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Posted by: ANASTASIA STEELE Aug 10 2017, 09:45 PM

That was the one word that Ana would use to describe herself tonight. Stupid. Not for going out with Kate to celebrate their end of finals, and certainly not for having a good time with the friends she hardly got to see, as all of her time had been spent either in class or studying at home before her finals took place. It was the conversation she had initiated with a very sober (and very upset) Christian Grey that was coming to bite her in the ass, or so it seemed.

Really, what was it to him if she was out enjoying herself for the first time in, well, ever? Kate got herself drunk every other weekend and nobody made much of a fuss about it at all. She was safe; she didn't go home with strangers and Ana made sure the blonde drank lots of water and popped a couple of Advil before bed. Where was the crime in having a few drinks and following the same treatment plan once she got home?

Furthermore, who the hell did he think he was telling her he'd see her soon when she had refused a safe drive home with him?! The night had barely started; sure, they had done some pre-drinks back home prior to coming to the bar and sure, they had done some shots since arriving, but it wasn't even midnight! And he sure as hell didn't own her! He wasn't even her friend, let alone anything else!

There was part of Ana that realized Christian was probably bluffing; he was barely a part of her world in the sense that they had only spoken for about a week or so online and had met for coffee once. She meant absolutely nothing to him, or at least she shouldn't. Whatever fascination he had with her was now stemming from the fact that he knew she was a virgin, information she was deeply regretting informing him of.

With a soft hiccup, Ana struggled to wait in line for the bathroom. A line that seemed to drag on a little too long for her taste. Rather than conquer it as she had intended on doing, Ana figured it might be easier to just run across the street to one of the many coffee shops and restaurants and use a less-crowded bathroom there.

The cold air felt nice on her face, even as she stumbled out of the front door a little quicker than she had intended, catching herself on the garbage can just outside with a soft 'oof'. It took her only a few mere moments to right herself and take a few steps forward, only to stop herself in her tracks. "My coat..."

Really, it was pointless given she was already outside and would only be outside for a short period of time, but the thought still had the brunette turning around to go back inside to collect both it and her purse. Only this time, Ana was met by a swarm of people exiting the bar which had her stumbling backwards to avoid being trampled; the brunette finding refuge against the cold, wet, brick wall of the bar's exterior. A fit of alcohol-induced giggles erupting from her lips as she leaned back against the brick wall in hopes of using it for balance while she collected herself.

Posted by: CHRISTIAN GREY Aug 11 2017, 11:20 PM
I've been wasting all this time
Trying to keep you off my mind
Christian was having a very hard time keeping his cool when it came to Anastasia. First when it came to how she always ended up on his mind, to how she was the one woman who allured him at all, and even to the fact how he was now spitting mad at her and driving his car in and out of the traffic to the small time bar she went to with her friend that night.

His brother was making small talk in the passenger seat, though Christian wasn’t listening at all. Most of Elliot’s words were going in one ear and out the other as images of what he would do to Miss Steele if she were his own floated through his head.

How could she not see how much danger she was in? She didn’t know what it was like, she was far too innocent to understand what went on in people’s heads in a place like that. He knew for a fact that she was. Because he had tried to learn everything he could about her from the very beginning.

Grey knew right away when she contacted him that she was drunk. After all he had plenty experience around those who did get drunk to know the signs even from a far. He had tried to be understanding with her, offer her a ride very calmly, to make sure that she was home safe. And then she had refused him, insisting that she would be fine to get home on her own.

That didn’t sit right with him. If there was something that Christian took seriously beyond almost everything it was alcohol and drug use. He didn’t like the use of either to excess, and he especially was serious about the safety of those who did drink at all.

So when Ana had said no to him and left him dangling there, he took it upon himself to find out exactly where she was. It was difficult for him, even if he wasn’t skilled himself at the system, he paid Barney enough to make sure that he could get all the information he wanted without worry of a leak to the media.

He didn’t expect her to be happy with him when he got there, but that was alright. he wasn’t happy with her either at the moment. And if he was honest, he was confused on why he cared. If it had been anyone else he wouldn’t of worried and just moved along. But for some reason , he couldn’t do that with Anastasia. No matter how hard he tried to tell himself she wasn’t for him to even think about….he couldn’t help himself.

Now he was pulling into the bar, furious and glaring, ignoring the guy who was out front and pushing forward into the place. It wasn’t like he needed ID, most in New Orleans instantly knew his face thanks to papers and internet. Elliot hurried to keep up with him, but Christian didn’t even pause or wait, he was on a war path to where Ana might be.

But instead of Ana he found her roommate Kate, with Ana no where in sight. Pushing past the bodies in the building he forced himself into the crowd till he was in front of Kate while she starred at him in shock. He didn’t have time to bother with that little bit, and instead yelled over the music to ask where Ana was. After learning where she went, Christian turned without a word, not even noticing how Elliot stayed behind with Kate.

He found her leaning against the dirty brick wall of the bar , looking sick to her stomach in the dim streetlights. The rush of people pushing and murmuring loudly over one another. And yet all his attention was on her, his feet moving him to her without realization till he was next to her.

With gentle ease he put a hand on the small of her back and the other on the side of her arm, pushing her long hair back out of the way, standing at her back to protect her from the crowd of people there. ”Easy now, Anastasia. Deep easy breaths” No matter how angry he was in that moment it seemed easy for him to put that to the side to care for her.

Posted by: ANASTASIA STEELE Jan 8 2018, 11:43 PM
There was no denying just how many regrets Ana was finding herself plagued with. She had never intended to drink as much as she had... and given just how inexperienced she was when it came to alcohol, she was still mildly surprised to learn just how easy it was to succumb to intoxication. She was a thin girl with a low tolerance, but for some odd reason or another, Ana had thought it would take more than a few drinks to have her feeling as though the world was spinning.

It was enough to have her doubling over as her body tried to throw up every drop of liquor she had consumed that night. If she didn't bring most of it back up, alcohol poisoning could be a very real possibility, but that possibility wasn't' so much a thought in the brunette's buzzing mind. Instead, her thoughts were being pulled to the warm, large hand that was placing itself on her lower back as another hand - one far more masculine than Kate's - was trying to brush her hair out of her face.

A soft groan escaped Ana's lips as she shook her head gently and wiped her bottom lip on the back of her hand. "José..." Someone Ana wasn't wasting to see, though she had no way of knowing that the man standing next to her wasn't at all her close friend. The same close friend that had already tried to kiss a very-drunk Ana earlier that evening. "I told you, I don't have feelings for you and I really just want to be friends..."

Righting herself now that the nausea had passed and in an effort to make eye contact with the man standing next to her, Ana was wide-eyed as Christian's far too familiar face came into view.

"Jesus Christ..."

How the hell had he known what bar she was drinking at that evening? Did he have an army of super-spies that cold tap into satellites and track down anyone that tickled Christian's fancy? He didn't seem like the type that was tech-savvy enough to be able to trace her down with any GPS-tracking device of his own, though at the same time, she wasn't willing to put it past him...

It was quite intimidating to be standing there in front of Christian, especially after the drunken phone call that had taken place between the two not that long ago. Ana had a hell of a lot of drunken confidence then, but that all seemed to have dissipated since she had hung up the phone.

Posted by: CHRISTIAN GREY Jan 16 2018, 04:59 PM
I've been wasting all this time
Trying to keep you off my mind
He was trying to keep his temper on track, as he knew in this situation it would do nothing. But that was easier said then done when all he could see was the people around that could take advantage of Ana in her current state. It wasn’t safe for her to be out here, drunk and alone where anyone could come and force themselves on her.

Christian was not a stranger to alcohol, he knew every side of it very well. He knew how it could make you feel fearless and unstoppable, or how it could numb the pain you felt so deep in yourself so you could spend a moment not feeling it anymore. And he knew the rage it could bring out in people. He had learned the latter at a very young age.

He no longer indulged in alcohol as he once did in his young teenage years. His nights of getting drunk ended at fifteen. He didn’t like overindulgences when it came to the people in his life, because it put their safety on the line when it did happen. Just as it did now with Ana.

For a brief moment he thought that maybe he was overexaggerating about her safety tonight. Maybe his anger was for no reason. She seemed to be unharmed, though sick from how much she had to drink. Maybe Kate was a better friend then he thought, though he was still angry she did not see a problem in letting her friend go out here alone while sick.

Then he heard the words that Ana said, clearly not knowing who he was while she did. The anger he felt instantly tripled hearing her tell that boy she called a friend she didn’t want him. He knew what it meant… he knew it meant that he had already tried to take advantage of the situation for his own want of her.

There would be action taken on that at a later time. He would swear on it. The possessive, protectiveness that Christian felt for this woman was a new one for him, but one that wouldn’t go down easily. He wasn’t going to be leaving there tonight without her, and it was going to happen soon

”I’m afraid that I am not …him Christian couldn’t even get the guy’s name out with how pissed off he was in the moment. The urge to go into the club and find him to teach him the lesson was strong. Only the thought of leaving Ana out there alone without help was what stopped him. He would never do that to her.

”I’m also afraid I’m not Jesus either, I’m much to angry to even come close to his temperament. “ Even with his anger his hands on Ana were gentle, ready to hold her up with the alcohol became too much. ”And we can discuss everything that has happened tonight, and I do mean everything, after we get you out of here and into bed, Anastasia. “

Posted by: ANASTASIA STEELE Jun 7 2018, 05:52 PM
Ana had never really had much of anyone that seemed to worry about such seemingly inconsequential things as Christian often did. That wasn't to say that she was oblivious to the dangers that came with drinking, because she wasn't. She just trusted herself and Kate enough to know that neither would let anything bad happen to the other, so long as they were around to prevent the bad from occurring.

"Angry?" What did he have to be angry about? Sure, she and Christian had talked a bit via text within the last hour, but she hadn't said anything to make him angry. She might have intentionally gone silent to avoid his fairly stern lecture about the dangers of over-consumption as far as alcohol was concerned, but really... Everyone drank! That was what being a student was all about once exams were over!

She wasn't entirely sure what his problem was, mainly because he never seemed to be willing to talk about himself, but already Ana noticed just how flippant she was feeling towards the situation at hand.

Scrunching her face up in confusion as she tried her hardest to understand why any of this even mattered to the man that she hardly knew, Ana found herself speaking before her thoughts were able to catch up to her words.

"I'm fine you know, Mr. Fancy Pants, who drives a fancy car and has a fancy driver..." Her index finger motioned to his attire, already knowing that what he was currently wearing likely cost what her rent cost her for a year. "I'll have you know, I'm here with Kate..."

Kate, who was nowhere to be found but that was beside the point. She was inside enjoying herself which was exactly where Ana was supposed to be. Okay, so the nausea from over-drinking had been the culprit, not Christian, but he was the one holding her up now and preventing her from re-joining the fun inside, wasn't he?

"And why would I discuss any of this with you? So you can lecture me about the dangers of alcohol and ban me from ever having fun ever ever again? Is that one of your little rules?" Although bed sounded amazing right about now, Ana was far too stubborn to admit defeat, even in an intoxicated state.

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