Both figuratively and literally, it is a task to occupy the generations. And no matter how much progress one makes, there is always the thrill of just beginning. We are all connected; To each other, biologically. To the earth, chemically. To the rest of the universe atomically.
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 Drugs & candy, @THEA QUEEN
Marissa had started pre-gaming long before her driver pulled up to the doors of Verdant. A perk of being a model in this town was that you didn't have to wait in silly things like lines at bars.

Another plus was Verdant was one of the best clubs in the city, owned by one of the hottest guys in the city, ran by one of the hottest girls in the city, had the best music, and arguably the most important: the strongest drinks.

She was always down for a good time and didn't worry about bringing an entourage because she could make friends wherever she went. She had reverted back to the old Marissa, before she knew Ryan Atwood...and oddly, it was nice.

Not worrying about living up to the highest of expectations did wonders for your life. All you had to do was have fun and make the company you work for happy. So easy. As long as she didn't get too wasted, she could do both right here at the bar.

The rules: Look pretty, don't get sloppy, make anyone with a camera curious enough to post you on social media. She was on the clock even when she wasn't, but when the game was this easy, it was hard to care.

She wasn't important enough to have the rumor mill going that hard but she was just recognizable enough that conversations started themselves. If it wasn't someone asking, it was someone hitting on her, and Marissa enjoyed the attention.

At least in New Orleans she wasn't the girl who tried to kill herself in Mexico. She wasn't the daughter of a thief and a slut. She wasn't the girl who nearly killed a guy. She had no history and after growing up in Newport, it was just about the biggest break you could get.

She walked up to the bar and the crowd parted easily. She was aware of a few sets of eyes on her, but she ignored them. First things first, a drink. Definitely a drink. "Vodka Tonic." She ordered with a smile. She honestly wouldn't care what he gave her, but anything with vodka was always her go-to. Had been since she had started drinking and she just kind of never fell out of the habit.

it; the rush is amazing
There was a small part of Thea that truly felt as though running a club was something that had held a lot of shine in the beginning, but was slowly beginning to lose its lustre the more it dragged on. Being a business owner had given her attention like she had never felt before; everybody wanted to know about her, about the club, about her success... and while that was more than welcome, the actual working part wasn't entirely up Thea's alley. The only reason she continued to show up on the weekends when the club was at its busiest was to party with those that were paying to be occupying that very building...

Really, owning and managing businesses was more up Oliver's alley than Thea's. Perhaps someday when she was a bit older and a hell of a lot more mature she might actually enjoy being in charge of something as fantastically ever-changing as a business, but Thea was missing the excitement that came with having little to no responsibilities. She missed being a rich kid... was that so bad?

Already Thea had done a couple of lines in the staff bathroom, though there was no evidence of such anywhere on her face and Thea had been wise enough to dispose of the bag that the cocaine had come in. sneakily handed to Thea on the dance floor in exchange for a hundred dollar bill shoved into the dealer's pocket.

Oliver would be throwing a fucking fit if he knew that Thea was still using; how many times had he flushed everything she had on her (and in her bedroom) in the last year and a half, as it were? He was wanting so bad to help her through this 'troubled stage' he seemed to be watching her go through, but Thea truly worried that he would admit defeat at some point or another and throw her into some rehabilitation center or another, if only to dust his hands free of her for once and for all.

Making her way behind the bar, Thea had her back turned to the crowds trying to shout their drink orders over the noise of the club as she checked her phone. It was as she turned that she was met with another girl's drink order; one of Thea's eyebrows shooting up in slight surprise. She had yet to be mistaken as a bartender as most everyone that came to Verdant knew who she and her brother were...

There was a very strong possibility that she hadn't been recognized from behind, though. Her face was what stood out to everyone that walked through Verdant's front doors, not the back of her head.

"I'm seriously overpaid if I'm just here to make the drinks..." A small smirk touched her lips as she nodded to the bartender a few feet away from her, busy making what seemed like a hundred other drinks. "He'll get you whatever you'd like, though."

and teardrops, they fall down like rain
Marissa laughed at her mistake, recognizing Thea Queen the second she turned around. "I'm so sorry." Honestly, she hadn't even been paying attention. Habit told her that the person behind the bar poured the drinks. She really hadn't thought the youngest Queen would be found there at all.

She had never met Thea, of course, but the girls' reputation preceded her especially in the crowd Marissa ended up with at Verdant. She was surprised she hadn't met her before. "Although, I do say overpaid is a pretty good situation to be in." She added with a smirk.

As a model, she felt that way often. She was paid so much, given so many clothes, and all for what? She had fun doing what she was doing! It was a blast! Hell, anything would be a blast as long as she was far away from Julie Cooper-Nichol-whoever.

Newport was a mess, and while Marissa may still be a mess to some, she no longer cared. Her past was behind her, and she loved the idea of making new memories wherever her job took her. She loved fitting in with the other girls, falling into place in the scene without being put on a ridiculous pedestal that she could never get down from.

No wonder she had been through tragedy after tragedy back then. It was a plague in Newport. There was no getting out of it unless you got out of that godforsaken town. Marissa wasn't stupid, she knew every city had its quirks, but Newport was somehow the worse place she had ever been. It was toxic.

Some of the people weren't, but if they insisted on staying that was their choice. Marissa missed her friends, but she had moved in a new direction and had survived without them even if there was a point in time not so many years ago where she would never have believed that to be possible.

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