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» Character adoption [MALE | ORIGINAL CHARACTER]
 Posted: Aug 19 2016, 09:41 PM
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Jesse Graham
preferred play-by is: Jesse Lee Soffer

Jesse is a local police officer with the New Orleans Police Department who is struggling to find a promotion into just about any department above his local shifts on patrol. Originally, he was extremely jealous when a new - and extremely secretive - task force was started and he wasn't so much as offered a job while some newbies were, Jesse has set his sights on other promotions and has distanced himself from those within the new task force altogether.

While Jesse has always had a slight crush on Ahnnalee Miller - a local werewolf who has just started out as a police officer - she has made it clear that she is in a relationship. Something that Jesse currently does not believe as he has never seen any males looking for Ahnnalee at work.

Knowing that she has a doppelganger that works for the Police Department, Alessandra Bündchen will take full advantage of this given her current situation. Recently, Alessandra has stepped in as acting CEO of Merlyn Global after Malcolm Merlyn had to abandon his position as founder and CEO of the company after claiming the lives of nearly five hundred beings. This was done when he triggered earthquake-inducing bombs in the Glades (the poverty-stricken side of New Orleans) in hopes of ridding the city of the homeless and the thugs, all of which he viewed to be murderous scum.

I would like for Jesse to be oblivious to the fact that Alessandra and Ahnnalee - while identical - are two different people. One who works with him in a platonic and professional setting, and one who is willing to use her promiscuous side to gain information on the status of the manhunt for Malcolm Merlyn by the State while he continues to remain on the run from authorities.

This will obviously cause a great many problems should Jesse ever become more flirtatious with Ahnnalee at work (or outside of work), especially if he begins telling her how much he enjoys spending time with her, how much their romantic walks in the park mean to him, etc... as it wasn't her with him at all.

Jesse will easily assume that Ahnnalee is just playing hard to get and is trying to keep it professional at work while Ahnnalee believes that Jesse is suffering from a mental illness and is quickly approaching stalker-status. Eventually it will become known that it wasn't Ahnnalee spending time with him outside of work, but rather her doppelganger, Alessandra.

In the end, I would like for Ahnnalee and Jesse to be able to talk things out - perhaps even with her boyfriend, Travis present so that Jesse can see she truly wasn't just blowing him off, should Travis not get involved earlier on - and the two can set his crush aside to form a platonic friendship at work, potentially becoming partners.

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