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» The early (book) worm gets the apple
 Posted: Feb 20 2017, 08:28 AM
DANNI is Offline

All of this sudden decrease in temperature made Danielle want to curl up with a steamy romance novel – it could definitely include suspense if the plot was good – and fail to notice anyone around her as she lost herself among the pages of the book. The book itself was well worn, having been owned by Danielle since she was fifteen years old. It was a book she carried with her often but the quick and quite loud thud of a book getting dropped onto a table nearby startles the former detective & school teacher but she goes right back to reading her book. Easing down into the seat which she occupied, Danielle curls her knees tighter up against the back cushion of the chair; knowing that this position was uncomfortable for other people but she'd taken gymnastics when she was younger and it was her favorite reading position.

Some would say that she was hiding away here at the library to avoid Ethan, but really, Danielle was here for the reason to enjoy the library as it was meant to be enjoyed: reading a book and curled up in a chair. Danielle may not have spoken to any of the unit in a while, but she wasn't about to interrupt David & Alyssa's wedding plans or Ethan raising Ty. Glancing up at the soft but sharp voice, Danielle realized that she'd been doing something to annoy either the librarian or someone else who had come to the library for some peace & quiet.

tag: Open | notes: Enjoying a novel!

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