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» This blood runs bad, @elijah mikaelson
 Posted: Jan 30 2018, 04:09 PM
REBEKAH is Offline

Rebekah's blood boiled as she watched her brother walk out the door. It was all she could do not to kill him right then and there, but Rebekah was smart and she had to contain herself for the time being. There would be plenty of opportunities to deal with Niklaus later.

Right now, Elijah was the most important. Her suspicions started when the sibling she was closest with disappeared for "traveling" without a word. It grew when he never checked in. Everything was confirmed last night when Rebekah had overheard Niklaus discussing the coffins they kept in the attic with one of his minions.

All of the pieces fell together in that moment. Of course, he had done something to Elijah. Rebekah had felt so stupid for falling for it as long as she had and she hated that Elijah had suffered for it. Overnight, Rebekah had developed a plan. It wasn't a very good one and left a lot of unknowns, but she didn't care. She wanted her brother back.

After finding a stranger and compelling them to do as she pleased, it was fairly easy. Wait for Klaus to leave the home, wait for everything to be quiet, and then get the damn stake out of Elijah's heart. Rebekah hadn't yet decided if it would soon end up in Klaus. It was definitely marked TBD on her to do list.

She had compelled the human to wait in the woods near their house if Klaus had heard a heartbeat in the attic everything would have been ruined. She retrieved the breathing blood bag and walked her upstairs, her confidence growing with every step. "Wait here." She told the girl as they walked into the dusty and dark room. "Don't move. Don't make a sound." She ordered.

She opened the coffin closest to her. Empty. This was the first moment Rebekah was nervous. This could be a trap. She shook the feeling off and continued to the second coffin. She cringed slightly as she opened it. She hated seeing any of her family in this state and knowing he had been here this whole time made it that much worse.

"Oh, brother..." She sighed before removing the stake as gently as possible. "Come." She beckoned the girl that honestly looked utterly terrified. She wasn't wrong, after all. Rebekah couldn't have cared less about draining her if it meant getting her brother back, even if that wasn't the plan.

She grabbed the girls wrist and bit into it, enjoying the little bit that fell into her mouth before pushing the girl's wrist down to Elijah's lifeless body. "Come on, brother. I need you." She held his hand and waited for the fresh blood to take effect.

 Posted: Feb 7 2018, 01:50 PM
Elijah is Offline

where'd you wanna go?
Darkness. It was hard for Elijah to estimate just how long he had been under the darkness, trapped in his own mind and thoughts and body by his own brother's hand. Was he fully aware in his current state? It was unknown; time seemed to slip past him even when he was lucid and coherent, so being staked, in a coffin...What was one blip in his lifetime of immortality?

It was a blink of the eye, maybe. Or a heartbeat. The flap of a butterfly's wing. For one who lived forever, who had but one weakness, it was nothing in the grand scheme of things. But for Elijah Mikaelson, who considers himself patriarch of his troubled siblings, who was often the voice of reason and only advocate for control...It was everything. It meant that the potential for his siblings (one or two in particular) to go feral was higher than normal. That they were left unattended.

And he was no keeper, no jailer, not by any means. But if he let Niklaus run free, it could be devastating for the community at large. If Niklaus' thirst and desire to feel was not satiated, he would burn the world to the ground. Was Elijah the only one who could prevent that? Maybe, maybe not, but he felt responsible enough to try. And that is likely why his little brother decided to stake him through the chest and hide him away in a coffin.

It was hard to describe what it felt like to be under. Coherent? No. Lucid? No. Imagine, if you will, someone's hands around your neck, keeping you from breathing, from seeing, from yelling for help. Imagine the darkness that follows, and the state in-between. That was where Elijah had lived for months. No chance to sleep, feed, dream.

But plenty of time for anger.

He didn't notice the voices nearby, or even when the lid of the coffin raised. He didn't hear his sister's voice, or feel the relief of the stake from his chest or the rush of fresh air. But he did, eventually, taste the first drop of blood that released from the girl's wrist. He could feel blood - her blood - start flowing through his veins to his heart, to his now-aching chest, and he could feel his head begin to clear.

He gripped her wrist to take more of her, knowing that he would not be judged in losing control, in taking every drop from her innocent body. But he couldn't. She could not die for what his brother had done to him. He gathered enough energy to push her off of him, and swiftly found himself standing up on the opposite side of the room, blood dripping down his chin.

He looked around, almost frantically, before realizing his sister had been the one to save him. He would not put it past his brother to unstake him only to do it all over again for entertainment. He relaxed when he saw Rebekah, trying-and failing-to straighten the suit jacket that now needed to be replaced.

He stepped forward to her in a few steps and placed a hand to her cheek. He kissed her forehead, forgetting the mess he had just made of his face. "Thank you, Rebekah. What have I missed?" She would know what he meant. Which of their siblings had gone crazy? What of the Salvatores? What had happened in his absence?
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