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» Character adoption [MALE | CANON | NIKITA]
 Posted: Aug 19 2016, 11:22 PM
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Sean Pierce
preferred play-by is: Dillon Casey

Sean Pierce was an Oversight agent and a Navy Seal assigned by Oversight to keep an eye on Nikita prior to Oversight's demise; Oversight being a group of U.S. government officials who oversaw the Division, a separate group of U.S. government spies.

When members from within the Division went rogue alongside Nikita, Sean found himself willing to dedicate himself to Nikita's cause simply because it meant getting to know Alexandra Udinov, the Russian heiress that Nikita and Michael both seemed to be dedicating their lives to protecting on American soil.

He quickly learned that Alex had survived her family's assassination but had been sold into sex trafficking at the age of thirteen. Even after Nikita saved her years later when her drug dealers attempted to rape her, Alex struggled with addiction to the drugs that her sex traffickers kept her addicted to. While dedicating himself to getting to know Alex for a few months, this put a huge strain on his attempts with her, as Alex was drugged during a mission which caused her to relapse.

During Nikita's multiple attempts to keep Alex clean, she eventually had to send the Russian heiress to a rehabilitation center so she could ensure Alex's sobriety while on a mission. It was in a half-way house that Alex and her roommate's fling Oliver Queen first met, hitting it off instantly.

Seeing Alex beginning to make a life in the United States, especially one with such a high-profile guy like Oliver Queen, Nikita knew that protecting Alex's identity would quickly become a full time job as Oliver was not only the guy who spent five years on a deserted island (which was sparked a media frenzy both when he disappeared and when he was rescued), but is also one of the richest twenty-something year old guy in North America.

A quiet ceremony married Alex and Oliver just in time for her to welcome her first child, Mavi Queen just around a year before her second child - a son named Maverick - joined their small family. It was been increasingly hard for Sean to see Alex moving on and starting a life with someone else, as he always assumed the two would get back together once she was clean. Still, it's that love that continues to drive him to protect her just as thoroughly as Nikita does.

Alex has been on maternity leave for quite some time given she had two children in such a short amount of time. I would like to see Sean adopted so that he could be the one to appeal to Alex to come back full-time, as she has always been one of the best agents that Nikita has had working against the Division who has now begun experimenting on supernatural beings in hopes of creating an army of super-soldiers to take Nikita down once and for all.

I would also like to see Alex and Sean find some closure together, but remain platonic and close. I feel that her husband Oliver wouldn't at all be fond of Sean as Oliver is a protective and territorial being; there could be a lot of tension between the two, even competitiveness. Alex's heart will always remain with Oliver, however.

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