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» Tatia Petrova's Shipper Page
 Posted: Oct 7 2017, 03:43 PM
TATIA is Offline

Tatia Petrova
22 Witch Unemployed
Friends: Tatia has proved to be care-free and caring when she surrounds herself with friends. She particularly enjoys making new friends, but usually cowers when there are large crowds. Furthermore, she tries to avoid a certain family of Original Vampires as much as possible.

Lovers:: Tatia refused to lay her ashes aside her Viking husband's. It would be reasonable if she's still out there looking for true love till this day because optimistic Tatia will always believe in a one true love.

Enemies: Tatia is a nice girl, and tries her best to make enemies, but the things she has seen will not scar her. Although she misses Niklaus and Elijah, she vowed to make all vampires her enemy, for what they have done to thousands of innocent people.

name & tatia

any kind of plot idea will be greatly appreciated, feel free to leave your healthy imagination down below


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