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 [A] Pryce, Ophelia
Ophelia Aylin Pryce
Merritt Patterson
April 21

Ophelia is the youngest of a set of twins born to their English father, Ted Pryce, and their American mother, Daphne Pryce, the older of the twins being her twin brother, Jasper. Their father Ted, from the time the twins were born up to current day, has been the Royal Head of Security for The Royal Family in England. Fearing for his family's safety now that he had two infant children to worry about on top of The Royal Family, Ted sent his wife and children to live in America, hoping to keep them out of harm's way.

During a visit to England for one of the many events that The Royal Family had a commitment to, shots had been fired at the King of England; stray bullets had been meant for his security team, Ted included, but it was one of those very stray bullets that had instead found Daphne, killing her instantly.

Thankfully, neither Ophelia nor her twin brother Jasper had been at the event, and both twins had begun grieving the loss of their mother very differently. Ophelia had given up most of the things she had once loved, like reading and dancing, whereas Jasper had found himself in a bit of trouble, hanging with the wrong crowds and peddling in petty crimes, though no legal ramifications had ever come of his shenanigans.

Regardless of this, Jasper was and continues to be Ophelia's rock as they both continue to grieve their mother's absence in their lives, even if none of the three of their remaining family members choose to speak her name or of her memories very often.

Ophelia and Jasper were both ordered back to England after their mother's death, though Jasper had found work in America and had opted to stay while Ophelia ventured across the ocean to reside with her father for a few short years. It was there that she had slowly but surely begun getting to know Prince Robert Henstridge, the son of the King and Queen of England, and the older brother of the twins Prince Liam and Princess Eleanor Henstridge. He was quite a bit older than her, but seemed to have more experience and more wisdom than most other people her age, which was something that Ophelia found herself craving.

It hadn't taken long for the two to embark on a passion-fuelled romance that they had had to keep a secret from both his family and hers. His family would never approve of the next King of England dating a commoner, let alone an American, and her father would lose his mind if he learned she was dating a member of the family his wife had died for while he had been trying to protect them.

Ophelia and Robert's first date was on Valentine's day, and from that point onward, the two were inseparable in their spare time. Frequently, she would lie to her father and say she would be spending a week or a weekend with some girlfriends, but it was Robert who occupied her time. Whisking her away to exotic islands, mountain slopes and exposing her to everything she could have only dreamed of experiencing.

It was Robert that had taught her how to (poorly) golf, how to surf, and had even convinced her to act as his date during a royal masquerade ball, where masks had concealed their identities.

It was a year to the day day after their first date that Robert had been declared dead. While with the military, his plane had been remotely hacked and had crashed into the sea, with no remains to have been found. While her father had known that Ophelia had been dating someone, he had no idea that this person was Robert Henstridge, though her brother Jasper had been in the loop and was at her side the moment the news of his death had first broke.

That following month was the first time that Ophelia had left the house after learning of her boyfriend's death. Taking a trip that the two had planned with each other, even if she went on her own. She wore his favourite hat and enjoyed spending some time skiing alone, hoping to still feel his presence with her while she started to try and move on with her life.

When she returned home a few weeks later, Jasper had relocated back to England in hopes of being there for his sister more than he had been able to while living in America. He had begun some training in hopes of getting into the same line of work as his father, training in security, defence and even training his accent so that he might sound the part rather than sound blatantly American.

It was that summer that her brother's first job — given to him by their father — was a placement as Princess Eleanor's royal bodyguard. A massive position he wouldn't have been able to secure so soon in his career without their father's influence. This led Ophelia to getting to spend a bit of time with the princess, the two being the same age, and Ophelia was pleasantly shocked to see just how much she had in common with Robert's younger sister. Needless to say, the two had hit it off almost immediately and Ophelia found herself finding a friend in Eleanor.

She had also had time to get to know Robert's brother, Liam, who was Eleanor's older twin brother. In the beginning, Ophelia thought he was a bit of a pompous ass, but after spending a bit of time with he and his sister, she had seen he wasn't really as awful as she had originally thought.

A year into Jasper's position as Eleanor's bodyguard, Eleanor and Liam relocated to Seattle, as Liam had the desire to study abroad, and Eleanor had the desire to party abroad. It was there that Jasper and Eleanor had embarked on a sexual fling, and it was there that Ophelia and Liam had thought there might be feelings for each other lingering there, but Ophelia, sick with guilt over trying to move on with Robert's younger brother, abandoned ship.

Instead of looking to replace the love she had once had with Robert, Ophelia is looking to replace that void with happiness and love for herself while honouring Robert's memory and supporting Robert's sister's relationship with Ophelia's own brother. In doing so, she hopes to be able to find some sort of peace or another there in Seattle.


There weren't too many people that knew about Ophelia's relationship just yet. Sure, some tabloids in Monaco had had a field day when she had joined Liam and his twin sister Eleanor on a mini-vacation, but as for England? England wasn't too in the loop just yet unless you counted Liam's mother. You know. The Queen.

A Queen that Ophelia was well beyond happy to continue avoiding at any and all cost; she already knew that Liam's mother loathed her simply for being the daughter of the help. Well, the daughter of the head of royal security but that was still classified as 'help' to the royals... The fact that the daughter of the help was now dating the future King of England sure as hell didn't help things and from what Ophelia had heard through hushed whispers? She was already in for one hell of a fight.

So why drag an entire country into the feud that was sure to come? There would be time to make things truly official - if things lasted that long, of course - but for the time being, Ophelia was quite content dating Liam on her own terms.

They were taking things slow and, for the most part, ensuring that things remained private. Ophelia wasn't raise din the public eye and Liam seemed to respect that. He wasn't eager to force her onto the front pages of newspapers and internet blogs; he wanted her to be happy, healthy and comfortable. That was something that Ophelia appreciated more than she admitted to him.

The blonde had been getting ready to call it a night when she had heard the sound of what she could only assume to be someone attempting to play the guitar outside of her apartment. People weren't usually that loud or careless, especially during the quieter hours of the evening so it was needless to say that Ophelia's curiosity had been piqued.

It hadn't taken her long at all to abandon whatever had been holding her attention as she padded her way across her apartment and to her front door. The sight of her boyfriend - better known to everyone else as the Prince of England - earning a raised eyebrow as the blonde folded her arms over her chest and leaned against the door frame. "New hobby?"

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