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Posted by: SHANTEL [QUEEN] Dec 20 2017, 01:43 PM
website plots
Theoretically, every month the admin members will post up a fun, new plot for the members to enjoy so that everyone is interacting and nobody feels excluded. The odd month might not see a plot for a vast number of reasons ranging from personal reasons to the last month's plot still raging on.

Website-wide plots are considered plots that any member is able to join and will only be started in this board by admin members or their character accounts. Typically, you can pick and choose any character (and any number of characters) to join these plots. At times, you may be asked to use a certain character should the plot require it.

Some plots may only require one group thread while other plots may ask that you and your partners create your own threads should you wish to participate. Website-wide plots are not mandatory, but can help you achieve your required posts for our monthly activity checks.

always create plot threads in the 'website-wide plots' board. if a plot thread is sexual, please tag it with an [M] at the beginning of your thread's title. if it contains drugs or violence, tag it as [TW] for 'trigger warning'.

Posted by: SHANTEL [QUEEN] Dec 20 2017, 01:43 PM
s.s.r.'s new year's eve party
To celebrate their ever-expanding team and their move to Seattle, the Strategic Scientific Reserve (S.S.R.) is hosting a New Year's Eve party that is doubling as this year's holiday party.

Employees are encouraged to attend the party and have received clearance to bring a guest of their choosing. As some guests may not be "in the loop" regarding the classified purpose of the S.S.R., many continue to use the cover story that they are civil servants to appease the S.S.R.'s need for secrecy.

Characters do not have to work for the S.S.R. to join this plot. As it is being hosted at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Seattle, catering companies would be resourced, as would waiters, waitresses and bartenders, should you not be able to have your character there as the guest of an employee.

Feel free to create a thread for this plot! We ask that no open threads are created for this plot and, instead, you do a bit of plotting with roleplay partners prior to creating one! Some examples would be drunken brawls, slow dancing with a surprising partner, sneaking away with a loved one, and, of course, midnight kisses after the new year's countdown, be they with a lover or a stranger...
location: grand hyatt hotel
tags: open to every member
thread: members create own
beings: december 31, 2018
ic-ing date: january 07, 2018

Posted by: SHANTEL [QUEEN] Dec 20 2017, 01:44 PM
secret bonfire gone satanic
Every year, a number of local students from both Cleveland High School and Seattle University ring in the new year with a bonfire out in the middle of Dagger Spooks woods. Given most are beneath the age of 21, this allows them access to liquor (as well as snacks, music and dancing) on New Year's Eve.

Satanic worshippers that have known of this local ritual have chosen to use it to their advantage, as each individual digit in the year '2018' ads up to the number 11, a number that satanists mock, as it represents the second coming of Jesus Christ, himself. In the same book, it details the number of the beast as being the infamous '666'.

"The Number of the Beast" is a term in the Book of Revelation, of the New Testament. The second coming of Christ is detailed in the passages 19:11-16, and in 22:11-12. The number 11 in both.

Their group of twenty or so have decided to use the annual bonfire as a sacrifice in Satan's name in an effort to further defile the number eleven that the upcoming year will bring. With various weapons at their disposal ranging from handguns to cult knives and swords, they have demanded everyone throw their phone towards the satanists to collect, They have then taken the time to pat everyone down one by one, clearly stating if anyone called for help or put up a fight, they would be killed.

The plot begins after all cell phones have been confiscated. Some of the satanists have begun drawing a pentagram around the bonfire so big that people could sill stand around the fire while within the satanic symbol. Other satanists watch over the group they plan to make human sacrifices out of, ensuring nobody tries to do anything to prevent them from moving forward with the evening.

With a storm brewing overhead, it's clear that the skies are going to downpour very soon, but with little chance of escape against twenty satanists and countless weapons, nobody is willing to brave those odds to so much as try and run for it.

Any character is able to join this plot, though most characters should be high school or early college ages (16-20). Given the site changed over to Seattle, many could have heard about this event and wanted to experience it for themselves, others could have gotten an invite from a friend or a significant other. Hell, your character could even be a satanist that believes sacrifices are in order, or a satanist that never knew things would go this far.

Feel free to god-mod the satanists in your own thread, so long as it is within reason. You can thread their ambushing the party, the sacrifice of a non-player character (NCP), your character's attempted sacrifice, your character's escape, your character assisting them...

The "end game" is when the storm breaks closer to midnight and a cold downpour of rain makes things difficult as it extinguishes the fire. Flames, fog and heavy rain will make it hard for everyone to see much around them which is when many make a run for it. They will be chased, of course. Many will be shot at, caught, stabbed; the less witnesses getting away, the better.
location: grand hyatt hotel
tags: open to every member
thread: members create own
beings: december 31, 2018
ic-ing date: january 02, 2018

Posted by: SHANTEL [QUEEN] Apr 2 2018, 07:14 PM
mount rainier regatta
With springtime already here, Seattle is hoping to say goodbye to an especially long winter by hosting a series of weekend-long events on Mount Rainier!

For those who don't already know, even throughout Seattle's hottest of summer seasons, Mount Rainier can always be counted upon for its icy and snowy mountain top, making year-long skiing and weekend snow-cations extremely popular among the locals. Prices for cabins and rates for skiing tend to inflate during the off-season, which is why the end-of-season festivities are always taken full advantage of, as it's the last time until this coming winter where reasonable prices will be accommodated.

Despite the name, the only sailing that takes place during the Mount Rainier Regatta is on a set of skis and down the side of the snowy mountain. With skiing and snowboarding contests, snowman building competitions, and even snowball-fight challenges, there are plenty of activities to keep you and your loved ones occupied for the weekend.

If you're not wanting to take part in light, fun plots with your characters, keep in mind that activity on the mountain isn't always pleasant. Characters can just as easily find themselves subjected to frigid temperatures, wild animals, illness and injuries, flash freezes, and even avalanches. So if you're leaning more towards a dramatic plot, there's plenty of potential for that, as well! Be creative and have an awesome time!
location: mount rainier
tags: open to every member
thread: members create own
beings: april 02, 2018
ic-ing date: april 30, 2018

Posted by: SHANTEL [QUEEN] Apr 4 2018, 05:14 PM
queen's casino night
Have your characters been itching for a reason to dress up and spend a night out away from home? The Queen family is having a casino night at the Verdant nightclub (which they own) in Seattle. Proceeds will be donated to the continuing redevelopment of the Glades of Seattle which, like New Orleans, suffered greatly at the hands of Malcolm Merlyn and those involved with the Undertaking of the large cities in the United States.

For those of you who are looking for a nice, fun evening for your characters, this is definitely an amazing opportunity to enjoy a night out on the town. With plenty of casino games to play and an amazing selection of alcoholic beverages to consume, it's bound to be an eventful night.

Should anyone be interested in more dramatic events, there's plenty of opportunities for over indulgence in sinful pleasures like drugs and alcohol. Affairs to be had, people to be confronted... and that hardly excludes the ever-powerful Queen family, of which Moira Queen — someone who assisted with the Undertaking — is a member of. If your character has been looking for someone to blame for what took place in the Glades only a mere few years back, this is one of the only times you'll have such easy access to the Queen family!
location: verdant nightclub
tags: open to every member
thread: members create own
beings: april 04, 2018
ic-ing date: april 30, 2018

Posted by: SHANTEL [QUEEN] Apr 4 2018, 11:06 PM
celebrate love!
In an effort to embrace the good in the world rather than continue to dwell and condone the horrors that have been indicted on North America (and the rest of the world, really), the city of Seattle has taken it upon themselves to host the first ever Celebrate Love evening which will be taking place annually.

The point of the event is for the city to embrace the people that they love, and while the event is aimed at showing your love for everyone, be it a romantic partner, a family member or a friend, most businesses (restaurants, clubs, etc...) have advertised it as a couples' event.

Plenty of local venues have a lot of music acts that have graciously volunteered their time and talents to perform for audiences all over Seattle with proceeds being donated to organizations such as March for our Lives. Groups of friends (both male, female and co-ed) have organized pub-crawls to hit up every bar that will be embracing the city's new event,
location: seattle city
tags: open to every member
thread: members create own
beings: april 05, 2018
ic-ing date: april 30, 2018

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