falling head over heels in love with Oliver Queen. The same Oliver Queen that was meant to become the heir to his father's company (Queen Consolidated) prior to his disappearance after a storm sunk the yacht he and his father shared. Five years later, he returned to U.S. soil after being rescued from his five years stranded on a deserted island only to find himself changed from his playboy ways.

Because of Oliver's high-profile celebrity in the U.S., Nikita - who is now married to Michael - has made it her full-time job to ensure Alex's safety as she quietly married Oliver and had two children with him in such a short period of time. A daughter they named Mavi, and a son they named Maverick; Nikita and Michael are Godparents to both.

Neither Nikita nor Michael want to see Alex discovered to be Alexandra Udinov, as it would bring a great many assassins her way in hopes to silence what had been done to her and it would bring the Division to hers and her family's front door.

Given the Push canons (the Avenger canons) will be facing up against the Division now that the Division is creating super soldiers by experimenting on supernatural beings in hopes of increasing their supernatural abilities, Nikita and Michael will not be joining forces with those teams. Instead, they will continue to try and work the Division from the inside out, perhaps by finding another potential agent to infiltrate the Division much as Alex once had.

My hope for Nikita is that she and Alex uphold their unique, strong bond. Nikita has always been extremely protective of Alex and her recklessness; this would have only deepened as Alex welcomed two children into the world. I would also like to see her very supportive of Alex's marriage to Oliver, though extremely protective of Alex as far as Oliver is concerned; perhaps frequently reminding him that she could end his life easily if he ever hurt Alex.

I would also like to see whoever adopts Nikita to place a wanted ad up for anyone willing to complete the steps to become a potential Division agent that will work for the Division, but that is willing to be a double agent for Nikita and Michael. We can talk more about this specification once the time comes.

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