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» If you need someone, @[eireahann hadley]
 Posted: Nov 7 2017, 03:03 PM
BRAD is Offline

Brad had been pretty quiet recently. Keeping his head down seemed to work for him considering every time he spoke up it ended in a fight with someone he cared about. He wasn't stupid. He knew he wasn't blameless in the situation he was in. In fact, he was 100% to blame for getting himself here. But he couldn't help but think he wasn't alone in keeping himself here.

He had been trying really hard, but other than a slowly improving relationship with his daughter (which was, honestly, the most important), he didn't see any other differences being made. Everyone else still hated him. His siblings wouldn't give him the time of day. Eireahann had already moved in with someone else and had always found a way out of plans to see him face to face. It wasn't easy fighting this battle when it felt like there wasn't a lot to fight for.

Maizy had been the only reason he was still around. He had planned on bailing after Norah had found him but after talking to his daughter who was more mature than he would probably ever be, he decided to stay. If she wanted him here that was all that mattered. But now that he had leveled out for the most part, he wanted. more.

He had a job and was sober and was proud of that, and now that he had worked so hard to get to where he was, he felt like he deserved more. The thing was, he didn't really know how to get it. His siblings felt like a lost cause. He had wanted to get them together, he had wanted his family back, hopefully in time for the holidays, but everything was so tense and he didn't know what he was supposed to do.

He used to be able to talk to Eireahann about this sort of thing, but their relationship had its own issues now. He didn't know where he stood with her, but he knew where he wanted to be. Bradley was convinced that they still had potential for a future. They belonged together even if Eireahann wanted to ignore that for now. Obviously, she did. She had moved in with Sean. A guy with enough of his own family drama and now there were children involved that adored Eireahann. Brad knew that no matter what happened between them, Sean and the kids would never not be a part of her life. He would have to accept that.

It didn't matter. He wasn't done fighting and he loved her so he wouldn't set limitations on her. He would never dream of it. She wasn't the type to play by them if he tried. But that was really besides the point. They weren't there yet. He just wanted her to hear him out. He wanted advice. He wanted to feel like he belonged in a conversation with another adult again. So far, he had built a casual relationship with Damien, his new client, but they had kept each other at arms length because they had agreed it wasn't worth others questioning their own reputation.

Bradey understood Damien fighting for his kids, and he didn't want to be used as a pawn to discredit him, because Damien seemed to be a great guy. Bradley also had received backlash from working with an ex drug dealer but he had expected that when he gained his first client from a connection formed at a NA meeting. But he hadn't done anything wrong so he wasn't too worried about it.

He had finally decided enough was enough, though. He wanted to talk to Eireahann. Not fight, not argue, not debate over whether or not his decisions were justified. That was all over and done with and he couldn't change it now. But he needed to move forward, for his own sake as well as their relationships. It was necessary and he was tired of everything that happened when they talked online. It needed to be face to face and he felt like she knew that, too.

That was the decision that had gotten him here, standing at her office door with baked goods as a peace offering. He knocked lightly and peeked his head in. "Hey stranger....I come bearing gifts." He let the mini cupcakes lead him in with the hope that he wouldn't get his head ripped off for showing up like this.



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 Posted: Nov 17 2017, 10:36 PM
EIREAHANN is Offline

i really wasn't that crazy
It was hardly a secret that Eireahann and Bradley had a bit of a one-sided relationship in the past, when it had all boiled down to the bare basics. Things between them had started out with questionable intentions, as Bradley had just ended an engagement between he and his ex, Tala, and Eireahann was mid-life-evaluation. Neither were really in a place where they should have been jumping into something as new and delicate as an exclusive relationship with someone new, but that's exactly what had happened.

He had wanted to take things slow and Eireahann had never faulted him for that, but when he had only kissed her once or twice and the two had only slept together once in the span of a little over a year, things had become a touch strained. To make matters worse, instead of meeting Eireahann in the United States when they had decided to vacate Italy, Bradley had moved in with his 'close female friend' Violetta before fucking off to God-only-knew-where without so much as a goodbye.

It had been hard to accept that the relationship had been over, but after two years and some odd months of waiting around for a call or a letter that never came, Eireahann had counted her loses and dyed her hair back to its natural colour. A woman dramatically changing her hair signified the true end of a relationship after all, and yet when Bradley finally found his way back to town, Eireahann had been one of the only people willing to hear him out and to allow him try to earn the forgiveness he claimed to have wanted.

The two would have surely gotten back together had Bradley not fucked off yet again, prompting Eireahann to change her Facebook's relationship status from 'it's complicated' to 'single'. From that point onward, it hadn't seemed to matter how many times he had wanted to apologize, or how many months he had been clean and glued to his hometown, the blonde just didn't feel up to investing herself into another three years of waking up alone and resentful.

In truth, Eireahann knew she just needed some time to finally lay those years of shit to rest. She was truly, truly happy for Bradley when he had taken the time to tell her he was clean and had found a job doing something he seemed to enjoy. She was even more happy to hear that he seemed to be making progress with his daughter and was starting to try making stronger amends with his family, after Eireahann's insisting.

She, too, was trying to find happiness in the things around her. The hospital was finally making accommodations to incorporate Eireahann's specialties and she was finally finding herself in the first romance she had allowed herself to dedicate herself to since she had been with Bradley those few years ago.

Eireahann hadn't planned on meeting someone, nor had she planned on a few friend by the name of Ayla being so damn insistent on setting Eireahann up with Ayla's uncle. Eireahann had laughed it off one time too many and Ayla had grown impatient enough to push the two together. Never in a million years would Eireahann had ever thought that some six-foot-something, god-like creature with a killer smile and a wicked sense of humour would even think about going for someone as awkward and somewhat tactless girl like her.

And yet they both seemed to just... get each other. Both worked in the same hospital building so both understood the demand that came with their jobs.The early mornings, the late nights, the double shifts... Even after they had moved in together - something a few thought happened too quickly - they expertly navigated meals, play-dates, bedtimes and ensured they always pencilled in time to spend together once the chaos of their days settled in for the night.

That, of course, complicated anything having to do with Bradley. He would always have his opinions on her seeing someone else and, in some respects, rightfully so. He was as entitled to an opinion on her life as she was entitled to opinions on his, but with growing tension between he and Sean, and with Eireahann still trying to put space between hers and Bradley's past, it was best to keep things civil and distant.

Her office was new and nowhere near unpacked as she sat at her desk glancing over a couple of charts she had had the health information department pull up for her when she heard a knock on her office door. Blue eyes glancing up only to narrow ever so slightly in disbelief at who was standing there.

Eireahann was no stranger to shutting Bradley down when he tried contacting her or setting up a time and place for them to "meet to talk things out", even going as far as to playfully admit to a dairy allergy that she most certainly did not have, if only to avoid him showing up with baked goods.

Much as he was doing now.

"It's like you have a death wish..." It wasn't like she hadn't reminded him that she was able to make a homicide look like an accident, and it wasn't like she didn't have access to the tools needed to do just that there at the hospital...

you're miles away but i still feel you
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